Monday, November 25, 2013

New team, new chapter!

Many of you know we became free agents and no longer with the Rangers. That was bittersweet finishing up the season, heading home from Texas knowing that was probably it for us being a Ranger. Jake was drafted by them, and really wanted to get called up with them. We were really hurt by a few things that happened with them this year. Jake and maybe one other are the only ones left with the Rangers organization from his draft year. The others either released (most) or traded. We know that God had another plan for us and everything that happened was for a reason.

Having Stella has really changed our priorities for the good. It is so hard for any of us not to get caught up in our jobs, and remember what is important in life. Of course baseball is our livelihood, but it never should be number 1 and we easily make it that. 5 days after the world series we became jobless, no insurance needed to take Stella to a specialist and our routine post op appointments. I worried even though I know we would get reimbursed still a mess always filing! The first day of free agency the Pirates reached out to our agent. A couple days later the White Sox, Braves, Orioles, etc.. We were getting excited had 8 teams or so, but confused because what if we made the wrong decision. So many things come into play with this decision. We needed a big league spring training invite, good contract, location, and connections somehow with the team either in front office or staff. We didn't know any with the Pirates. The Braves called and of course I was over the moon thrilled! We could live at home for spring training (additional 2 months.. WHAAAATTTT!!!!?) AAA team is in Georgia then of course Atlanta. Check, Check, Check.. All of that sounded great to me where do I sign?? However....that wasn't what God had in store for us. A week goes by we don't hear much about a contract or anything from any teams. We had discussed last Sunday to wait until after the Rule 5 draft December 12 to sign. Our agent felt like we would have a ton of offers, because most teams don't want to sign right now due to the Rule 5 draft someone picking a player up which means a team can get Jake and they would have to put him in the big leagues all next year, if they sent him down to AAA he would go back to the original team. This happens very little. Anyways again my normal self starting to worry thinking more teams will fill up, what if we get our best offer taken away by waiting?Monday we hear from Pirates they made us an offer we couldn't turn down. The minor league cordinator called Jake and let Jake ask anything he needed to ask and spent about 30 minutes on the phone with him (not necessary or done very often.) Originally no spring training invite, but in the end offered Jake big league invite and in BRADENTON FLORIDA!!

F.L.O.R.I.D.A. S.P.R.I.N.G T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G 

when Jake agreed! We couldn't get ahold of anyone lol!! 

I don't even know how to accept this and soak it in that I will not be packing my life away in January with a new baby and what I have for 7 months is all I get to bring with me! WOW. Also the Brigham family has never been out to see Jake play in spring training since he has been drafted the last 7 years! I may never make any friends since our families and friends will be down weekly (haha) but to have an additional 2 months with them is just mind blowing to me! We agreed to terms Tuesday night and since then we have had 5 phone calls from front office/major league coaches welcoming us! That has just shown us a lot about the organization (Texas never did that for us..ahem) They really wanted Jake, and this is going to be an amazing year for Jake and I. The Pirates as an organization is everything we want in a team. They believe in a lot of the same stuff we do not only a player, but a man off the field, they have values and standards. We will more than likely go to Indianapolis for AAA. Our goal like every year is to break camp and go to Pittsburgh of course! All I know is both places are cold, I knew when I bought Stella summer clothes back in the summer for 4-8 months we would get traded and go to where it snows, and of course that happens! HAHA...

We are so thankful for another opportunity to play baseball, and Jake to follow his dream. We know God has big plans for us not only on the field, but off of it too! Each place we go I know there is a reason! We are excited to keep using our platform to glorify Him in all that we do. We are so excited to be a Pirate, and thankful for all the prayers and support we had to make the decision! 

Santa, I've been good this year!!
Our little peanut is 5 weeks today (Where did my baby go?!?) She is 9.2 lbs loves to eat a little too much! She has started to smile at us, and is the sweetest little thing! She is very nosy like her mommy so doesn't like to sleep when people are around! She wants to know whats going on!  She does have colic, and reflux we are dealing with. I do believe it is on the minor side, I have cut out all dairy and only eat air. I was very negative thinking poor pitiful me having to deal with a screaming baby couple times a day. We find out one of our closest friends on our team this year had their sweet baby girl 3 weeks ago and just got the test results back that she has downs. Here I am complaining I can't eat diary, hating the pain Stella is in, and only a couple month issue when they have a lifetime of this. It put things into perspective and I was ashamed of myself! This precious little angel, Shaelyn is the most beautiful little girl! God knew all along when He created her she would be special, and belonged to this sweet family. I want ya'll to pray for them, and for her! We look up to this couple so much, and have been a huge impact to Jake and I! They are the kind of couple we want to be, and hope we can play as long as they have impacting couples as them!! 

