Monday, May 30, 2011

life of baseball

Since the last time I wrote Jake has pitched twice! Unfortunately he hasn't had the best two games of the season, but everyone has a bad day at work! I feel like people have a hard time understanding this and think he will be released, but the best way for me to explain it is just like all of us at our jobs. We ALL have bad days at work! The teams was not performing their best, and Jake had some bad pitches too! It is a HUGE deal for the team to back him up, and to make the plays! This will make or break the pitchers!

Jake is ready to get back out on Thursday and do awesome! I finally understand what everyone is saying about how hot it gets in Texas!! WOWWZERRSS!! This weekend it hit 101, and is SOOO hot!! I honestly do not know how the boys play in it, but they say they like it (who likes 90+ degree weather?!)

Sophie loved her new friends Layla, and Kenzie.
We had some friends who play on the team come and stay with us..Every team I feel like has at least one guy/family moving all over, and they were picked..They arrived in Frisco at the beginning of the season (the couple who got moved up within 24 hrs.) Then sent back to Frisco a few weeks ago, and has been staying in a hotel (they were only supposed to be here a week, and then go back to AAA.) That didn't happen as planned, and have been here another week! They ended up coming to stay with us on Wednesday for the home stand that was 7 days, and then she would go back to Round Rock once the boys left since they have their apartment,clothes, and life there! Friday when she dropped Chris off at the field at 3, he got traded once he got to the field!!! She came back to the apartment and was so upset. I felt terrible for her because of all the stress she was about to face!! He was traded to Cincinnati Reds, plus got a promotion so it technically was not a bad thing!

A little background of a baseball wife..

When we arrive for the season the wife must find an apartment (so hard having ppl accommodate month to month lease) set up cable/internet, electricity, water, everything that is included in moving, while our husbands go to the field, and get familiarized with their locker..

When our husbands/BF get moved up/down over or traded the wife is stuck canceling all of the bills, contracts, getting out of their lease (which is such a pain sometimes!!) and worst of all PACK up everything, and drive it to the next city/state!! The boys will have to leave within 12 hours usually right after the game, and we have to figure out living arrangements for the next place, and get ourselves there! I am soo grateful and at peace because I know if this was us, my parents/family would be out in a heartbeat to help me so I wouldn't have a complete breakdown.

We are left dealing with almost everything..The nice thing is we do have a normal life 5 months out of the year, and the boys can take care of the bills, and help! The less stress for them the better during the season which means ulcers and grey hair for the women!

I am a planner, and hate not knowing..I hate secrets, surprises, and all gifts that I don't know (everyone who knows me, knows this!) I might as well throw all of that out the window in baseball. Our life is unknown! We have NO idea when we could be moved, traded, released (this will be a very long time, not to scare anyone) or anything in our future! Every single wife/fiance/gf involved has to figure out what works best for them, and their family. We all are different, and have specific needs! Unfortunately, their is no handbook for this career.

Back to our friends..She just paid for her apartment in Round Rock for June (since they said they would be back there shortly.) All of their bills, and spent quite a bit of money on furniture for the place.. She was beyond stressed at this point trying to figure out how she would get her money back (if she could) & how to pack up everything, move it from Texas to Kentucky by herself. We sat here thinking of every option we could come up with if renting a Uhaul, hiring movers, leaving behind all their new furniture, shipping their car, and just flying there...I have NEVER had someone close to me especially be in the same room as me who had something like this happen..I've heard about it a lot though. Now let me just say..Getting traded is never a bad thing, it is an opportunity to be in the big leagues sooner than where your at sometimes, as well as the team has high hopes for you. BUT.. for a new fiance' to the baseball world being her first season, and to be moved as much as them, AND now traded would be beyond stressful! She is a trooper, and loves her man! They arrived to Kentucky and hopefully got settled in! This is why everyone makes fun of me for my furniture, and decorated apartment because they could be moved at any moment, or we could be here the entire season and my place will feel like home. Overall, it's hard and next year, I will be packing less!

I hope everyone had a good memorial weekend!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

49 close to our hearts

I had to share this shot of Jake, that one of my girlfriends took for me at the game on Tuesday! Like I said in my previous post, I had to work so couldn't be there. I really appreciate when the girls are there and even though I have a thousand pictures of Jake, I still love each one for their own reason, and memory (I know Robin feels the same way with 8 scrapbooks of Jake!) It is so fun looking back, and remembering each one of these games.

