Monday, July 30, 2012

so long Rangers...

It was the last day of trades... we got traded...

Cubs here we come I guess... I found out and within minutes media was blowing us up.. I haven't ever been apart of this, and I have a feeling these next few days are going to get crazy. Jake can either go to Idaho or Tennessee. He will be on the next plane out. I will be flying out Wednesday to Texas to pack up and drive to the next location...We are scared to death, but overwhelmed with close to a hundred responses from people.. This is what we prayed for, and we need to trust in God.. But I am scared to death!

My twitter has blown up, but we feel loved for sure~

Home Sweet Home..

Enjoying our view from master.
These last few weeks has been VERY busy in Orlando, and something happened that I didn't think would ever come true for us, or at least for a very long time!! We became homeowners!!! Jake and I have been talking A LOT this year about where we want to live, and raise our family.. We thought about staying in Texas since we love it so much, but there is a good chance we wont be with Texas, and you can't put a price on family who is in Orlando. Although Orlando isn't ideally where we see ourselves raising a family, we know we want SOMETHING there! We have struggled over the last few years with places to live, and knew we would hit that challenge again this off season. We are always keeping an eye out with Matt, and decided to start looking for fun. Homes were going like hotcakes, and we were getting a little discouraged due to the area we wanted to be in!! After the first day of looking we came to this newer neighborhood that we thought couldn't afford, and fell in love with it!! I knew it was THE place (now trying to convince Jake I wasn't fully off my rocker finding a place within technically 48 hours of looking!)  He already says we aren't very patient people in this department!! We are still getting together all the loan stuff, and is pretty confusing when it comes to Jake's career since we are only a "year to year contract." It also made me sad the day we signed the contract Jake was not apart of it-He signed everything via email..This is just one of the big negatives with our lifestyle! Thanks Matt Mckee for all you did for us! If your looking for a realtor in the Orlando area he is THE best!!

Hi from our Front porch!!
we have a second story going up!

 We are 2 miles from my parents, and 5 miles from his family! We are neighbors with my cousin (this will be trouble) and cannot wait to have a place of our own at the end of October!!!!! Also we look directly at a baseball field (really fitting!!) We are soo thankful, especially me because I have really struggled with our lifestyle, and not having something of our own!!
Ryley already picked a room out (since it had a stuffed animal) and approves of Aunt Tay Tay's new place! lol

Of course I already started designing, and putting a theme together (Jake thinks this is hilarious & says "only rich people have a theme") HAHA I am so excited and have found some great stuff that I will be DIY! 

Baseball updates: Jake had a few rough outings in July, but the last two have been really great!!! Last Monday he was throwing up in between innings with a stomach bug, but he still did great!! He is working really hard and wanting to finish up the season strong! I can't believe the season is ALMOST over! We have 48 hours left in the trade, and praying if it's meant to be we will trust God, and will be playing where we are supposed to if staying with Texas, or another team! We heard that if the Brewers trade went through Friday we were going to be apart of it-Brewers and LA traded. Jake also got the okay to play winter ball, and our agent will be working on the contract in the next few weeks. This would be from October-November somewhere in there and this is another downfall of our lifestyle Jake will not be here to move into our new place.. haHA.. I kind of have to laugh because it never fails, but him playing winterball is huge for us financially, and for him to be seen more, therefore I am 100% fine with him playing! Jake has only been home for about 12 days the entire month of July, that is why I ended up staying as well as some family issues we have been dealing with. I have really enjoyed my time home for the most part, and trying to get some stuff situated before we move back in September. 
Grayson helping Jake chart at the game last night! His hair is slowly coming back in!!

AUGUST: My parents and I are headed out to Texas in about 2 weeks. We will have about 2-3 weeks left of the season so I will pack up our apartment, and wait until the playoffs which is always hard because we have to be ready to go at any moment and usually sleeping on air mattresses and in an empty apartment! We will take 2 full days to drive to FL, move in with my parents for 6 weeks, then pack up again, and move into our new place!! I will be SOOOO glad not to pack at least for 3 more months!! Thank you all for the love and support! I am so thankful we have an amazing support system who follows Jake's career and cheering for him!! :) 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Is it September yet?

