Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PAO Baseball 2011 closing video

We had an amazing time at PAO this year, and they sent us the highlight video! I wanted to share it with you all! Watching the people getting baptized again was so cool to watch! We can't wait for next year! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Life of the Baseball Wife: I Am A Baseball Wife

The Life of the Baseball Wife: I Am A Baseball Wife: Written by Nicole Johnson, Wife to Elliot Johnson I am a baseball wife. I log long hours of driving and flying to be with the man I love...

This post is reality of our lives, not what you are watching on VH1 Baseball Wives! Nicole did an amazing job on this post! If you have been watching Baseball Wives, I suggest you read this and really see what a baseball wife is!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jake did it!! He got protected!!!

I really cannot believe I am getting to write this to you all! I am so excited to share with you that Jake got protected by Texas!!!!

We are so excited, and know that all of the prayers (lots of them) have been answered!!! We have been in knots for months now not knowing whether we were going to be protected or not.. We were getting ready for anything that could have happened this year, which could have been protected, next step in rule 5 draft (Dec 5), or left right where we left off last year. Ultimately our desire was to be protected and stay with the Rangers. We got told over and over again by everyone that it could be a 50/50 chance, no one really knew what would happen.. We along with many others were just trying to prepare, and be ready for whatever was thrown our way November 18.

November 18 was the deadline for 40-man protection for all teams. We had to find out by midnight (thankfully we only had to wait until 5:47) and we got THE CALL.... Jake got home from work around 3:30, I didn't get home from work until 4:30 and since we didn't hear anything we thought for sure we had no chance.. I felt so bad for Jake, he was so down..We tried to go on with the evening,but every few seconds he would reload the mlb trade rumors to check to see what other teams have finalized their roster..Then at 5:47 (Jake says it has to be the EXACT time) a weird number called...Jake started to shake, and it was John Daniels (GM for Rangers) I am trying my best to listen, but can't really hear that much, but I knew the minute Jake got a little emotional and I heard them say "Congratulations Jake, we protected you. You did it, and this is only the beginning...." I had to walk away, and all I could think about is HE DID IT~!!! God answered our prayers, and Jake's hard work paid off!!! It was so cute seeing Jake fall to the ground, he was speechless so I'm sure the guys on the other end knew he couldn't talk! They carried on with a few more instructions for this year, and Jake thanked them over and over again. Those words Jake has been wanting to hear now for 6 years! This has been a dream of his since he started to play little league, and he is getting to pursue his dream, and finally stepped over a huge rock basically and made it across the other side! I was so anxious/excited/emotional I couldn't wait to call anyone and everyone! Jake called his mom first to tell her, and then my parents who were on their weekly date night and NEVER will answer the phone or text, and dad answered in the movies and about wet themselves from excitement!! The only bummer was I had agreed to go babysit at 6:15 and had to leave!!! Talk about wanting to shoot myself for agreeing to babysit that night!  AHHH!! All I wanted to do was be with him and celebrate, but I got to spend my night with 5 kids under the age of 7...haha It was so fun watching the media blow up, on twitter, reports, mlb and see Jake's name on it!!!

"The Rangers added pitchers Jacob Brigham, Roman Mendez, Justin Miller, Martin Perez, Neil Ramirez and Matt West to their 40-man roster, reports Anthony Andro of FOX Sports Southwest (via Twitter)."

There is his name on the big league roster!

I am sure most of you are wondering, so what exactly does this mean for us? It is kind of confusing, but will explain the best I can for those who don't know all the rules (we are still learning most of them.) Jake is officially on the major league roster (ah that is so weird saying!!!!) They can have 40 on their roster, and anyone can be called up at anytime, if someone is hurt, rehabbing, etc. Jake will go to big league spring training to start out, they project him to go to Triple A (Round Rock) but if he performs really really well in spring training he could break out in camp, but realistically he could go to AA, or AAA. If that happens then they will send him down (this is not a bad thing, just part of spring, and guys on the 40-man.) We will get big league insurance which is huge for us because we were having to pay $300 a month just for me last year, and it might as well been a million from our income.. We do make more money, and that will be so nice to be able to breathe a little. He will have to report to spring training beginning of February, because of Big league spring training starting Feb, instead of March. With Jake being put on the roster, this means no one can touch him during the huge trades that will be going on in the next few weeks, it is nice having a little bit of security!