I'm done rambling on! I hope ya'll have an amazing Thanksgiving!! We all have so much to be thankful for! Enjoy your loved ones! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello our love

Wow October has been an AMAZING month for Jake and I! We welcomed our sweet baby girl into the world on October 21 at 1:11 pm 6 lb 7 oz 19" long! Who is this little peanut?!? We are so in love and our lives have forever changed in the best way possible! Stella is doing so good and Jakes little twin!!

Today starts a new chapter in our life. After 7 years with the Rangers we are now free agents, and no longer a Ranger basically jobless!  We can get picked up by any team, but we have to agree to terms. This is the first time in Jake's career we actually have some say! We are so excited/anxious to see where we end up this year! Please keep us in your prayers and that God will open the best door for us, and for Jake to get to the big leagues with this new team. I will leave you with some pictures of our little peanut <3 

if you want to see all of our pictures from the shoot click here

Monday, October 7, 2013


This month is our favorite month of the year! We got married about to celebrate 3 years of marriage, closed on our first home october 31, and now a year later having Stella! We have enjoyed being home so much! We have missed all the small things of what we like to call "normal life" :) We have been nesting a ton, and lots of projects together getting everything ready for this little one, and improving some things in our place. Jakey got a new truck it was overdue...He has been so patient these last 3 years selling his big truck for us to have money in the bank when we first got married. We were getting in trouble already with him doing pitching lessons, and helping out with this AAU team plus we found the perfect truck for him (my poor car hasn't left the garage in weeks) and its been really fun getting my pregnant self up in his truck. :P 

We had a great meeting with his agent last Friday to go over everything, and talk about teams and ones we are interested in and not..Jake and I are at peace with it all whatever happens! We are excited to see where God puts us in the country, and really just focusing on each other and preparing for Stella. Free agency start around October 25-Nov 1 and could go until Thanksgiving. I'm getting induced October 25, oh baseball will always make things interesting! ;) 

At our 36 week appointment we found out that Stella has been breeched. Our doctor ended up scheduling a c-section for October 15, and if she flipped October 25. We found this out Monday. Tuesday night I thought I was dying, I had so much pain all through the night and started googling (worst thing ever to do..) I wanted to hold off instead of going to the hospital, however ended up going first thing in the morning once I called my doctor.. They told us to bring all our bags just incase she decides to come and something wasn't normal. I knew in my heart she probably wasn't making her debut that day, but wanted answers of why I was in so much pain every movement I made. We waited forever in Triage. When we went back the doctor examined me, and told me she had flipped and why causing so much pain! We couldn't believe a day after she flipped on her own. My mother in law told us to have Jake talk to her, and of course everyone was praying ideally would rather natural than a c-section unless she was in danger or needed. This news was an answer to prayers! The pain I was having was her flipping as well as "growing pains" from the new position. I also have been measuring very small been stuck at 32 weeks for 4 weeks so they ordered an ultrasound to see how big Stella was and at 37 weeks she was a good 7 lbs! I am just "lucky" to be on the smaller side. Jake and I both were relieved to hear she has been growing and on track!  

I went to the doctor today and am 38 weeks 1 cm dilated 60% effaced so really she can come any day now, but he feels next week if it was his guess, and if not I will get induced October 25 at 40 weeks. We are not interested in letting me go over 40 weeks, there is no point, usually with first time moms you still end up getting induced. I am pretty uncomfortable daily, not sleeping, and pretty bad contractions that aren't consistent, not interested in having a 11 lb baby either :P So there you have it! 
Me top jake bottom 

Jake and I are over the moon excited! We both can't believe she will be here any day! 

Last night we pulled over some home videos with my parents and some I have never seen. We think stella looks more like me, but could be completely wrong! I have no memory of my brother, Ryan so getting to see him and how much he loved his sisters was just so amazing. I also loved seeing how much Ryley is just like Laura, and same with Lynsay and Kyler. I can't wait to see Jake and I in stella! The best gift my parents could do for our entire family is all those precious home videos. To be able to see/hear Ryan really no words to express how I felt. It makes me really sad knowing Stella won't meet him, BUT we will see him one day in heaven and I know he will get to see her from above smiling. 

Laura and I 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pitching Lessons

Jake is offering pitching lessons in the southwest area during the off season! 

Specializing in mechanics, pitches, and the mental preparation behind each pitch.

For more updates check out his facebook page HERE

Monday, September 2, 2013

Goodbye baseball..

