Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chasing the dream interview

WRITTEN BY: Scott Sypien My first interview.. so kind of fun and exciting :)))

With The Help from the Brigham’s – The RoughRiders team up with Kenna’s Kids to help youngsters like Grayson Hughes-by: 

(L TO R) Brittney and Robbie Ross, Grayson Hughes, Jake and Taylor Brigham
Sports occur all year round. Many of them garner national attention on television, the internet and in the newspaper. One many occasions these outlets share with fans the stories of breathtaking performances, record setting moments and the roads teams or individuals have taken to each the championships at there given sports. All too often today sports are also laced with headlines that are not so flattering. Weather it be team headlines, such as the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal or individual headlines of performance enhancing drugs, DUIs, and weapons and assult charges.
Outside the lines and off the fields many athletes do some great things in their hometowns, or their newly adopted towns. Many times these things only get a quick mention and many times they aren’t mentioned enough. A few months ago we featured the story of  Jake Brigham as he was set to start the 2012 season. He had just received some great news that he would be added to the Texas Rangers 40- man roster and he was looking forward to making a strong impression. Brigham has followed through on those goals leading the Frisco Roughriders in innings pitched and strikeouts. Off the field Brigham and his wife, Taylor have done a lot more and have began to make a big impression on the Frisco community.

A Mike Olt Basket featuring a signed bat and cleats will just one of many prizes involved in the fundraiser.
I recently caught up with Taylor Brigham who told me about some of the work she and Jake have been involved with this season and about an exciting event coming up.  Earlier in the season the Brigham’s met a youngster by the name of Grayson Hughes who was recently diagnosed with  leukemia at the age of 6. “I knew we wanted to help! Although financially we couldn’t do all that we wanted.”  Brigham said “We have an awesome platform and started brainstorming of ways we could use it.  I presented my ideas to the Riders and we were able to team up with a non-profit organization, Kennas Kids that reaches out to individual families with children experiencing medical challenges at a young age”
The Brigham’s along with Texas Ranger pitcher Robbie Ross and his wife decided to get involved with Kennas Kids and now on June 22nd and 23rd during the RoughRiders games there will be a silent auction that will be held by the RoughRiders and the players wives and girlfriends. During the games Brigham stated “player baskets filled with signed gear and some of the players favorite items will be auctioned off. We will have 20 baskets filled with Marucci bats to gloves. We have 12 major league baseballs signed from the Rangers, Manager Steve Buechele Chicago Cubs jersey, Roy Oswalt and Greg Maddux baseballs and Justin Grimm is donating a baseball he used from his major league debut!!”
Besides all those great prizes there will also be a raffle for a chance to win Roughrider team signed baseballs (7 in all) as well as a mystery signed ball of a Texas Ranger player.
If you are interested in taking part and are in the Frisco area doors will open at 6:00 to the public.  For purchase of tickets please visit
For more information on Kennas Kids or if you are interested in making a donation you can go to
For more information on Grayson Hughes, the family has created their own website which shares his story:
Stories like this are common all around sport, many are not publicized.  As we follow each player we feature, we plan on following them as they chase their way to the majors. Sometimes these stories can take us outside the playing field. The Brigham’s story is one of those and we are fortunate enough to continue to be able to tell it. A special thanks to Taylor Brigham for talking to us about the upcoming event planned and for providing us with the links above for those who are interested in reading and learning more about a great cause they are involved with.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Behind the dugout.

Matt came to visit us for 24 hours and it was by far the best visit I ever had with him! We had a blast! It was short, but a lot of fun! He had a lot of fun too!! He leaves today for a 7 week practice before his deployment in the fall. God bless ALL of our troops, and keep them safe especially our family members! 

I have exciting news that I got approved to do an event for Kenna's Kids at the field, and especially for sweet little Grayson. I had some disappointing news a few weeks ago which makes total sense, that you can't just promote one family without causing issues.. I got an email back from the PR team saying you won't believe who we are about to team up with (Kenna's kids) and guess who is one of the 3 kids for this year?!
this sweet little face

I wrote her back and said if you don't think this is a God thing, I'm not sure what is! It has been a very very hectic week trying to get approved, and different things about the specifics. I have met almost everyday trying to get media (newspapers, playballs, website, social media) to get the word out by this weekend. I can't get too much into detail of what I would really like to say, but lets just say I've hit a few bumps..Since everything has to come from our pockets for this event, I had a very sweet couple donate money to help me make this happen for these families, especially the Hughes.. You are making this happen, so thank you for believing in me! This event will take place next weekend (only 2 days available at the ballpark) I have decided to do a mystery ball raffle (trying to get at least 200 balls) signed by individual players, then TBD on how many signed by the entire team. This is what we are hoping will bring in most of the money. We also are doing baskets for the players with gear donated by them (Bat,cleats,gloves,etc) and then there "favorite items." I made a sheet for the guys to fill out, Jake had put in there lockers yesterday..I was thinking maybe 5 guys would do this, and in a day I already had almost the entire team give back the paper! Talk about an emotional night reading through that! That was so awesome, everyone is all in donating gear (gloves-bats could cost around $250). Jake and I went today and bought everyones favorite items like candy, snacks, drinks etc and over the next few days the girl's and I will be putting together these baskets to have in a silent auction! 

