Thursday, April 19, 2012

The season is back!

The season is in full swing again!! I had a great visit home with my family and friends! It felt so great to be home for a few weeks before the craziness started all over again!

My parents and I left on Easter Sunday to begin our 20 hours journey to Texas! We took about 3 days, and finally got there! Jake got in at 4 am Wednesday! We love our new place and is really nice compared to last year! The front office was a bit of a nightmare, BUT we are in! We got a two bedroom, but our roommate that was planning on staying has to take a few weeks off with an injury so we are enjoying having our "own place" Jake's parents also came in on Thursday for the first home series! It was a busy, but really fun weekend with my parents and his! Jake pitched on Saturday and did very well! He has had two great outings as a starter again.
love this picture of Jake warming up in BP (in the background) He has had 8 strikeouts so far! We are still waiting to get a special link for you to donate if you are interested in joining us for the "FREE TO PLAY" to stop human trafficking! I will post it on here as soon as I get the link!

I am still looking for a nanny/babysitting job, but I am doing so well with my wine glasses I can barely keep up with those! I am very thankful to have this hold me over until I find something. I am wanting to go on the road as much as possible with Jake this year too.
Saturday night