September 2 is finally here, and feels like yesterday I was packing up our life in Orlando sitting on the floor with my clothes surrounding me thinking we are back with the Rangers from a crazy whirlwind of 2 months with the Cubs, going back to what we know, our friends, teammates, and familiarity. I was so exhausted thinking how I could make it moving to Arizona again a few weeks later realizing I was carrying the best gift we could have asked for. I thank God for getting me through what seemed like then absolute chaos of another move across the country to Arizona for 6 weeks. We get through spring training get assigned back to Frisco. Jake starts out on the road so I unpack us get our place ready alone nothing went smooth in that move, then 3 weeks later we get called up to AAA Round Rock, luckily my in laws were in town and helped, but another interesting move.

Most of you have followed our blog since I've started it, and have read what I like to call our adventures. Nothing about this lifestyle is glamorous. Nothing at all! PERIOD. I wouldn't trade it for anything because its our life! This year was extra special to us for many reasons. We have grown so much as a couple, and most importantly in our faith. We have learned to rely on God, not on our own wants and how we think our life should be. We were able to purchase our first home, and now get to go home and enjoy it for a little bit before we bring Stella home. The timing on everything is just amazing. We were trying, but never imagined I would get pregnant as fast as I did. To have her in October means she gets close to 4 months with Jake home. The bond he will get with her and time is such a blessing! I don't know any other career that gives you 5 month vacation. Jake will work some doing pitching lessons and interpreting, but our goal is to just spend quality time together, and with our little girl before we start back up in February. I am looking forward to the small things, I have been on two dates in 7 months. I haven't had dinner with Jake unless I wait until 12-1 am after the game. Im looking forward to having him home every night with me, and not being alone half the month. No more facetime, dropping him off at 5 am to the field to fly out, picking him up so late when he gets back in, not talking to him from 2 pm-11 pm or later, sitting alone at the games. The list goes on! 

We are about to encounter a lot of unknown. I have stood by Jake from the day we met, and have really worked hard at understanding his career, and supporting him. There has been more downs than ups, and have learned to be very strong for him. I never realized how much of an impact I had on him, just like he does for me. I am a planner. That doesn't work in this lifestyle especially from here on out. Jake doesn't worry about anything (why we go so well together!) This week was a very emotional week. I came back out to Texas first of month, and Jake has been home only 5 days and traveling the rest. My parents did a spontaneous trip back out last Wednesday to be with me for my last week because Jake was gone 8 days. During that time I needed to pack up our apartment, cancel/schedule furniture pick up, get apartment stuff situated, get uhaul, have movers load it, return cancel all cable internet boxes, cancel water, electric, cable, internet, then turn on our cable and internet back home and get place cleaned situated for us coming in. Luckily Jake was able to help while on road with calling providers, but being 8 months pregnant nothing is easy and with me having bad Braxton hicks contractions it doesn't take much to start hurting. This will be our 5th move in 7 months. Today was the last day of games, and Jake will be flying in I pick him up at 12 am and we leave for our journey home at 4 am.

 We prayed so hard for a September call up to the majors, but that isn't what God had in store for us. I am so proud of Jake and what he has done this season! He is healthy, and had one of the best seasons of his career, and in AAA! That is huge! Today may be our last day as a Ranger too..We are free agents this off season. Since it is our 7th professional season and not on 40 man roster we become free agents and eligible to sign with any other team that is interested in us. We will go through this here on out in our career and technically jobless after each season until we get picked up or signed back (Scary huh?) The unknown and not being familiar is what scares me.  I'm not going to get into too much detail about this and we will cross this path when we get there after the world series. We are praying that God will guide our path, and decision to go with the best team for Jake whether that is Rangers or another organization. We don't know. As of right now our family is so excited to be traveling home tomorrow 18 hours (Jake wants to go straight through eek~!) and starting our normal life that we get! We are looking forward to putting baseball aside and being just Jake and Taylor. Thank you all sooo much for the support and prayers this year!!! They mean so much to us, and personal emails we have received! It has been a fun season and we are so excited to add a new addition to the Brigham family! <3 

Monday, July 8, 2013


Wow is this summer... month.... year... time... flying by??!? I can't believe its already July! Sorry been lacking on post lately! I just want to say thank you all for the emails and support over the last few weeks when we needed to make a decision! We felt the love from everyone and very happy with our decision. :)

This season has been a whirlwind!! We have learned so much, and are having a blast this season! Baseball will always have ups and downs sometimes more downs, but those can only make you stronger. The month of May was one of those. Jake really had a few bad outings, and was struggling mentally with the back and forth of bullpen to starting. The pitching coach pulled him in for a meeting, and ever since that Jake is a new pitcher. We are with a great group of people this year with Round Rock, and Jake has some amazing teammates who also have helped him through things. Most the team has been in big leagues some even for 10 years, another two world series champs, and now Manny Ramirez on our team (talk about cool!!?)