We want to thank everyone who prayed for us during this time, we know this was all God, and yes Jake's talent, and all those hours, training, hard work has paid off, but more than anything it is so amazing and knowing that Texas wanted Jake is awesome! Jake started to train this morning before Church, and is starting to throw this week getting ready for February. Other than the main things to be excited about, all I am really excited about is being able to buy sprite, and getting some dip n dots/cotton candy at the ballpark (Jake sent me down some dip n dots one game and surprised me, but only had them once the entire season!!)

 When Jake and I got married it was a joke that I could not buy sprite we were that broke, and my dad would always say "Dont you worry honey, when I come to visit i'll buy you all the sprite you want!!" FYI: I did not buy a case of sprite the ENTIRE season! HAHA So... I can't wait to be able to buy my first case during the season! :)

On that note, we are so excited and can't wait to see what God has in store for us this year! It has been an amazing/busy off season! We have enjoyed being home with our families, only being 5 minutes apart from everyone and the time we have hear! Jake is loving interpreting, and he is doing pitching lessons for a few families. I am babysitting, selling my boards on etsy-and locally, and am helping my dad out with some office-communication. We are so content with everything in our life, and are thankful to have so many people supporting us through this crazy journey! We get to go to PAO, next week here in Orlando. It is a christian conference called Professional Athlete Outreach, and is for major/minor league baseball families and get to know other families, small groups, worship services, and has conferences about all the struggles, finances of baseball. We didn't know if we could go because couldn't really afford it, but our agent, Doug sent us a check for our anniversary/christmas and we got to sign up!! We got to go 2 years ago in Dallas and was life changing for us! It helped me out a lot because I knew nothing about this crazy lifestyle, and it is hard to fall quickly..It's so nice to see we are not the only ones struggling or believers. If you click on the link below you can watch some very famous ballplayers who are involved, and tell about it! We can't wait! :)

PAO video <-----Click that

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Off Season 2011

We have been home a little over a month, and boy does it feel good to be home!! We have had an interesting off season so far! We waited a LONG 9 weeks to hear the status of us going to the Dominican Republic which fell through a few weeks ago.. It is a long story and don't want to get into detail, but lets just say the team down there didn't treat Jake very well, and told him not to sign with any teams because they had a spot for him on the roster.. 

We have had a few other "interest" that I throw out very carefully because baseball is so unpredictable..everything is a waiting game, and most of the time things don't happen the way we expect them to. I believe Jake has decided to shut down for the rest of the off season..We are happy and in reality whatever is supposed to happen with the protection I believe Texas has already made their mind up about us.. 

Speaking of Texas...We are so happy and excited about them being in the WORLD SERIES! Second year in a row!! We are proud to be with them, and think the team deserves it! They all have worked so hard! GO Rangers!!! 

This has been a L.O.N.G few weeks for us.. Everything is so unpredictable especially this year. We have been waiting waiting and some more waiting to hear if we get protected which we will find out sometime in November, and if Texas doesn't protect us we could get picked up in the Rule 5 draft, and that doesn't happen until December.... AHH, OR we could just go back to our life in the minors and start up where we left off in AA or wherever Texas decides to put us.. I have mixed feelings about what I want to happen..I am leaning one way and hope it happens, I love Texas, but wouldn't mind a change. I hate the unknown which is almost a joke in our profession because all of it is unknown until the day it happens, working on being patient has been a BIG challenge for me! I just want to KNOW!!! haha

We are praying a lot, and just trying to go on with our life preparing for whatever is supposed to happen with Jake's career. We have heard some mixed things through some friends in the Organization on their predictions, but obviously it all depends on who gets traded, contracts, and what Texas ultimately decides to do with Jake. We trust in the Lord that we will be exactly where we are supposed to be in Spring whether that's with a a new team, or back with Texas. 

