Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Hello from Korea!! 

It has been the craziest month for me and finally July 2 came and went! I enjoyed our last month at home at the beach with my family and made some amazing memories since we missed last year (first time my entire life that I did not go to NSB) with my family! It was so fun to see Stella on the beach which she loved and came to korea a little tan baby! 

Anyone who has followed my blog for a bit knows how much I hate to fly so for weeks I have been sick over the flight to Korea. I used to love flying, but once I started baseball 9 years ago I really started to hate it, and ever since I try my best to drive everywhere if possible. This 24 hour 16 hour plane ride has been such a fear. My in laws flew with me and were a huge help! We left at 5 am to start our 24 hour travel day. We arrived in Atlanta and my brand new double stroller was sent to baggage claim thanks to delta ripping off the tags haha.. Thankfully everyone was very nice when I explained this was not our final destination, and had two small children as we had to go across the airport for international flight. An hour of waiting and we had my stroller in one piece (thanks 3 hour layover!) Woohoo! We got on our long flight at 12 and arrived in Seoul at 3 am. The kids did amazing!!!! We did fly business class, and that helped a lot having some space for them to play and lay. I'm so grateful because I needed all the room I could get with Stella. I did the same bedtime routine on EST changed them into pajamas and everything. It took her about an hour to fall asleep, but that was huge because half of our flight! Cope is the perfect baby... he really is and did incredible! He never cried once... as long as he is held and fed he is happy! So that is what we did and he did great! 

We arrived in Korea and it was chaotic getting through customs, then getting our 7 bags by ourselves and out the door to meet Jake! The kids were so exhausted as you can imagine and we had to drive an hour to our apartment! The first 3 days I slept a total of 8 hours thanks to jet lag and when Cope would get up back to bed Stella would wake up. Haha welcome to two and a 13 hour time difference! It was so good being back with Jake! Two months was way too long, and Stella was one happy girl when she saw him! It is so nice knowing we are together for a while minus a few road trips weekly! 

The first day Jake pitched which was crazy going to the game on so little sleep, but also good to keep the kids awake they both fell asleep there! Jake had a bad first inning thanks to a home run then after that pitched amazing and was the MVP of the game and Stella got to go on stage for his interview! She was so nervous and shy it was so cute! 

Just like Japan the people are obsessed over the kids! They will come up during the game and touch them, but not in a creepy way at all. I sat there the first night and was so happy being back in Asia. We truly missed it and over the politics that American baseball puts you through. You feel like cattle a lot of the time. We love the Asian culture and hospitality. We also love the experience we are getting as well as our children. It's so important for them to experience another culture and we are so spoiled in America everything we have! It is going to be very challenging with two here I'm grateful my in laws are here the first two weeks to help me adjust.  

Jet lag is soooo hard with the kids! They will fall asleep early then wake up at 1 am. I am running on fumes everyday and trying my best to keep them up during the day to adjust! It also didn't help us coming on the first road trip on day 3. Jake pitches Sunday and will be last time his parents see him before they leave so it was worth it, but not ideal! Our apartment is a disaster since didn't get settled yet and had to repack for the road. We head back today after the game and our train is at 11:30 pm (1:45 minutes yes PM) yikes... I may die when we arrive back in Seoul. 

Monday's are always off for us which is so nice to know and most days he usually is home sometimes it is a travel day to next city. I look forward to family time! At the end of the week is every baseball family favorite break: ALL STAR BREAK!! While it's a huge honor to be selected to play it's so nice being off for a few days and unplug from the crazy schedule. 

We traveled to Daegu and I have been so worn out the kids too we have yet to go to a game. Robin and Earl went the first night and so glad they did! It's not easy getting anywhere with no one speaking English or able to read anything. Everything is a task! My girlfriend who husband plays on this team text me yesterday with all these horrible pictures and her husband was woken up at 3:45 am with bed bugs!!!! I wanted to leave right then but unfortunately here one more day so I have been itchy ever since I found that out and checked our beds 5x.... ugh 😑 the guy brought up raid to his room... lol clearly they don't know the severity of this. 

It is HOTTTTT here.... like boiling hot! Our apartment is super hot too. Air conditioning is very expensive! Unfortunately we don't know how expensive just yet and the team used to cover this until one of the foreigners took advantage last year but maybe over a thousand we just aren't sure yet so we have two units in our apartment one in our master and one in the main. The kitchen is in front of the apartment and feels like you're stepping in a sauna! We had the team buy us more fans so we have 5 fans all over the place running. When we are there we keep the air on, but it still is so hot! It's crazy because not like that in Japan. I know we are living in Seoul and very expensive so probably part of it. I packed stupid I'm not sure what I was thinking when packing--well yes I do I wasn't thinking because I had packed for Toledo, then moved out of our house so I have a ton of winter clothes and no shirts. Haha 😂 same with Cope his entire wardrobe is long sleeves! whoops

Having two children here is veryyyy challenging. I am trying to figure out what works and what doesn't and I'm not sure how I will travel alone so probably won't be able to unfortunately to his away games with the ages of the kids, but going to try! I will post more soon but wanted to get this out there for now while it's fresh! 

We are loving Seoul and will talk about some differences we are seeing from living in both places soon! 

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