Jake is still back and forth from bullpen to starting because AAA is a revolving door with people getting called up (and down.) He has done so well with both roles especially in his last 7 outings 33 innings 2 R, 27 SO, 4 BB. So proud of him and how hard he is working!!! Phil 4:13 ! This is so awesome and getting the walks, and runs down! He has really stepped it up, and learning how to control the game as well as the team support plays amazing! They are a strong team and make unbelievable plays for Jake.  

The best game was against NM and 9-10 batters Jake faced were big leaguers or spent a good amount of time total of 2,247 games, 190 homers, 302 steals. Talk about intimidating??!? Jake dominated!!! He struck out Matt Kemp 3 times, and retired 10 batters in a row. All of us were going nuts! We don't take any of this credit and know God is letting this happen for Jake! It has been an amazing ride and just to be in AAA is a huge accomplishment and honor!

A pretty crazy stat my girlfriend posted the other day about baseball.

Little League- 2 million players
High School- 455,000 (23% little league)
College- 25,000 players (5% high school)
Drafted- 1,500 players (0.6% college)
Major Leagues- 750 players

Okay that really makes you think we are playing a poker game her haha! Such a blessing where God has taken Jake in his journey in baseball, and who would have thought from maybe age 3 or younger Jake in a picture with a bat and ball would turn into a lifelong dream and career! I'm sure thousands of baseball games the Brigham family have sat at not only for Jake, but all his brothers including Ryan coaching Jake to them going through drafted process to now. The support Jake has received way before I even came around has gotten him to where and who he is today. It makes me smile and I know his parents too from blowing his arm out pretty much having Tommy John surgery in 2008 to 2013 so strong and healthy! We know we will have more downs and not great outings, but so thankful for the good ones recently! :)
my everything
my little wild child..this is just a small glimpse of my future she kicked moved twirled poked for 30 minutes! 

Now onto why all of you guys follow my blog.. ha just kidding.....I am at my 6 month mark with pregnancy. I finally popped and am showing! I had my first person in the store ask how far along I was and I wanted to scream and hug her! I am so thankful this pregnancy (so far) has been a breeze. I may get pregnant quicker than I expected after this (take a deep breath Jake!)  She is very active all the time and 100% healthy on all my check ups and testing! I came home for about a month to enjoy some beach time, relax, finish her nursery, and her shower next week! I know its strange having a shower this early, but our life is strange. When I head back to Texas at the end of the month I won't come back until end of the season, and potentially could have her in Texas. I am having a BLAST planning and decorating her oh so cute nursery! Jake is thrilled about her closet we built, and all the clothes she already has! Hey she doesn't have any of the essentials, but will always be dressed cute what truly matters in life. It will be so hard being away from Jake this long again, but I really need to get a lot done at our place and feel like when we get back for the off season all I need to worry about is unpacking our baseball season and can bring a baby in--so weird to say that!!
Shes a tid freaky looking, but sooo cute 
whoa look at that belly!! 

baby shower
pregnant ladies
I have enjoyed the ladies so much on our team and has been an awesome season! 4 on the team are pregnant, and most have kids except for 3! The ladies put together a beautiful shower for all of us the day before I left, and spoiled us! What a blessing for these girls to barely know each other but the support we have is amazing! Here are a few pictures of the shower, and recent baby bump :) Again we appreciate all the prayers and support with Jake's career, and this sweet baby girl coming soon!! I want her here tomorrow, but probably best if I wait until October and think Jake feels the same way! haha Love you all!
after! closet for a princess :)

after not done with drapes

mirror is from my wedding I refinished 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A night of terror

Last night my biggest fear happened. Jake was starting my parents and I started to watch it as well as the Brighams at their home. Robin and I usually text after each inning incase we missed something or just feedback.. During the second inning a pitchers biggest fear happened...He hit the hitter in the head. Alfredo Marte came up to bat, 2 strikes, no balls...then next thing you know Jake throws his 92 mph fastball and pretty much slips out of his fingertips. Jake immediately jumps back knowing this isn't good, and starts to pray. Alfredo goes down. He is grabbing his face and Jake is shaken up about what he is seeing. Alfredo is down for a few minutes he gets up and walks off. This doesn't mean he is out of the danger zone. Jake walks next guy, and I think anyone would trying to shake off what just happened. He finishes the inning strong. We move forward game continues.

