Saturday, April 30, 2011


Taylor Brigham Designs is now being SOLD AT: LEISA LOVELY DESIGNS!

I am so excited, and so thankful for this amazing opportunity with Leisa~ Jake's aunt good friend, Meg actually had emailed me, and said she thought she had a good connection for me with my boards! I wasn't sure, and then she sent me the store pictures, and more about her! I was so excited to email her to see if she would even be interested in my boards, and what deal we could figure out! She LOVED my boards!!

Such a cute store!
Leisa Lovely Designs (Maitland)
My mom went over there to meet with her to show her my boards (the most amazing mom in the world to be my salesperson when I'm not in FL!!) Thank you mom! I had sent my mom about 50+ boards, and she has been selling them in Orlando, & holding on to them for me. I told her just go ahead, and bring them all thinking Leisa would take maybe 10-15. She took ALL 41 boards!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to see what happens with them, and she believes they will do very well!

She has such an adorable store! She started this business 5 years ago out of her home, and started to monogram items. She now has gotten so big she decided to open a store! She sells various items for weddings, children, showers, birthdays, and the list goes on! My mom had a very very hard time walking out with only one thing!

some new designs for her store! 
I never tell people right off the bat that i'm married to a baseball player (unless i'm sitting at the ballpark alone, people ALWAYS ask "who are you with") It always turns into this huge discussion, and questions. Sometimes it JUST doesn't matter about Jake (sorry babe!) !! Plus, I want to be known as Taylor Brigham, and when it comes to my work (fashion,my boards, etc) I don't want someone to do me a favor/something for me for the wrong reasons. I had mentioned I live in Orlando for 5 months out of the year, and I know that confused her so she asked her friend, Meg who she explained about Jake. Come to find out, Leisa went to College in Hickory, NC (Where Jake has played for two years, and Hickory is a VERY VERY small town.) PLUS.. she worked at the stadium for work!! Her husband knows one of my parents lifelong friends family and so on! It always amazes me how small this world really is!?


Mon - Fri:10:00 am-4:00 pm
Sat:10:00 am-3:00 pm

Jake's Interview

Here is an interview, one of the first this season with Jake!

Click Link to listen: ----> Jake Brigham Interview 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taylor Brigham Designs news!

 I have some exciting news I will be sharing over the weekend about Taylor Brigham Designs! 

Stay tuned for the news! Until then if you haven't already go and "like" my facebook page! Taylor Brigham Designs !

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Roughriders and San Antonio

As the roughriders go and play San Antonio. They had an incident happen! This has never happened (at least not this bad!) The fans who were arrested were saying stuff to the players the entire game, and had a bit too much to drink.

Of course my sweet boy, has made the front page of the newspaper in the north for a fight, and Jake is on the front page of sports section getting punched (What the best part, is Robin (Jake's mom) has it in his scrapbook!) haha

You can see Jake is of course upfront (with the rest of his team) protecting one of his players..

Here is the article to read what happened

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carrie Underwood w/ Vince Gill How Great thou Art - Standing Ovation!

I had to share this with my blog friends. This is such a neat performance by Carrie Underwood, and thought it was pretty special especially for Easter tomorrow. I love her, and now like her even more after this amazing performance. The words say it all... How Great thou Art!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Pearl On Top

I am excited to announce I have teamed up with The Pearl On Top! They sell some really cute unique gifts, and now are selling my jewelry and memo boards! They are located in Pittsburg, and we got in touch through my sister, Lynsay. The owner of The Pearl On Top is a military wife, and experiences the same lifestyle as Lynsay. Her husband is away fighting for our country just like Matt (my brother in law.) I have so much respect for all the of the families involved in the branches, and am thankful for what they are doing to serve our country. She has some adorable bracelets for the military families! 
How cute are these for Military wives, children, and family members!

Check out the website ! 

You can still do orders through: ! 

Check them out! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Frisco and away games

We are so happy with being in Frisco, and really have adjusted well! The people are so friendly here, and it's so clean! My favorite part is how nice everyone is, and in the stores everyone talks to you!!

I wanted to share some fun facts about the ballpark for all you baseball lovers out there!

The construction of the ballpark costed $22.7 million!
It was built in 2002, and first season opening in 2003.
In 2003 stated the best new ballpark in Baseball.
In 2009 Ranked as the fifth best minor league ballpark in America, according to Baseball America (think how many minor league ballparks their are!!!)
YES, it is what you think it is..A pool at the ballpark! You can watch the game, while getting a tan behind 1st base outfield. The boys love this part of course!

awww my honey's picture! So happy he smiled, I did not like his picture last year!!

Last weekend when Jake pitched on Saturday they hit the most people ever to come to a game!! So exciting! I think it was about 12,000 fans came out. 
I had to take a picture of all the people!!

Most of you know Sophie, and she is such a diva just like her daddy!'s really me, and it's so funny how dogs look like their owners! Have you ever noticed that in Petsmart the next time your in there look around, and you WILL see it! 

Sophie has been such a joy to have with me, she is a little piece of home, and cracks me up! 
What's wrong Sophers?! Did I wake you up from your beauty sleep?!
I couldn't just leave that one ugly picture of her, it doesn't show how cute she is. I mean who looks good when they just wake up?!