Jake's huge fish!!
We are so thankful for many positive things that have happened OUTSIDE of baseball. Jake got on with an interpreting company that is more reliable than the one he was working for the last few off seasons. He has guaranteed hours, and is at one school (he likes that, instead of driving all over.) He likes getting to know the girls/boys he is working with, and being in one place. I got to design an office for Dora Mae Jewelry, and it was SOOO much fun!! I absolutely love what we came up with, and very pleased with how it turned out! I am still looking for a nanny job, but haven't found anything yet. I am selling my boards, and some stuff for my dad on the side, and babysitting for families on the weekends. Jake has been fishing almost everyday and loves being on the lake again catching fish! We have enjoyed both of our families and love being back in our church. 

Dora Mae Wall

Jake and I just celebrated our ONE year anniversary!! We had a lot of fun, and Jake did very well with making me feel special!! I cannot believe it has already been a year since our wedding!! It has been a crazy first year, and so much fun!  We have signed up to go to PAO (Professional Athlete Outreach) again in November and so excited!!! We got to go in Texas two years ago, and loved meeting christian players, and realizing we aren't the only ones in this crazy lifestyle..It was so good for me, and Jake and looking forward to it again this year in Orlando. 
Our One Year Anniversary

I will try to update on our life and when we find out details on baseball.. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays coming up, and again we appreciate all the people who are supporting Jake and I in our crazy journey in the minors! We know we couldn't do it without the prayers, and support from each one of you who are faithful readers, and care! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baseball is over: Hello Florida

The season is over, and we are back in what we call the "real world." I have had many people ask us (me) what we will be doing during the off season.. "What are your plans? Living situation, is baseball completely out of your life for 5 months?"

Jake and I got home Monday morning around 3 am. It took us 22 hours to drive from Frisco to Orlando! We had a trailer that we had to pull so took longer than usual! We were able to fit everything in our trailer, and have enough room in our car to be comfortable! When we drove from Arizona to Frisco we had no room at all! We had to hold Sophie (our dog) on the passenger seat!! It was terrible! Sophie flew home with my parents, and stayed over at the Brigham's so we didn't have to worry about her being stuck in the back of the car for days! On Saturday the game took a dive in the first inning..We still had basics out like a mattress in our guest bedroom, food, kitchen stuff.

We will be living with my parents like we did after we got married last year..with how short of a time we will be home, it is very hard to find apartments, and they don't do month to month in Orlando (or very hard to come by from previous off seasons!) plus..we all know what Jake and I make a month in minor leagues is terrible, so it's great to try to build our savings back up a bit for next season.. As of right now we are STILL waiting to hear back about Dominican..It has been such a slow process.. Jake is thinking they would want him to go over there for about a month to get some innings in. I plan on going with him if it is to the Dominican Republic..It is safe enough. This has really held us up on work in Orlando. I am trying to babysit/nanny for a job like I did in Frisco since we will be moving in February. As of right now I have not had any luck finding good families, but am busy with the warehouse. Jake plans on interpreting for deaf people, and pitching lessons, until we know more about the DR, we are working over at my dad's warehouse selling lots of antiques, and stage home items. Jake is also working out, and preparing for winter ball.
10 hours in, and over it! 

Jake is a happy boy back fishing! 
 I will keep everyone updated about winter ball, and a few things that go on during the off season with us! Until then, thank you for reading and getting to see inside our crazy journey we like to call baseball!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finishing the season

We had a great time over the weekend while my parents came to visit!! It was again perfect weather, and got a lot done! Jake and I apartment is completely empty, and all packed up ready for our long 20+ hour drive home.. We were very scared that everything wouldn't fit in the trailer, along with my car able to pull it (my dad drove his suv that is a lot bigger than mine at the beginning of the year) surprisingly we had room and our car pulls it fine! 
parents seeing the locker room and field

I am so glad my parents got to see Jake pitch on Sunday night! He had a great game, and over 11,000 people there! He pitched 4 innings, no runs, and closed the game! He got the win! I could tell when he was warming up he was throwing very hard right off the bat..He was touching 97 which is the hardest he has thrown ever..It was a very exciting game because Jake threw 99 mph that night, which is the hardest he has ever thrown!!! We couldn't believe it, and when it was confirmed was very exciting! 
so proud of you with your last outing! 