Jake had a pretty decent outing last night 3.2 innings, 3 hits, 0 runs, 2 strike outs. His night was finished from my biggest fear! Batter comes up to plate hits a pretty nasty pitch and immediately the balls returns in Jake's direction. It all happened so fast! Usually Jake can dodge the ball, jump, fall, slide, roll, ANYTHING..but this wasn't the case. All our hearts stopped and couldn't believe our eyes. Jake fell down to the ground and is bent over in pain. We have no idea where he got hit or what happened. The ball came back at Jake 95-100 mph. My mom makes a loud reaction like anyone would but I immediately had to leave the room got sick, and my phone started blowing up. My girlfriends out there started texting me within 2 minutes..that made me even more nervous because they turned it to a commercial, and we saw him get in the cart, leave back to the clubhouse for medical attention. My heart was pounding, I am trying to stay calm for Stella and to trust in the Lord that He is in control, and Jake will be okay. At the point I knew it was below his knees. I text him to tell him to call me as soon as he can..It was about 45 minutes until I heard from him. I had posted about it on twitter and I had about 40 people praying and giving us amazing support as well as all my girlfriends all over the country texting me. This is the amazing part about baseball. We ARE a family! It doesn't matter if we love, hate, or don't even know each other no one wants to see someone's husband injured. I finally get a text from Jake it is his shin...both the doctor and trainer think its broken, but taking him to hospital for x-rays. As I wait and pray I had a strong peace over Jake, and me as well. I know that was God 100% knowing I need to stay calm not only for me, but my husband, and most importantly Stella. Jake was pretty scared waiting for x-rays wondering all the scenarios what is about to happen to him with surgery, disabled list, etc..The doctor comes in and says it's a miracle it is not broken..Its a deep bruise that will have to be taken day by day..Jake couldn't believe his ears, and felt a huge weight lifted off of his shoulders! We were so thankful it wasn't broken as two medical people thought at the game! Our prayers were answered, and so thankful counting our blessings it wasn't any worse, at his face, chest, etc!

Unfortunately for Alfredo his diagnosis is much different from Jake's news. Jake was in the room next to him at the hospital. I told Jake he needs to go say something. He knows it was an accident, and any idiot who says differently is stupid..Jake was pretty nervous just not knowing how he would react. He went in and he was on heavy morphine, he barely opened his eye and Jake said "Im so sorry." Alfredo gave him a thumbs up. Jake left the room, and gave the trainer a note for Alfredo when he wakes up with a deeper apology. We found out from the doctors Alfredo has fractures in his skull, and cheek bone. I assume the helmet protected his life, but must have clipped his face pretty good. He will fly out to Arizona to have surgery and rehab..We heard his eye may be split at first, but thank the Lord it wasnt that. Alfredo will be fine, and will return to play baseball in the future. The guilt that Jake has from last night was awful. We are still asking for prayers for Alfredo and his family. Jake will heal and be fine...

Thank you for all who prayed and got in contact with me last night! We are so thankful for all the support we had! We love you all!

Monday, May 20, 2013


The last few weeks has been a little crazy in the Brigham household! We arrived to Round Rock Thursday to move, and I left to go home with the Brighams on Sunday for a visit. Lynsay was in town visiting, she just moved to the east coast when Matt got deployed back in March (please be praying for Matt, and all our military families!) Matt will be deployed until October! My sister and Kyler moved to North Carolina with her in laws.  Our family hasn't been together in about 10 months so it was great to see Ryley and Kyler together! They are adorable together and so cute about Stella! They know exactly who she is and love talking to her daily!

I have really really enjoyed being home! It's amazing how much I miss it when we are gone! I have been dealing with some issues with doctors not wanting to deliver me with our crazy lifestyle being back and forth in between doctors in Texas and here, some wanted to see me from beginning! I ended up extending my stay at home to figure all of that out so I can go back to Texas with a peace about doctors and hospitals. I am going to one doctor now and I have to agree to move home sometime in September. There are so many unknowns with our lifestyle, and I don't think I'm comfortable with that, so Jake and I are playing it by ear. We are willing to take the chance of having the baby in Texas depending on what this season holds for us! My doctor is aware that I am not in agreement to move home in September so she is willing to see my when I come home and we will figure it out as we go through the summer. I am coming home for a long visit in July to get a break from baseball, spend time with family, my baby shower, and finish her nursery up! I always try to do at least one long trip home during the season.
First AAA deput

I will be going to a new doctor in Round Rock sometime in June to get established. Some questions I have had multiple times.. I have already seen 4 doctors in the last 4 months of pregnancy. Every place we move I have to switch. We plan on having her at Winnie Palmer unless baseball changes that. We are so thankful to have her in the off season so Jake gets that time off with her until he leaves for spring training in February (5 months off of baseball!)  During the season she will sleep in a pack n play since we move/travel so much. I will leave her nursery the way it is here and then during the season is all realistic items and as little amount we can bring as possible! We do not rent our home out, so it will be set up for Stella and I to come home when we want to. We will still only be able to pack our car and thats it for the 7 months! This will be VERY interesting with a baby, but if he gets moved like 2 weeks ago I will have to move alone and with a 6 month old! I registered last week and to most may look weird because we have our "normal life" then baseball life with portable travel items, games every night for 7 months. We have bounced around the idea of me staying in Orlando for spring training to keep her on a normal schedule before April. When she is born I will automatically put her on "baseball schedule" that means not going to bed until 11-12 am at night once she is out of newborn stage to make it easier for the games! It has been a crazy season so far being pregnant and switching doctors which seems like every month so far! I am so thankful that my pregnancy has been a breeze for the most part! She already is a little traveler and adjust very well between all the stresses we have faced!

