Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Finishing on a good note..

What an amazing season!! From starting out in AA to getting the call up to the majors in June.... looking back it's all such a blur. I know both of us tried to enjoy every second of it, and soak it up! We had an amazing season with lots of exciting times to some really hard times. Jake had the second best pro season of his career! He finished very healthy and strong! When you play a sport, thats all you really want is to finish strong, and on a good note. Unfortunately, Jake's last major league game was not so good, but he only had two bad games the entire time up and both dealing with very hard situations in our life. One of our very close friends passing away, and watching a man die at the stadium. My parents and I arrived in Gwinnett earlier that week to meet Jake. We really hoped for a September call up, and rumor was it was a good chance for him to be called back up. We planned on moving out of our Gwinnett apt saturday, and Jake went on the road Sunday. We knew he would either be home in a week, or get called up on the 1st (MONDAY) and get a place in Atlanta. I started looking to find something closer because the traffic was sooooo bad!!! We were only 25 minutes away, and it would take over an hour one way.. Friday night the braves had a horrible game, and Jake received a phone call at midnight he was meeting the team the next day... So like everything else we only had a few hours to pack up our entire apartment. We needed to figure out how to get everything from our trailer to furniture out and parked somewhere in Atlanta. We packed our place up in 3 hours like a champ! My poor parents have been amazing through this entire whirlwind of a ride we call life! When we got home I know they didn't want to travel for a while!

We went to the Braves game that night (Saturday) my aunt and uncle who live in Georgia came over.. It was such an exciting night being back up..

I remember sitting there praying just thanking God for another chance for Jake to be up. I was just soaking it all in, and watching all the fans so excited to be at that game. We were playing the yankees highest amount of fans that season (50,000.) It suddenly turned in the worst night of my life at the ballpark, or pretty much ever.. Most know, and I wont get into details, but this man who died fell right next to our seats and my dad.. I knew I need to go home Sunday, and couldn't go back to that field even though we knew Jake would pitch on Sunday. My anxiety was already so bad from the stress of the season, Stella was having a very hard time with all the hotels, apartments, and could tell dealing with some security issues. We left to head back to Orlando. We listened to one of the hardest games, and I was in tears for Jake... nothing worse than your husband having a bad day at work, however when Jake has a bad day in the majors people are BRUTAL!!! I will never get used to people writing horrible things to him or about him.. I wish I could stand up for him, but its best to just ignore them. When the phone rang after the game I knew in my heart Jake was going back down... A day away from roster expansion... I was so frustrated as was he! I tried my best to be positive, and know he would be coming home a week from that day, but not going to lie it was still so devastating. Jake flew to meet the AAA team up north I cant even remember where, and his flight got delayed..then ran out of gas.. so spent the night in an airport only to get to the city for one day.. It was pretty stupid. Jake started two more times, and did very well! He pitched the last day of the season, and pitched amazing! He immediately left after the game to drive home to get back to us. That was another day that was hard seeing friends get called up, yet the minute he walked in the door we were at such peace! God gave us both a sense of relief. We were so excited to enjoy our new home we worked so hard on last year, that Jake has yet to enjoy from being gone, and Stella!

Friday night we got together with our closest friends to just enjoy being home and welcome home dinner, and after dinner we got a phone call that no one wants to get. Jake's agent called and said he is getting out righted (taken off 40 man roster, and basically no longer with braves.) Our hearts sunk we didn't tell anyone, and tried to enjoy the rest of our night which immediately I could tell the hurt on Jake's face. We loved the Braves, not only because they gave him a shot at his dream, but always so honest with us. Thats ALL we want.. We appreciated them going ahead to do it instead of waiting, and us being completely shocked. We had 3 days to get claimed by another team, but didn't so we will become free agents again, and sign with another team. We looked into going to play winter ball in Dominican Republic or Venezuela, but Agent advised for Jake to rest, and enjoy being home. He finished on a great note, and no point to go to potentially get hurt or etc.. As hard as it was to turn down that money, we both feel made the correct decision going into free agency... We are trying to go overseas. Jake had an offer back in July with Korea, and we turned it down in hopes to be called up with Braves, and continue to stay with them.

Small little information on it, they have professional baseball just like here, very popular and is the majors. You can only have two american players per team so its very hard to even sign. Financially makes sense for our family so why we are even pursuing it, as well as an adventure. Of course I have so many fears about going to a foreign country, being secluded not speaking the language, but if the opportunity presents itself we have to take it! Please pray for us, and the decision be very clear as well as go to the right team in America or overseas. 5 days after the world series teams can start contacting us. here is a video of baseball over there...

We will forever be grateful, and remember 2015 season with the Braves.. It was the biggest blessing to watch Jake pursue his dreams in the majors, and the support from our family and friends was amazing.. We felt so loved, and can't thank everyone enough for their support! We know exciting things are ahead for our family wherever that may be! <3