So this was my FIRST away series, and Jake was gone for 7 DAYS! It felt like a month! He first went to Missouri for a few days, and then Arkansas. He pitched on Saturday and did well! His coach (Fulmer) from high school got to see him pitch for the first time since he's been drafted! I was so glad they got the time together, and for him to FINALLY see him pitch! 
I can't wait for Jake to be home tonight and should get in between 3-5 AM.
Locker room
Picture from Greg Fulmer

Still ONE MORE day to win your free jewelry board!


I'm bringing you a great giveaway!!!! Taylor Brigham Designs has been so gracious to sponsor this one. Y'all should check out her blog here! If anything, go check out that photo she's uses for her header. TDF!!!!! 

Taylor is giving one lucky reader one of her jewelry boards!
Here are a few photos she sent me:
Umm, do y'all see that Gator board??!?!?! too cute:)

Here's what Taylor has to say about her products:

"I have designed a product that is a simple solution for my everyday jewelry! I was becoming very frustrated with my long necklaces always getting tangled, and hard to see, so I came up with a decorative JEWELRY BOARD. I have received so much positive feedback from mine. I decided to make some in different colors and here I am!

These can work almost anywhere. They are lightweight, and easy to hang! Just one nail and you can organize your long jewelry or even use this as a mini bulletin board at the office or at home. College students can brighten their dorm with one nail or self stick/removable hook. My boards are only $l9.99 and can make great gifts for your friends or family. I can custom make several patterns upon request.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Chalkboard frame

I stole this from my friend, Rachel and thought it was SOO adorable! She has 3 children, and it's a fun way for them to do a countdown until they see their dad again! I did one just to write notes, and wanted my own! :) 

Here is her tutorial from her blog:

I bought this cute frame in the clearance section at Jo-ann's.

And I knew it could use some sprucing up.

When the boys and I were leaving California,
we talked about needing someway to countdown until the next time we see Willie.

So, first, I took the glass out.

And painted it with my chalkboard paint.
It took quite a bit of coats.

Then, I used paint markers to write the message in yellow.

And I took my spray paint to the frame itself, using this great turquoise
I have been itching to use.

And finally, with my chalk, I filled in the sleeps we have left until we are together again!
What a fun way to look forward to May!

Fun craft with Easter Eggs!

I saw this on and HAD to share with you!! So cute! 

Make Your Own Plastic Egg Teacups

What to do with all the extra plastic eggs after Easter? Sunghee of Creativity in Progress came up with this very cute idea - plastic egg teacups.

Buttons stabilize the plastic egg.

How about a plastic egg birdbath? Soooo cute!

Making a teacup egg is a creative and fun project to do with your kids. For instructions on making plastic egg teacups.  Via

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some fun things other than Baseball

 Since this is my "Week off" from baseball, I thought I would share some fun things I have been LOVIN' lately! 
(please see title LOVE of Baseball AND FASHION....)

 I am a Fashion major, and a wannabe interior designer at times.. These are my latest obsessions! 

I saw these closets, and had to post them! OH MY...I feel like I died and went to heaven...(Although I still think my dad has some of the best two-story closets, and he will be building me my dream closet/home one day) I still had to share these..

I think I got the best of both worlds..My mom did interior design before Laura and I were born, and is so crafty/artistic/creative. My dad is a builder, and built furniture growing up, also is artistic/crafty and could build just about anything. I have a passion for all of the above! I love building, making furniture, fashion, and interior design (Only if there was a degree for all of those and wouldn't take me 12 years of schooling to complete!)
Hello Shoes....
WHOA... High Gloss magazine

I love the white chic rooms-High Gloss Mag

The cutest little girls room ever!

 Okay...I'm done with my "Dream home decor" 

I thought I'de add a few SUMMER       
"must haves for 2011!"

Maxi Dress

Flare Wide Leg Jean (YES THEY ARE BACK IN!)
Anything white (especially white dresses!)
Floral tops


A few ways to update your wardrobe? 
Most of us don't have the money to go out, and update our wardrobe every season so this is an easy fix to make your wardrobe look different! 

Accessories is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to change up an outfit! Go to stores like Forever 21 and get cheap jewelry (some looks expensive.) Look for chandelier earrings, chunky bangles, and long necklaces..Go for gold, silver, pearls
Adia Kibur $68

Forever 21 $3.80
Forever 21 $4.00

Gladiator sandals, jeweled sandals can be worn dressy or casual with so many different outfits!
Shoes can really change up an outfit by wearing different flats, pumps, boots, or sandals! 

Here is a great outfit simple black tank, and dark denim with a pair of pumps paired with some long necklaces. Change up this look by adding chandelier earrings no necklace and chunky bangles!
Stella & Dot Necklace

Bangles are a great "GO TO" piece! Throw them on with a simple T-shirt and jeans~ 

Stella & Dot Bangles
Forever 21 $6.80

Aqua jewelry is very popular and seen all over the Fashion Industry right now! Loving this trend! 

Amrita Singh

Forever 21

And another great item to have in the closet is scarves! I absolutely love them, and can wear them year round! I love wearing a solid tee and jeans with a printed scarf (Fools people to think I tried on my outfit that day!) What is great about them is if you like to stick with the same look (black tees, white shirts) This is a great way to add some "color" to your outfit, and change up a look!

so many ways you can wear a scarf!

I know I have followers of all ages, If you EVER have any questions please feel free to email me!! I love helping my family, and friends out and it never is a bother! That is what I went to school for.