Friday, April 1, 2016

Part 2: arriving to Japan

Part 2:

We arrive in Tokyo and so excited we get to see Jake soon! Freddy one of the front office and interpreters came with Jake to get us. We never realized it would take about an 1-2 hours from customs to getting our luggage. Our phones didn't work either so I couldn't text Jake to tell him update. We had 9 suitcases and 4 carryons. Trying to find someone who spoke English and to help us load our bags was almost impossible. Finally we found a nice man who helped us, and we got to see Jake outside the gates! Stella was so excited to see her daddy and was screaming. It was adorable, and made Jake feel so loved. We ended up shipping our bags to Sendai because we had to get on two trains and 3 more hours of travel. We finally made it to our apartment and we were so exhausted we weren't tired anymore if that makes any sense. I believe from start to finish we traveled 27 hours. Stella did amazing! The first week we all were pretty messed up on time waking up at 2 am and staying up all day. Finally our bodies have adjusted, and Stella is sleeping okay.

We won't have a car here, but right across the train station or ride bikes. I plan on getting a bike for Stella and I once my parents leave. The hardest part which I knew it was going to be is the language barrier. The signs, google map, train station, food, the list goes on I don't know what anything is and that's been overwhelming. Luckily we found ham and cheese so We have been eating that and McDonald's a lot.

Our apartment is very nice 3 bedroom 1 bath on the 13th floor overlooking the city. The family room is panoramic and that helps a lot being able to see out. It's one of the nicest apartments we have stayed in during season. It is very safe you can't enter our building unless you call and I have a video phone on the wall that I can see delivery guy or a key.

Some interesting things I have learned so far is if you make eye contact they immediately look away, and won't look at you. Everyone bows to each other. The respect here is something that makes me see how we have it wrong in the states. Everyone dresses so classy like Ann Taylor, or loft very classy society. People don't just smoke on the streets. They have individual smoke rooms and they all obey the rules. No trash literally nothing on the streets. You don't cross the street unless the pedestrian sign is green even if a car is coming. EVERYONE follows the rules. The police man you never see, but carry sticks and highly unlikely to ever use a gun. They hate guns. Everyone stares at us until we look back, and I don't know if good or bad lol. The team is soo gracious and kind! They have brought us so many gifts team gear of Jake. Everyone really is so kind here.. It's so refreshing!!

It's very strange walking around with Jake because a ton of fans recognize him. They are so respectful too asking for autographs so they tend just follow us if in the stores until get the confidence to ask.

Baseball update: Jake is in the minors still rehabbing hoping to be up soon, but will take it each day. He pitched 21 innings so far and only gave up 3 runs. Last week went 4 scoreless innings and did great. On Tuesday pitched 5 innings first 4 no runs, a few hits, but in the 5th inning got very tired and scored 3 runs, but still did great. We will travel on Tuesday night for him to pitch in Osaka on Wednesday. Thank you for all the prayers he is all better now with his strain, just building up strength and pitch count.

My parents will be here until April 12 so trying to soak up every second while they are here and then next guests my in laws will come out at end of season for a few weeks to help me move and see Japan.


  1. Looks like y'all are having a great time
    Glad your keeping this blog updated!!!!

  2. So glad y'all are having fun in Japan. Love seeing the great pictures.

    Best of luck to Jake