As I'm typing I cannot believe its the middle of July, and we only have about 8 weeks left of the season! Honestly this has been the FASTEST season ever!!!!!! I guess that is what happens with your having fun right? We have had some ups and downs, more ups but I will be glad once July is over! 

I came home unexpectedly back in June for a MUCH needed break from my baseball world. I hate flying so until someone flies with me (ahem mom-dad) I wont be returning to Texas..haha Sorry Jake! We are actually working on flights back at the end of the month-beg of August! Jake is only home 9 days or something in July, goes to Corpus Christi 3 times, so it only made sense to stay in Orlando and enjoy our family! We have had some very interesting-exciting stuff happen with our living situation in the off season! We are praying it all works out, and will be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing to have our OWN place (can you tell i'm ready?!?!) I've only had our wedding gifts in boxes for over 2 years now, live like a gypsy, and moved over 9 times. YES I deserve something of our own, and no boogers from ballplayers except Jake :) ..Right now just waiting to see if it's the right time (approved).. it has happened so fast like I said who would have thought we would find a place in 48 hours! Prayers please that everything works out if it's meant to be! I am very excited, and has been a fun week dreaming! 

Our roommate, Tyler Tufts a few weeks ago thought he got food poisoning so was really sick while Jake was traveling for All Star and our other roommate, Richard ended up taking him to the ER because he couldn't stop throwing up..With baseball you STILL travel the next day doesn't matter how sick you are, so the entire 5 hour bus trip Tufts threw up, and felt terrible.. He ended up not going into the field, and eventually went back to the Hospital because his gf forced him..He went into emergency surgery, and his intestines had a leak from his bowels! They said if he didn't come in that day there was a good chance he didn't make it through the night! He had surgery Thursday, and finally by Tuesday I think was the first time he had some solids. He is done with baseball this season, and went back home after a week in the hospital. He got home, and had to go back into the hospital for an infection or something (still waiting to find out details) It was soo scary, and I am so glad Ashley forced him to go in, and thank God he is alive!! :(

Jake has been doing well with his last few starts until last night! Last night he had a rough game, which is normal! Like i've said a million times before everyone has bad days at work, but these guys are super heros  so should be perfect, and how dare they have bad games! via twitter-haha. Last night it was just off, and thats okay! It's going to happen. There has been a lot of stress, trades, family--a good mixture of things on our minds this week.
All Star team-Grayson and the boys came to Tulsa!

Some of you are thinking trade deadline? Teams have to make their trade deadlines for the season by July 31. Yes there is always a good chance of us getting traded, teams call often about Jake along with all the other players too! Nothing is guaranteed, but we more than likely will not get traded. We are just praying that we will be exactly where God wants us to be, and focus on today! Easier said than done, I still will worry! 

That's all for now! I hope everyone is having a safe fun summer!! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Fundraiser for Kenna's Kids

They have my heart

Whew..I made it through the event and everything went GREAT!! I am so thankful for the entire team who donated items, the girls who helped put together baskets, and help host it all weekend, along with our friends with the Rangers! We raised over $8,000 for an event we planned in 9 days!! I was very happy, and appreciated all the work everyone helped! It was very stressful week for me, and I have not worked that hard on something in a longg time! It was worth it! :) Here are some pictures from the event!

finalizing all the baskets

Jake came by during practice while setting up

The roommates 

table of baskets 

raffle and mystery balls

Sweet girl<3 at the Kenna's kids golf tournament
The Hughes
stronger than cancer-

PHEWW..I'm glad thats over!! It was a great event, for people who really deserve it especially the Hughes! Jake made the All Star team, and had a very busy schedule so I ended up coming back to Orlando for some beach time, and vacation! Jake pitched pretty well in the 1 inning for All Star, and actually pitches tonight in Arkansas! I miss him like crazy, but have enjoyed my team at the beach with my family! There is no place like home, and I needed a break!!! 

of course I got burned the first day, so had to wear a long sleeve rest of weekend! 

I bought a one way flight, and not sure when i'll head back probably more towards the end of July. Jake is only home for about 9 days in July, and no point to go back to be alone. I am enjoying my time at the beach, and then will come back to Orlando next week for the rest of the time! It feels so good to be home, and can't wait to see everyone!