Jake had a very good year, of course we had some ups and downs, but overall he adjusted very well into the bullpen once he got the hang of it.. There is always room for improvement next year, and he is pleased to finish the season with his stats. He had the most strikeouts on his team. As of right now we are in San Antonio for the first series of the playoffs. We played our first game last night, and lost. We play them tonight, and head back to Frisco right after the game and will arrive there around 5-6 am tomorrow morning (YUCK!!) Depending on the outcome tonight, and tomorrow we could potentially be heading home earliest by Saturday, and latest in a week or so with a championship ring! 

Jake got asked a few weeks back to play winter ball (this was the news I couldnt share) but still not sure on location, when, where, how long, and so forth..It could happen, or may not depending on how many spots are available, and on what team is wanting him..Winter ball is out of the country, and depending on the spots available, and the pay Jake could potentially play in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, or Mexico. There are a few places he would not go to, but those are where teams are located. I cannot share anymore information until we hear more, but I do ask for prayer with our decision, location, and it all works out. It is a great opportunity especially since this is a huge year for us with the protection, and rule 5 draft if not protected.. There are so many unknowns right now with baseball, and we are just trying to trust everything will work out, and Jake will be right where he is supposed to be in 2012 season! We are excited that we are going home very soon, and to be back with our families! One of my best friends is getting married in November, and Laura/Jason/Ryley (my sister) have moved back to Orlando! I cannot wait to see all my friends, and have our "normal" life! I would not trade where we were this year, or all the things we go to do because if it wasn't for baseball we wouldn't be who we are today! We are so grateful that Jake is getting to pursue his dream, and an opportunity that many don't get to do, BUT I am ready for the off season and no baseball potentially for 5 months!!!! :) 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

memories last a lifetime..

One of the greatest things about baseball is all the places you get to visit/live and the people you meet! Over the last 3 seasons, I have met some of the greatest girls, and people I know will stay in touch with forever!

There is one person in particular that we have met, and he has forever changed our lives! He was so sweet to me the first day of the season, and we just love him!! I had a lot of girls tell me about an usher named "Dennis." I was a bit nervous at first thinking who is this man, and why do I go see him? I was walking around very lost in this huge ballpark, and saw an older man walking toward me smiling, and I read his name tag, made myself introduce myself to him.. He said "I've been looking for you." He was so sweet to me, bringing me water during the game, and checking on me every so often! He gave me the biggest hug (now it is what I look forward to every night.) The only negative about the ballpark is they put the wives/girls ALL over the ballpark, obviously we would never find each other if it wasn't for all of us going to section 109, and finding Dennis! He is the reason, I have met 70% of my friends this season!

I have been the only girl out here the entire season, so Dennis and I have become very close! I talk his ear off most of the game during, and he fills me in on all the groupies walking around (haha, I wish I was kidding...) Dennis gets to the field everyday a couple hours early to clean all of his section seats off, and get it prepared (this is not required.) He is married, and has been doing this since the ballpark opened for 9 years now! His wife says "as long as you go to ANY event I ask you to, you can do this!" He has two off days, Tuesday he works at his church counting all the tithe money, and Saturday he plays bingo..He has such a heart for the Lord, and has been so good to Jake and I..more than we deserve! Dennis is the reason why I went on the road last week, helping us financially..He is that good to us.. Like I said I don't know why us, other than the Lord putting him in our lives, but we adore him! Jake and I are so sad to go and will miss him dearly!