Baseball updates: Jake has been going back and forth between starting and relief. This is NOT the same type of pitching! It is two completely different parts/style of pitching (starting, relief, long relief, middle, and closer.) Those are all who pitch during a game usually depending on situation! Jake has been long-middle most of this season. The last few years been back and forth with starting and relief...I have mixed feelings about this, but i'll leave it at that for now! The last outing was awful..It was a crazy game and I almost had a heart attack watching...2 ip, 9 runs in 1 inning. No one will understand how I feel as well as our families watching someone you love so much, and just want the best for him get rocked around. I was so worried about him, and eventually turned it off because I do NOT do well with stress, and baseball I swear is God's joke on me with the travel, planes, crowds, traffic...all the things I hate! haha I have learned to deal with certain situations, but it will NEVER be easy to watch the love of my life struggle. I was so worried about him being upset but he was fine! He just said it was "one of those bad days at work, and next time I will do better." This is why he can do this sport and I cannot! With media these days that makes it even harder. I have learned not to look and stay off twitter on nights like that! I am sharing this because this is reality. Jake will have bad games, terrible days, and amazing days! God has been soo good to us already! We have so much to be thankful for, and we are not upset about these few little bumps we are facing unlike some! We are thankful for the opportunity, Jake pursuing his dream, a job, and so much more! I could not be more proud of Jake than I already am and can say the same for our entire family! We are so thankful to have this support system who we know is ALWAYS there at the end of this, they aren't fake fans ;)

I know many have asked about Jake and updates sorry for delay in responses! I try my best to keep up with this, and everyone to know what is going on! So thats the latest in our life! :) Thanks for all the support and prayers!!

Also please take the time to read this amazing interview about Jake's dad, Earl! I cried through the entire thing. One of the sweetest articles Jake has wrote! So proud of him, and to call Earl my father in law!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Round Rock

Jake has been doing amazing the start of our season! His family flew out on Monday to spend the week with us! We have had so much fun seeing my in laws, jakes brother and sis and hubby and of course miss Kennedy! On Tuesday night when I parked I saw that John Daniels (our GM) was here.. We knew someone was getting called up because a starting pitcher retired Monday, and another starter is unfortunately NEVER crossed my mind it would be us! The game is going great. The Hughes came as well so we had a huge crowd in our section! I did not think Jake would pitch and all of a sudden I see him warming up for the 9th inning to close. He hasn't closed yet, usually is middle relief. I thought that was interesting, but still do not think into it! The first batter up strike out so one out, it's 3-4 us one batter up jake walks him. Then next a hit so two on, then good batter comes in and they walk him on purpose! Talk about my nerves going through the roof! Bases loaded one out!!!! Next guy jake is 3-2 strikes him out (we are going nuts!!) then last batter up same thing I was thinking DO NOT WALK IN A RUN!!! Don't do it jake! I couldn't even watch... The ump was terrible and calling strikes balls... Err!! Then again 3-2 fans are going NUTS, I am bent over shaking and can't watch and next I hear screams he struck him out!!!! It was soooo awesome and such an exciting time even though I lost 5 years off my life! Poor Stella girl....she probably was bouncing up and down thinking why is my mommy so stressed out?! It was such an awesome game and Jake got his 3rd save! We took pictures and went on field, then headed up to the family room like usual and a few minutes later Jake comes in and says "guess y'all are changing your flights back to Austin!!!" We all were so excited, a few tears shed and just joy!!! I couldn't believe my ears! I immediately start to worry thinking our apartment, bills, packing, moving (again), finding a place and all of the above!!! I am so thankful my inlaws and family was out here because it made it much easier to pack my entire place up in a day!! Jake flew out first thing this morning at 7 am to Iowa for one day, then they fly back tomorrow to Austin. Jake will start on Saturday then they will work him in to rotation in the bull pen! We have waited for this day for years!! Such an amazing experience to have his family out here to enjoy it!! We had to all change our flights from Saturday to Sunday to Orlando! I will actually be coming home for a visit and to get a lot of Stella's nursery done! I will only come home once potentially until she comes so having to get stuff done early!

Thank you all so much for all the prayers! They have been answered and one step closer to his dream! We owe all of this to our amazing Father above! We are so thankful and excited!!!!

Go round rock express!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Brigham

It has been a very busy few weeks, getting settled and coming back from the road trip! Living in a hotel for a few weeks was NOT easy! I was so glad to get our apartment and get moved in!