ANYWAYS.. My mom had posted this on her facebook, and I really didn't understand why at first..When we were on the phone she said how surreal it was to her seeing Jake in #49, and how he was praying. I didn't think he was to be honest, but then I asked him, he said he was.. Teen Teen (my mom) knows Jake better than me sometimes! When I went to look back at this picture it made me smile thinking how God has blessed him with such an amazing talent, and Jake is finally giving God all the glory for how well he is doing this season. I am so proud of Jake, and the man he is. It has taken an army to raise him (CAN I GET AN AMEN ROBIN?!) haha BUT.....he has such an amazing heart, and is a good boy now! 

I love the picture below of Jake. My heart is at peace, seeing 49, his head bowed, my Tay so far away. It's all in God's Hands."

Jake pitches tomorrow at 4 pm if anyone wants to hear and hopefully he has a great game again! BTW TODAY IS MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY!! I wish I was in Orlando to celebrate with her, BUT...I know my dad will spoil her, and they are heading over to the beach after church to spend time with the Hembree group, which is ALWAYS A BLAST!! I hope I look half as good as my mom at her age, she does not look 5_ ! :) LOL I won't say her age, but lets just say you wouldn't believe it if you knew it!! I am thankful my parents age well and  same with Jakes..It gives me hope we will look as young as them if Jake starts wearing sunscreen. ;) 

Funny story about this picture, I have it on my credit card, and at the store a month ago a guy asked me if I was homecoming queen..I said no..this is from my bachelorette/bachelor party..He goes "WHAT?! Your married? I thought you were 17!!" Thanks..But i'll take it as a compliment. sheesh

Can't wait to be home in two weeks, and see all my family/friends!! 


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May has become a great month! BASEBALL UPDATE

Hello to all my loyal followers (AKA most of our families) 
One of Jake's jersey in an online auction from the Rangers for $175.. A bit high for a minor leaguer...Wish it wasn't so expensive or I would have purchased it!! But it's cool I guess?
I am sorry i've been slacking lately on blogging, and I know many of you love getting updates about Jake's games! I apologize... I have been extremely busy with work PTL, and working 6 days a week almost every week!

ANYWAYS..Jake pitched today (kid's day) and I couldn't go, really sad I wasn't there due to work, I did get to listen on the radio! It was ANOTHER really exciting game!! He did very well, went 6 innings, no runs, 2 hits, 8 STRIKE OUTS, 2 walks.

Jake had his season high of 8 strike outs today! He took a no hitter into the 5th inning. We were disappointed, BUT he played amazing, and so proud of him today! *Last week he was going for a PERFECT GAME into the 7th inning, and then got 3 runs on him.. boo :(

Heres the article: Jake article

Some interesting facts about the Roughriders I thought i'de share with all of you baseball lovers out there! 

As it stands now..Jake is second in the league for strike outs!!!

The Roughriders are having a good month so far! We are first in the league for strikeouts. We are 12-4 in the month of may (Wins vs. Loss)

Our overall record is 20-18. We do have a great team, and all the boys put 110% percent in every game for the players!

Recap from last thursday when Jake pitched (We had about 8 girls come into town, since a long home stand, and didn't get to update.) Jake went 6 innings, 5 hits, 3 runs, 6 Ks.

 I am so proud of Jake and how well he is doing this season! All around he is focused and feels good! Although 3 games ago, he did get hit in his left hand and messed up his wedding finger. He hasn't been able to wear his ring for a few weeks now, and the DR says it might not ever fit again, so everyone thinks he is single (but we all know the truth!) Thank you all for support of Jake!! We really are thankful for our family and friends!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jake's GAME

Last night was an EXCITING GAME in Frisco! Jake got to pitch, and I finally got to see him (he has been on the road the last few weeks off and on.) Jake has been working on new mechanics lately, and has struggled a bit his last few outings. Last night I felt he finally is getting used to them!

Jake had a perfect game going on until the 7th inning! I was so excited/nervous/anxious!!! I really wanted him to go all the way,and so did his team, but in the 7th inning the other team got some hits, that turned into some runs.... :( His team played amazing for him last night, and made some awesome plays! Jake was disappointed he didn't go all the way, but felt the game went well overall. Everyone wants that perfect game! When he walked off the mound for the new pitcher the entire stands clapped for him, and was cheering!! I know that made him feel good! I was very proud of him, and know his family in Orlando was going crazy!! :)

He got interviewed last night and here is the article :