I have been thinking now for weeks what on earth could I do for Dennis after EVERYTHING he has done for us? I thought okay maybe a picture, that wasn't good enough..I FINALLY figured out what I wanted to do, but knew I needed a lot of help! I made him a shutterfly photo book! I was so excited, and immediately started writing the girls from my season, I didn't get too many responses because not many of them were out here long enough to see the amazing person we knew... I contacted one of my friends from last season that was out in Frisco last year, and she was very close to Dennis. Man if you need something done just go see Jill! She contacted all of her friends who knew Dennis, and the responses were OVERWHELMING..I cried the first night like 3 times seeing all the messages for Dennis, along with their family photos.. That to me showed me how special this man was, not only to Jake and I, but to all of these families over the years..I had over 20 wives/girlfriends respond in 24 hours, and some even out of the country (Japan) playing!! It took a very very long time to put together, but so worth it to me!! I am so excited to give it to him this weekend! I am having all of the guys from our team sign their page! I think this is something that Dennis can keep forever looking back remember each one of us, and the seasons we got to spend with him! Okay, now that i'm crying again, and rambling on I had to share this special person with each of you plus keep for my journal later on in life! I cannot wait for my parents to meet him tomorrow (plus he brags about me, so it will show my parents that i'm very sweet, and they have done a good job raising me, and I take after my mom!!!)---SORRY DAD, I got your looks right??

Earl's new friend! :)
I wanted to share our book with you, especially my in laws since they got the pleasure of meeting him a few weeks ago! I think it will make each of your hearts smile and see how special this man is! Just click the link and look if you would like! :)

Dennis special book <<<----Click there! Enjoy

We made the playoffs

The Roughriders are going to the playoffs!! Last night we clinched in our game to be in the playoffs! We will play San Antonio ! This is the 6th time in franchise history that they have gone to the playoffs! 

The 'Riders and Missions will meet in the divisional round of the Texas League playoffs, which is a best-of-five series beginning Wednesday, September 7. Game 3 and, if necessary, Game 4 will be at Dr Pepper Ballpark Friday, September 9 and Saturday, September 10.

The season is over on Monday (I can't believe it is finally over!) and we will leave Tuesday afternoon for San Antonio. We (I) am packing, and my parents come into town tomorrow to help me finish up, and for a visit! We will have our place packed up by Sunday, and prepared to leave in the next few weeks depending on the playoff games! It will be a lot of driving. We will go to San Antonio for 2 days (6 hours) and then come back on Friday to play in Frisco, then back on Sunday depending on who wins! I know the boys are excited to be in the playoffs.. I on the other hand, have mixed feelings about it.. The season is done, and it's hard when you are ready to go home! 

This will be our fourth move this season, and won't be our last! I have learned so much through this process and know next year, I will be packing less! :) I have had so much fun living in 3 states in the last 6 months, and getting to see places I would never get to see! It has been a great 2011 season, and look forward to the off season with my family! I will keep everyone posted about the playoffs, and our off season plans! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Last week was my first week I got to go on the road with Jake, and it was a lot of fun! We went to Northwest Arkansas for 4 days, and then Tulsa, Oklahoma! The weather was perfect and was sooo nice not having to say goodbye to Jake!

A funny little story.. There is this website called "MILB.tv" and you can subscribe to watch minor league games, most of the teams are on there and the higher up you go the more they are on this. All last week the games for Arkansas happened to be on MILB.. My parents along with Jake's have a subscription to watch him over the season, and you can see people in the first 5 rows or so..My parents wanted to see me.. For those of you who know me, I can be very shy.. I do NOT LIKE BEING in front of people! Jake on the other hand...please stare at him all day, he loves the attention ;) My parents wanted me to go down so they could see me..they begged me to go down I kept saying no.. finally caved with a bit of bribing, of course they couldn't see me... I was so embarrassed to keep moving in this section because people were looking at me! Finally after the inning I walked up the stairs (so stupid) and back down to the next row...They could see me!! It was soooo weird!! My mom was messing with me the entire time texting me "stop moving your leg, or touching your hair" I was shaking, knowing they could see me on this tv haha!! It was so cool that they could see me the entire game, then of course when the Brigham's got on they couldn't believe that was me, and Earl was trying to get me to stand..wave.. sign to him! haha That was kind of fun and different! :)
I am the one in the center off to left

I didn't travel at all since my job (I was thankful to have one!!) I decided a few weeks ago, I couldn't take being separated any longer! All of the wives/girlfriends have gone home, so not having anyone to hang out with has been hard! It makes the games go by slower, and when the boys are out of town and with work slowing down it is BORING!!

