Wednesday, November 21, 2012


BASEBALL STRIKES AGAIN..I'm sure most of you know from social media, or articles..but we are BACK with the Rangers!!!

Yesterday was the last day for all the 40-man guys to get protected before the rule 5 draft in December. We honestly haven't thought anything about it, and Jake gets a phone call from the Cubs that we went back to Texas... Jake and I both were in complete shock..Shaking, confused, excited, scared not sure what to think at that exact moment..and pretty scared we may have gotten designated (taken off 40-man, back to making nothing) We started to call our parents, and the Brighams all decided to come over (funny Robin thought we were lying and we were about to tell them we were pregnant when she saw my dad's truck at the for a good 3 minutes she is like yea right ya'll are pregnant..... haha!)

This is unusual..We are still pretty shocked, we just sent a $1,000 check in for our place in Mesa, AZ which now we gotta get that back and start from scratch with searching for a new place in Surprise (can you believe we are late in the game??) We already have guys lined up to live with, huge positive going back to all our friends!

We thought that God closed that door for us, however it is back open and we are excited to see what is in store for us in 2013 season! We can wait to see all of our friends, and being with an amazing organization again!

Go Rangers!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Hi Everyone!!!

A lot has happened since Jake got home! In the last month we have enjoyed being back with our families, went to the Bahamas to visit Justin and Debbie (we had a blast!!) and became Homeowners!!

We had a very rocky time with our mortgage because of our contract being year to year, and we learned A LOT...but in the end it all worked out and we closed on October 31!! We had our trailers packed and ready to go on Wednesday! That Monday my mom came down with a stomach bug and started throwing up, then Jake an hour later, then my dad the next day!! It was a terrible start to our week and so much to do! Thankfully I did not get sick, if a booger touches me I get sick (my vitamins must be working-thanks mom!) Everyone started to feel okay for our move on wednesday and we appreciate all the help we got all weekend long to make our home perfect!! We are so thankful

Here are some pictures of our place!! We don't mean maybe when we move in (you would think by my 13th move I got it down now!) We have been in for a week now, and are so happy!! We feel so blessed to finally have a home!

My draped I sewed! I am very happy with them, and the chairs I redid below!



Front Before
Half bath Before
Half bath After

We (I) wanted to have an area with Jake's baseball stuff, so we thought the den would be the perfect spot! 

Den before

Den After
Guest bathroom
I am obsessed with this wallpaper!!

Guest room (as of right now junk room!) 

And NOW MY FAVORITE ROOM OF ALL!!! MY CLOSET!! We were going to rent out our place, but we decided not to that way I would have somewhere to come home during the season. This also will be nice because we don't have to pack up and this below!!!

Jake is such a good husband to let me do this!! The ottoman and chair I made came in handy too! :) I will be finishing up this room tomorrow!

Master before

master after
gallery wall

We still have some work to do as you can see in some of the rooms, and artwork up but we are pretty much moved in!! We love it!!