Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baseball is over: Hello Florida

The season is over, and we are back in what we call the "real world." I have had many people ask us (me) what we will be doing during the off season.. "What are your plans? Living situation, is baseball completely out of your life for 5 months?"

Jake and I got home Monday morning around 3 am. It took us 22 hours to drive from Frisco to Orlando! We had a trailer that we had to pull so took longer than usual! We were able to fit everything in our trailer, and have enough room in our car to be comfortable! When we drove from Arizona to Frisco we had no room at all! We had to hold Sophie (our dog) on the passenger seat!! It was terrible! Sophie flew home with my parents, and stayed over at the Brigham's so we didn't have to worry about her being stuck in the back of the car for days! On Saturday the game took a dive in the first inning..We still had basics out like a mattress in our guest bedroom, food, kitchen stuff.

We will be living with my parents like we did after we got married last year..with how short of a time we will be home, it is very hard to find apartments, and they don't do month to month in Orlando (or very hard to come by from previous off seasons!) plus..we all know what Jake and I make a month in minor leagues is terrible, so it's great to try to build our savings back up a bit for next season.. As of right now we are STILL waiting to hear back about Dominican..It has been such a slow process.. Jake is thinking they would want him to go over there for about a month to get some innings in. I plan on going with him if it is to the Dominican Republic..It is safe enough. This has really held us up on work in Orlando. I am trying to babysit/nanny for a job like I did in Frisco since we will be moving in February. As of right now I have not had any luck finding good families, but am busy with the warehouse. Jake plans on interpreting for deaf people, and pitching lessons, until we know more about the DR, we are working over at my dad's warehouse selling lots of antiques, and stage home items. Jake is also working out, and preparing for winter ball.
10 hours in, and over it! 

Jake is a happy boy back fishing! 
 I will keep everyone updated about winter ball, and a few things that go on during the off season with us! Until then, thank you for reading and getting to see inside our crazy journey we like to call baseball!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finishing the season

We had a great time over the weekend while my parents came to visit!! It was again perfect weather, and got a lot done! Jake and I apartment is completely empty, and all packed up ready for our long 20+ hour drive home.. We were very scared that everything wouldn't fit in the trailer, along with my car able to pull it (my dad drove his suv that is a lot bigger than mine at the beginning of the year) surprisingly we had room and our car pulls it fine! 
parents seeing the locker room and field

I am so glad my parents got to see Jake pitch on Sunday night! He had a great game, and over 11,000 people there! He pitched 4 innings, no runs, and closed the game! He got the win! I could tell when he was warming up he was throwing very hard right off the bat..He was touching 97 which is the hardest he has thrown ever..It was a very exciting game because Jake threw 99 mph that night, which is the hardest he has ever thrown!!! We couldn't believe it, and when it was confirmed was very exciting! 
so proud of you with your last outing! 

Jake had a very good year, of course we had some ups and downs, but overall he adjusted very well into the bullpen once he got the hang of it.. There is always room for improvement next year, and he is pleased to finish the season with his stats. He had the most strikeouts on his team. As of right now we are in San Antonio for the first series of the playoffs. We played our first game last night, and lost. We play them tonight, and head back to Frisco right after the game and will arrive there around 5-6 am tomorrow morning (YUCK!!) Depending on the outcome tonight, and tomorrow we could potentially be heading home earliest by Saturday, and latest in a week or so with a championship ring! 

Jake got asked a few weeks back to play winter ball (this was the news I couldnt share) but still not sure on location, when, where, how long, and so forth..It could happen, or may not depending on how many spots are available, and on what team is wanting him..Winter ball is out of the country, and depending on the spots available, and the pay Jake could potentially play in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, or Mexico. There are a few places he would not go to, but those are where teams are located. I cannot share anymore information until we hear more, but I do ask for prayer with our decision, location, and it all works out. It is a great opportunity especially since this is a huge year for us with the protection, and rule 5 draft if not protected.. There are so many unknowns right now with baseball, and we are just trying to trust everything will work out, and Jake will be right where he is supposed to be in 2012 season! We are excited that we are going home very soon, and to be back with our families! One of my best friends is getting married in November, and Laura/Jason/Ryley (my sister) have moved back to Orlando! I cannot wait to see all my friends, and have our "normal" life! I would not trade where we were this year, or all the things we go to do because if it wasn't for baseball we wouldn't be who we are today! We are so grateful that Jake is getting to pursue his dream, and an opportunity that many don't get to do, BUT I am ready for the off season and no baseball potentially for 5 months!!!! :)