Luckily we are wrapping up on the season (we both can't believe it) and then the playoffs! My parents fly in Thursday to help me pack and stay for 6 days, and I can't wait for them to get here!!!

As of right now we have made the playoffs and will go to San Antonio the first few days, then Frisco (if they win.) We are packing up our trailer next weekend because if we don't win then we will get on the road to Florida!!!!!!!!!! I am a bit nervous about the 18+ hour drive with a trailer, but can't believe it is the off season!

Thank you for all your support and prayers during our 2011 season!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It has been a busy crazy month for us in July! Being busy is a good thing! Jake has had a good month some okay outings, and better than others, but overall he is still doing very well in the bull pen as a reliever.

Jake's family came into town on Thursday, and I am so glad they got to come! We got to tour the field, clubhouse and everything which was the first time I saw it too! The weather was perfect the entire time! We had a lot of fun, and they were so excited to see him pitch on Friday! Unfortunately, it was only one inning, but it was a good one inning! PLUS that night he reached his 100th strike out of the season!! It was nice to have some family come and visit while we have been out here!

"Brigham's 100th strikeout of the season, which is the most by a Frisco Roughrider pitcher this season. Last season Martin Perez led Frisco with 101 Strikeouts for the entire season. Only seven pitchers had reached 100 for a season before Brigham this season."

Since Friday Jake is at 101 strikeouts, and we still have almost a month left of the season! I am so proud of him!

Defensive Tackle: Jake Brigham
Fear the beard.  Brigham has the strength and aggressiveness to compliment Ruiz next to him. He also has the long arms to knock down passes when rushing.  He brings the intensity and heart his position demands.

We have found out some news, but once we find out more what is going on we will share with everyone! Until then! Hope everyone is having a great summer, and doing well!! We are looking forward to the off season to be home with our family and friends in a month or so! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brian Wilson twin??

I thought this was really funny when I saw this picture my friend took of Jake for me, and then Brian Wilson! He plays for the Giants, and most the guys think his beard (Wilson) is so cool! I have been looking at Jake's beard for the last 4 months! It now has become a joke with the team, and he says he is keeping it through the season (yippee for me...) I had to post this of them both! I thought it looked so similar!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thursday night was a great night!

San Antonio bests RoughRiders for series win
Brigham extends scoreless streak to 10.1 innings
07/21/2011 10:39 PM ET
Jake Brigham struck out five in two innings of shutout relief Thursday night. (James Garner)
"The San Antonio Missions earned a series victory over the RoughRiders with a 6-4 victory Thursday night at Nelson Wolff Municipal Stadium.
San Antonio (66-30, 17-9) struck first with three runs in the second inning, which featuredJason Hagerty's two-run double.
The RoughRiders (54-42, 14-12) responded in the fourth when Mike Bianucci clubbed a two-run homer, his team-leading 22nd of the season. Bianucci is now tied for fourth all-time in home runs by a RoughRider in a single season.
In the fifth, though, the Missions would pad their advantage with two more against Frisco starter Robbie Erlin (5-2), who worked through the fifth and allowed five runs on nine hits. The southpaw struck out four and did not walk a batter.
After San Antonio tacked on another run in the sixth, Frisco cut into San Antonio's lead in the seventh without the benefit of a hit. Both Jose Felix and Mitch Hilligoss posted RBI groundouts.
Frisco reliever Jake Brigham struck out five in two scoreless innings of relief. In his last five outings, Brigham has scattered just three hits in ten and a third scoreless frames.
Matt Buschmann (6-1) tossed seven innings for the Missions and held the 'Riders to four runs, three of which were earned, on four hits. Behind Buschmann, both Nick Vincent and Miles Mikolas tossed a perfect inning.
Frisco will send Ben Snyder to the mound, who will look for his team-leading eighth win. The Hooks counter with Jonnathan Aristil. Pre-game coverage along the RoughRiders Baseball Network begins at 6:35.
This story was not subject to the approval of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues or its clubs."  http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20110721&content_id=22125300&vkey=news_t540&fext=.jsp&sid=t540  -By Brian Boesch
07/21/2011 10:39 PM ET