Jake has pitched in 3 games, 7.2 innings 0.00 ERA, and 6 strikeouts! I am so proud of Jake, and how this season has started! He is off to a very good start! He is in the bullpen, and that is where he wants to be.
growing growing! 

On to some exciting news (MORE.....) Some of you may know being friends with me on social media, but we found out on Monday that we are having a sweet baby girl! Jake and I were so shocked! From week 4-8 I thought it was a girl, but then I started to feel really good and no symptoms. My mom and everyone else was convinced it was a boy! So for the last 5 weeks or so I have just assumed a boy! My belly is very low, craving sour stuff, no morning sickness, etc!! I'm sure some of you are thinking how on earth did we find out so early?! The doctor in Arizona had a special machine that could tell at 12 weeks instead of 18-20 weeks. I am my mother's daughter and HAD TO FIND A DOCTOR IN TEXAS WITH THIS!! I was on a mission, and it paid off! We went in Monday, and I pretty much begged the doctor and told them our situation of Jake traveling a lot, and I'm making a trip home in May. We got to watch our sweet baby on a huge screen! I was shocked at how much she was moving, and kicking! She is one sassy little thing! In the video on here she grabs the umbilical cord and starts swinging it! My doctor has never seen a baby do that! We were laughing so hard!

The big reveal!!!!!!! I had to do some convincing to get Jake to agree, but we had our doctor write the sex of the baby and put it in an envelope. I then gave it to my girlfriend, Tiffany who went and got the balloons to put in the box and bring to the field. It has been so hard not being back at home celebrating everything with our families. My parents had the Brigham's over for a gender reveal party, and it was pulled together at last minute because we didn't know if it was a go even at 3 pm! They all were going over at 5:30!! So thank you so much mom for all your hard work! Jake obviously was at the field working, so I met him up there and we had our family on skype! We expected to see blue come out, but NOPE it was pink!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Jake was so petrified and in complete shock for the last two days! He knows she is going to be my mini me and that scares him there will be two of us!! eekkk!!!!! 95% sure a girl from my doctor.
Here comes the box!!!! <3
ahhh PINK!!!!! 

proud grandparents
I can't wait to start planning her nursery, shop, register, and meet this baby girl! We feel so incredibly blessed already with a smooth pregnancy (at the beginning I told Jake we may only have one child, what I went through....but now bring on more kiddies) It has been so much fun I have about 6 girlfriends pregnant right now and all weeks apart! That has been very helpful to have people to talk to, and going through same thing!!

 We are so excited!!!! I just can't believe it! We can't wait for all of you to meet little Stella Lee Brigham ! <3 A small glimpse of my child. haha

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Most of you may know by now, but we are back with the Roughriders in Frisco! It was down to two days before we were leaving Arizona to head to Texas. My nerves were an absolute wreck! I had reserved a place in Round Rock where we thought we may have been going, but didn't reserve a place in Frisco. Finally when Jake was told I immediately started calling places in Frisco. We really needed month to month, so went back to the first year place we lived. The apartment wouldn't be ready until April 10th. We arrived in Frisco after a 17 hour long drive last Saturday. They put us up in a hotel for 3 days. We then moved all our stuff in our friend's apartment because the first home series has been in Arkansas. Living out of a suitcase with mixed clothes, items has been very interesting the last week! We don't have a laundry room so the pile is pretty big since we have left Arizona! I am able to get into our place tomorrow, so am heading back from the road trip earlier to have the furniture delivered, cable/internet, turn everything on, and washer/dryer delivered so when the boys get back into town late Tuesday night everyone will have a bed. My girlfriend is back in Frisco already and she will help me with our stuff (don't worry mom & Robin-I will be very careful) :) haha

I have felt so great! I am so thankful to feel so good! The travel has been a lot so I am ready to get back to Frisco, and get settled! The only complaint I have is my skin, and back has been hurting really bad sitting at the games. Other than that, baby B is doing great, growing every week! :)

Funny story..While in Arkansas before we left for next city, I needed to fill a perscription. They didn't have CVS in Little Rock so I went to Target. When I got up to the counter the guy asked where my Doctor was, and I needed to fill out paperwork. So I said "Dr. in Arizona, then told him my address in Florida." He looked at me really funny and said, "Okay I have to ask..Your doctor is in Arizona, your in Arkansas, and your address is in Florida..what on earth do you do?!?" I laughed and told him Jake plays baseball, and welcome to the life of baseball! :)

It will be very interesting by the end of this season I will have a minimum of 3 doctors for this baby! I go to my new doctor next Monday, and potentially will find out the sex of the baby!!! Yes what your thinking is right, it is very early, but I called all around to go to this specific Dr with special machinery. I am very anxious for this appointment, and just to hear B's heartbeat again!

