Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guess who's back!!

Jake is back in Orlando for the off season FINALLY!!! He surprised me on Friday night! We are so excited to have him back, and enjoyed going around surprising his family yesterday and him meeting his two new nieces!

We went by our place for him to see it for the first time yesterday, and he is so excited-loves it!! We got approved and our closing is October 31!!!!!
Brooke on left (1 month) and Kennedy right (2 days old)

Thank you all for the support this season!! We can't wait for the memories we will have this off season and looking forward to some "normal life"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blog updates!

Some may have seen, but I decided to give my blog some TLC (Thanks Kelly!) and add some sections which aren't just about Jake's career. I know this is the main reason why most follow and we do appreciate all the support and prayers, but I too have a passion for art and since we are buying our first place I have been doing lots of DIY stuff. I wanted to document as well as share some things that I absolutely love doing! As these last few weeks have been very hard for Jake and gaining strength back in his arm, which he is feeling great!! Has thrown for a week straight and is feeling back to normal.. I too have an identity and most forget this in our crazy lifestyle.

What I love is a lot of things, so maybe through this blog I can figure out what I would like to do as well, but all I know is I love working with my hands and building things, designing from furniture to clothes.

On my blog you will see I have a new navigation bar with "home, about us, tay's projects, jake's updates, and home tour"

I will keep posting his updates on here, but did the other tabs that will bring you to my other blog specifically with my designs, and things I have made and done with my dad. I've had lots of people ask to see updates on the projects that I'm working on as weird as I feel doing it, it's also a great way to share and document them as well! 

on the left you see the Taylor B designs logo which will bring you to my new blog

Under my Tay's projects I will do a small photo, but also have the link attached for further explanation and photos! :) 

You will not get updates on those pages (I promise I will not blow your emails up,) so if your interested you can always follow by email my other page or just check back here and there! :) Email me if you would like me to add you like I did before! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


The last few weeks have been better for Jake and I. I feel completely back to normal, and caught up on my sleep! I have been keeping very busy with DIY projects for our new place.

Jake has been doing better as well, other than them not knowing where he was (only being out in AZ for 3 weeks, and trying to get him to bunk up with an 18 year old, if not will have to pay full for his motel...) It's been better than before haha! He got approved to throw last Monday, he was SOOOOO ready and anxious to get back out to play catch. He has thrown twice and everything is feeling great. They want him to stay for a little bit of fall league so ETA is October 10..... Can it get here already?!?!

I am so happy my dad actually is flying out there right now to be with him, and boy do they have some fun plans ahead! I told my dad he BETTER be careful or we could be living with them for the rest of our lives..haha Jake is beyond excited to see a familiar face!! They are going up to Sedona tomorrow to rent ATV's or something, skeet shooting, potentially fly fishing, and some other fun stuff! I know they will have a great time, while my mom and I have a girls weekend!

Some other amazing news, is we have a new niece in the family!! She is so perfect, and beautiful! Sweet Brooke Elise Brigham (parents: Ryan and April)
They were so sweet to let me do this to send to uncle Jake, and she peed in it! hehe Good luck for Jake!

 I had a lot of fun taking those pictures, and my camera died!! aghh its packed too deep in the trailer, I'm scared to try to go find it!! We are about to have ANOTHER niece in a few weeks!! Baby Kennedy (Rachel and Michael) are due in a few weeks if not earlier, and I cannot wait to hold and meet her! Christmas will be so different this year at the Brigham's home with two new babies running around!!!! We are so excited, I feel so bad for Jake that he misses all of this and last time he saw his sister (Rachel) she told us she was he will come home to a new home, and two new nieces! :)

Here are a few pictures of my latest projects for the place!! It has been a lot of work, but hard work pays off!!
I think wreaths are really fun I guess since its our first home!  Perfect for fall! 

Baseball wreath for the door
Refinished a dresser, two night stands (got for free) and a mirror
found these Junky stools, and gave a makeover

Ry Ry approves of the new stools :) 

House Update: We are still patiently waiting to hear about our loan information.. They take FOREVVEERRRRR, so please keep us in your prayers everything goes right! They are moving along fast, this is a picture from last week but painted inside, trim,finished outside stucco..etc! We can't wait for the end of October!! :) 

Thank you all sooo much for the prayers and support!! We have been feeling them lately! We are taking each day at a time, trying to keep Jake busy, and I know we all can't wait for him to be back home!! God has given him an amazing opportunity and we are anxious to see what is in store for him next year, but we can't wait to focus on our families and rest during the off season! 

I will finish this off with this picture of Brooke, and her Grandpa! It was soo sweet he kept signing his name over and over to her.. I'm sure she remembers by now :) Proud Grandparents!!