"Brigham Strikes Out Five: For the first time in quite some time, Frisco has a new strikeout leader this season. Jake Brigham’s 5 strikeouts in 2 innings of relief on Thursday allowed him to pass Martin Perez, who had 83 for Frisco before his promotion to Round Rock. Brigham is up to 85 strikeouts for the season. After struggling in his first few outings as a reliever, Brigham has not allowed a run in his last 5 relief appearances, each of which he went at least 2 innings."  http://playernews.info/2011/07/23/game-97-corpus-christi-hooks-jonnathan-aristil-frisco-roughriders-ben-snyder/-Corey

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trades. Trades. Trades..

Right now is a crucial time in baseball due to trades! Every team is wanting to get the best player, and get the most out of their team for the upcoming season, as well as best deal..

This time in the season for people like us who are hoping to be protected this year, is a very scary/exciting/anxiety/stressful all mixed into one month for us! Obviously the percentage is small, BUT still a chance! When I say this is the year for us to get protected, I will try to explain as easy as I possibly can, without getting into too much detail because I still to this day do not follow completely... So bare with me! :)

When you are drafted out of high school the team technically signs a 5 year contract (yes you can be traded, but more than likely you stay with that particular team unless you are doing really bad, or etc)

Last year was Jake's 5th year, but we knew we had no chance of getting protected because he finished his season in Low A. Texas can either put him on the 40-man (roster) or a team can come in and say we want to take a chance on Jake, and that specific team who picks him up has to put him in the big leagues for the entire season! Both are very good things, along with giving us a break with finances. Since this is Jake's second year to be protected his chances are better than last year, especially playing on the AA team. You are more exposed to a lot of teams, and obviously it's two steps away from the big leagues. We know that Texas is trying to figure out what to do with Jake this year, that is why they moved him to the bullpen. We have heard a bit of positive feedback from some people, BUT we have NO idea what will happen this season, and with protection. Our agent feels that we will find out a lot about next season in the next two weeks, due to the trade any all. Texas (in the big leagues) REALLY needs bullpen help! They are hoping to do a trade and get some bullpen help from other teams, and some of the teams that are being approached are Padres (San Diego), Oakland A's, Marlins (FLORIDA) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IF WE COULD GET TRADED HOW AMAZING BECAUSE OF OUR FAMILIES...but we will be grateful wherever God puts us this year because we love Texas organization a lot.. Now obviously all of you who know baseball realizes that trades are talked about EVERY day of the season, so these articles could mean absolutely nothing and like I said before Jake and I have no idea about if we will be traded, protected, or stay exactly where we are!

July is known for the huge trade month, trades are now happening daily, and every team has until July 31st for the final trades, that is why it is such a crucial time with every team making their final trades and getting players. We are just praying whatever is supposed to happen will happen, and we will trust in the Lord wherever he puts us! We do feel this is why Jake was moved to the bullpen because Texas is needing help, and to see if Starting is where he belongs or the bullpen!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hilarious video!

One of my girlfriends posted this on facebook, and thought it was hilarious!! I had to share with everyone!! This was done during a rain delay!! 


Jake bullpen Interview

Jake was interviewed talking about his transition from starting to the bullpen! At first we were unsure of this decision (I felt it was a good one) BUT it is scary starting anything new! I am so proud of Jake digging in, and giving it his all the last month or so! It has started to pay off, and he is starting to see some good positive results the last few games!