Thank you all for keeping up with us, and all the support! We are content with being back in Frisco. Jake pitched last night and did great!

Monday, March 25, 2013

New member

I am sure most of you may already know if your friends with us on social media! We have some very exciting news we have been keeping in that feels like FOREVER!!!! On our 5 year anniversary (OF DATING) we got the best news ever! We are expecting our first child in late October! Most of you know our mom's history, and I have always been nervous that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant. I didn't have endometriosis, but had signs at a very young age. We had only been trying for 3 months before we got pregnant! Let me stop and just say.. GOD IS SO GOOD!! I was completely shocked when I took the first test! That felt like the longest day ever waiting for Jake to get back from the field! When I told him it took him a good 15 minutes to realize what I just said.. I had 4 tests to prove it, but he still made me take another one in front of him! haha boys..We live with 2 boys, so not the easiest to talk about right away. It took Jake weeks to finally get excited and now he is so excited!!

Our families of course are thrilled! We ended up telling them over facetime since they wouldn't be coming out for a while. I have been feeling okay! Week 4-8 was really hard, I caught two viruses, one trip to ER and then got some meds that has helped a lot! Now I am feeling great! We are due October 25ish. This is PERFECT timing with baseball!! Any of my baseball girls reading this is thinking OHH YEAAA!! The season ends in September, unless we go to the world series and if that happened I will be having the baby alone.. joking...sort of.. haha 4 girls on our team are pregnant right now too we are all weeks apart so that has been so much fun! I know 12 girls that are pregnant (something is in the water!!)

I can't wait to get home and turn our guest bedroom into a nursery! Some questions Ive been asked multiple times...

1. We will find out what we are having
2. we do have names picked out
3. my child will be very fashionable boy or girl every day.
4. Jake wants a boy, I just want a healthy baby.
5. I am reading two books, and have 3 apps
6. We will be home for the birth in Orlando
7. I plan on traveling next season with Jake
8. we still dont know where we are going for the season and will be leaving Thursday-Friday

I think thats it! :) We are so excited and thank God daily

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I am glad to see March! That means one month closer to getting to Texas! It has been a very slowww time out here! I am getting antsy and ready to get to our next location. My family came out last week, so that really helped break the time up! Mom and dad were supposed to leave Monday, but extended their stay until Thursday (today.) Lynsay, Matt, and Kyler stopped by for a couple days before traveling to North Carolina. It was so nice having family in town, and made my week fly by!

 Jake is still in big league camp and has pitched a few times! He has done very well overall! We don't know where we will be going, or what will happen in the next few weeks. I try to plan on two cities and go from there. I have met lots of new girls, and really enjoy them! Other than that...nothing is really new with us! I will update when we know what team/city we will be with in April! :) My parents will fly back out at the beginning of April to help us get settled, opening series, and for my 25th birthday (wow that sounds weird!) The Brighams will be out 2 weeks later! Im so excited, and that will make April fly by having family in and out all month!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We made it.

Last week was an exhausting week for us! We were very busy packing up, cleaning, getting our car shipped filled with what we need for 7 months, and spending the last few days with our families.

Luckily we got a non stop and arrived in Phoenix around 9 pm, then had to take a shuttle to Surprise about 45 minutes away. We rented an all inclusive place and we are so glad we did! Arriving to a nice clean place was so nice! We are living with two other roommates because they can charge 5x the normal monthly amount with everyone coming in for spring training. Tufts arrived Saturday night, and Bleier will arrive sometime next week.

Jake and I both were exhausted over the weekend, I have been sleeping a ton from the transition and move across the country. Jake is going into the field for a few hours each day warming up, and throwing. Report date for the majors is February 12, the first games will start February 22. He is in big league camp again this year, which is exciting. We really enjoy spring training because the schedule is completely opposite than the regular season. Jake gets done really early everyday so we get to spend the rest of the day together. He is really excited for the season and coming into spring. His arm is feeling great! He is 100% healthy, and ready to pitch. He has thrown a handful of bullpens and all have gone really well. He has a new appreciation being back with the Rangers, and we are excited to see what God has in store for us this year.

Leaving our families back home was very hard! Jake is used to it every year, but that doesn't mean it's easy! Leaving our new home was really hard too! Jake wont be back until October, I'll come home off and on when I feel like it. My parents are flying out February 28. This is the first time my mom has been out for spring training! It will be fun for her to see what its like out here, and the games. Lynsay, Matt, & Kyler are meeting us over here when my parents get here too before they make their way to NC.

Thank you for all your prayers, and please continue to keep praying for us, Jake's arm, and career! We will keep you updated on how spring goes! We won't know where we are going until the end of March.