Monday, March 30, 2015


Jake is pitching tomorrow against Astros minor league side at 10 am.

631 Heritage Park Way, Kissimmee fl 

You don't have to buy tickets just ask for AA game! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

go go go

We have been busy busy with spring training finishing up, and finishing as much as we can with our house! It has been such a blessing being home an additional 2 months! Jake was not invited to big league camp this year, but had a ton of time backing up with the majors. He has pitched really well in spring training and excited to see where we end up next week. Some of you have been able to come watch him pitch, and I'll try to do a post next time he pitches next week for the last time. We have no idea where we are going, but hoping for AAA in Gwinnett, Ga. There are 29 pitchers fighting for 12 spots... So the stress is there! I did book a place there just incase, and if we happen to go to AA in Mississippi we will deal with it next week. I have been getting ask a lot lately what we do when we move. We will keep our home in FL, and rent an apartment for the season. We usually rent furniture (this year since we may be so close will buy stuff) but we live very very simple for the season. Our coffee table, nightstands etc will be the crates we use to move, and just "rough it" for the 5 months. We will have to move next weekend, and they probably wont tell us until the end of the week---crazy right?!?! No stress here :D haha.. I am so proud of Jake and how hard he has worked!

In Jake's first major league outing for the Braves he got the save! He has pitched 9 or 10 innings only 1 run, a ton of strikeouts and I believe 2 walks. He has done well and excited to see where we end up this year. He is really liking the Braves organization and getting to know the guys. I have not met a ton of girls since he has been back and forth for the majors/minors.

We have been so busy with our house (ill post pictures soon) and Stella of course! She is 17 months old, and into everything! She is so much fun, and keeps up laughing all the time! I will make sure to let everyone know where we are headed next week, and appreciate all the prayers and support!!