Here is the interview of him! Click this link ---->  Jake Brigham Interview

It was so funny at the end what the broadcaster said! Robin (Jake's mom) says he has always had a deep voice since he was 2! I can't even imagine hearing a child with a deep voice, it would shock everyone when he would talk!! People tell him if baseball doesn't work out, he could do broadcasting! LOL :) Hope you enjoy! :) 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great Outing and weddings

July has been a good month for Jake and his outings!  Jake had a great outing in Missouri before the wedding. He came in the 7th inning (I think) and only threw 3 pitches! He pitched 2 innings, gave up one hit, and no runs! He only threw 11 pitches which is very good for Jake! He was pretty excited, and felt good about that outing! 

The last few times he has pitched he has done very well, and we are excited that he is finally getting a hang of the bullpen. 

We all were very proud and excited for him! On Friday (July 8) afternoon Jake flew from Missouri to Florida for Rachel and Michael's wedding! It was a very busy, fun weekend! Jake was only given 30 hours home, which was NOT long enough at all! :( It was so good seeing everyone, since he hasn't seen his family since February! 

The Brigham's did a beautiful job on the wedding! Everything was so beautiful, and perfect! Rachel was a stunning bride! 

I am so happy for

After the wedding Jason, Laura, and Ryley flew down to see Jake and then spend some time with my family! Jake has not seen them since February as well, and could not believe how big Ryley is and she's walking!! I wish he was able to stay longer, but had to fly out at 6:30 am this morning and head to Arkansas~! 

 Poor guy, has to get on a 8 hour bus ride back to Frisco on Tuesday. He has been in 5 states in the last 4 days!! I am sure he doesn't want to think about traveling for a while!! I will be returning to Frisco on Tuesday but soaking up my last few days with my sister, and family at the beach! I have enjoyed the past month in Orlando with my family and friends!! It was so good seeing everyone, and the break away from the baseball world!! I do miss my routine and going to games (who would have ever thought those words would come out of my mouth?!) I cannot believe the season is almost over, and we will be in the off season 6 weeks from now!! This season has flown by for us! 

Ryley and Jake

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to follow our blog!!

Hi everyone!! I have had quite a few people ask me about the blog recently, and thought I would let everyone know how to follow it if you would like to!

It is very simple and will be emailed to you anytime we update our blog! I am only allowed a certain amount of emails (that is how some of you already receive my posts by email.) If you would like to keep up with us on the 

Left SIDE there is a tab that says 
type in your email address, it will ask to type in security number/letters then under YOUR email address you will have an email from "FEEDBURNER activate your subscription to Jake and Taylor Blog." 

This is a great way for you to keep up with us, and you will not get any spam, only thing you will receive is our blog on your email anytime I update it! If you have any problems please contact me and I can help you! :) I don't mind if you pass along to family friends who are praying for Jake, and want to know about his career, just respect our privacy which I know all of you do! :)

Again, thank you all so much for your prayers, and support during the season! We are so happy and are thankful for all of the people who are following us!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Texas Ranger Game

This was so sad, that a fan had fallen on Tuesday, and passed away...My prayers are with his family..

Texas Fan Dies

G.J. McCarthy / Staff Photographer
Players and fans look on after a man fell trying to catch a pop fly during the Texas Rangers game against the Oakland Athletics Thursday, July 7, 2011 in Arlington.
9:55 UPDATE: The Rangers have confirmed that the fan has died.
Statement from Nolan Ryan: "We are deeply saddened to learn that the man who fell has passed away as a result of this tragic accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."
We'll have more on this developing story.
One year and one day removed from an incident where a fan fell from the second deck of Rangers Ballpark, another fan fell trying to catch a baseball and had to receive medical attention.
With the Rangers ahead 1-0 in the second inning, Oakland's Conor Jackson hit a foul ball to left field. An excited Rangers fan reached over the left field wall in an effort to catch the ball that Josh Hamiltonthrew into the stands and tumbled head-over-heels into the left-field scoreboard.
The fan was taken from the park on a stretcher.