We have been very fortunate to have some friends from the Rangers who have donated some items, and hope those will go for a lot! We got balls signed from Greg Maddux (yes the Greg Maddux!!) Roy Oswalt, the list goes on! We have a great group of wives/girlfriends of the players who will be working the event those two nights, and the night "behind the dugout" We are mainly behind the scenes everyday, and most people think who are these ridiculous group of cleat chasers in the stands every night overdressed for a ball game, not realizing we are just as much in it as the guy. We sitting together minimum 3.5 hours every night..we play E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y....When our boys have a bad day, we have a bad day, we deal with yelling screaming fans saying terrible things if they have ONE bad outing, we aren't JUST the girls-this is our life too, and I hope that people will see that next weekend.

I will be posting pictures and updating everyone next week with some pictures, and am very excited! This will be a tough week ahead, but I am excited for the challenge and have an awesome group of girls who are going to make a difference in these families lives! 

As for now...Jake made the SOUTH DIVISION ALL STAR TEAM!! 
Alex Beeman

"Jake Brigham: Brigham's first Texas League All-Star Game comes in his second year with the RoughRiders. In 13 starts, he is 3-3 with a 4.02 ERA this season. The 'Riders' workhorse, Brigham has logged the second-most innings (80.2) of any pitcher in the TL and has thrown at least six innings in 10 of his 13 starts. Brigham also ranks second in the league strikeouts with 75. The right-hander was drafted by Texas in the sixth round in 2006 and he is a member of the Rangers' 40-man roster." roughriders

This next week, I ask for prayers. I have barely slept this week (I am my mom's daughter) when I have an idea I put everything into it! I believe in what I'm doing and want to be taken serious in this industry. I am hoping we get approved for everything today (meeting with the VP of Riders) and that everyone will come on board with us. I am so excited, just as this moment I cant think straight from lack of sleep. I just have to look at this picture, and all the hard work and tears are going to be so worth it!! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Baseball is something that isn't just a sport, its our life. It doesn't matter how much I try to explain it until I'm blue in the face people will never understand unless they are in it. It has been a blessing as well as very stressful at times, but I am thankful for the people we have met during our journey. The unknown of it is something I deal with daily and try to remember I have to trust in God, and everything happens for a reason<--If only I could remember this! Our friends, Robbie and Brittany heard about Grayson and wanted to get involved! They are the sweetest couple, and although I recently just met Britt in spring training I appreciate her huge heart! They broke camp in the big leagues so many of you if watching any of the Ranger's game have probably seen Ross (usually in a cowgirl hat & backpack) ha, he is doing awesome this year too!! They came up to the hospital on their day off to visit the Hughes, and it meant the world to them! They also brought a signed ball from his favorite Ranger play: Josh Hamilton! Talk about making a kid's day or what?! 

We are working hard at trying to do some stuff for the Hughes. We have hit a few bumps, but I can't wait to see what we can get done for this amazing family! I am so thankful to have supportive family & friends..especially my parents! I was so excited to call my mom and tell her some of my ideas, and immediately they wanted to get involved. I am grateful to have amazing examples from both of our parents to show us you can NEVER out give God. The Hughes are deserving of anything that comes their way, and it has been an honor for us to get to know them and have them as friends! I am so glad they got to come out again to watch Jake pitch! We also had the Murray, Taylor, & Mayberry families come to see him last saturday (huge fan club cheering Jake on!) I was so disappointed since it was a sold out game I didn't get to sit with any of them, but knowing they were at the game was awesome. I can't begin to tell you how far back our families go!!! They live only about 15 minutes from us, so we all got together for dinner on our one off night for them to get to know Jake and was a blast to see some familiar faces! :)

So onto some other news..Since Jake and I don't get enough baseball when we get home from the game (around 10:30 pm) we of course have to turn on the another game..We were watching the Ranger game, I was on my phone (like usual) Jake doing who knows what, and all of a sudden I heard Jake's voice on the tv!! It caught me off guard more than anything, I looked up and saw a flash of Jake! It was a commercial that Jake had recorded at the beginning of the year!! We had NO IDEA this would be aired on the Ranger vs Angels MLB game!! We started freaking out, my phone started blowing up "was that just Jake on tv?!" It was so cool/weird/exciting!!!!! So of course I recorded it to show our families, and it gave me the chills! 

Jake played in the Roughrider golf tournament on Tuesday and his team won! I know he would want me to share that with you all! lol
happy boys!

I started making some "G Force" wine glasses for an upcoming event the family is having, but thought I could also sell them on esty and give a portion of my profit to help the family!

Jake pitches tomorrow night! Hopefully he has a good outing! Until then..we miss everyone a lot and hope everyone is doing great!! Thank you for keeping up with our life on this! I know that many of you love keeping up with Jake and his career! :)