Monday, October 7, 2013


This month is our favorite month of the year! We got married about to celebrate 3 years of marriage, closed on our first home october 31, and now a year later having Stella! We have enjoyed being home so much! We have missed all the small things of what we like to call "normal life" :) We have been nesting a ton, and lots of projects together getting everything ready for this little one, and improving some things in our place. Jakey got a new truck it was overdue...He has been so patient these last 3 years selling his big truck for us to have money in the bank when we first got married. We were getting in trouble already with him doing pitching lessons, and helping out with this AAU team plus we found the perfect truck for him (my poor car hasn't left the garage in weeks) and its been really fun getting my pregnant self up in his truck. :P 

We had a great meeting with his agent last Friday to go over everything, and talk about teams and ones we are interested in and not..Jake and I are at peace with it all whatever happens! We are excited to see where God puts us in the country, and really just focusing on each other and preparing for Stella. Free agency start around October 25-Nov 1 and could go until Thanksgiving. I'm getting induced October 25, oh baseball will always make things interesting! ;) 

At our 36 week appointment we found out that Stella has been breeched. Our doctor ended up scheduling a c-section for October 15, and if she flipped October 25. We found this out Monday. Tuesday night I thought I was dying, I had so much pain all through the night and started googling (worst thing ever to do..) I wanted to hold off instead of going to the hospital, however ended up going first thing in the morning once I called my doctor.. They told us to bring all our bags just incase she decides to come and something wasn't normal. I knew in my heart she probably wasn't making her debut that day, but wanted answers of why I was in so much pain every movement I made. We waited forever in Triage. When we went back the doctor examined me, and told me she had flipped and why causing so much pain! We couldn't believe a day after she flipped on her own. My mother in law told us to have Jake talk to her, and of course everyone was praying ideally would rather natural than a c-section unless she was in danger or needed. This news was an answer to prayers! The pain I was having was her flipping as well as "growing pains" from the new position. I also have been measuring very small been stuck at 32 weeks for 4 weeks so they ordered an ultrasound to see how big Stella was and at 37 weeks she was a good 7 lbs! I am just "lucky" to be on the smaller side. Jake and I both were relieved to hear she has been growing and on track!  

I went to the doctor today and am 38 weeks 1 cm dilated 60% effaced so really she can come any day now, but he feels next week if it was his guess, and if not I will get induced October 25 at 40 weeks. We are not interested in letting me go over 40 weeks, there is no point, usually with first time moms you still end up getting induced. I am pretty uncomfortable daily, not sleeping, and pretty bad contractions that aren't consistent, not interested in having a 11 lb baby either :P So there you have it! 
Me top jake bottom 

Jake and I are over the moon excited! We both can't believe she will be here any day! 

Last night we pulled over some home videos with my parents and some I have never seen. We think stella looks more like me, but could be completely wrong! I have no memory of my brother, Ryan so getting to see him and how much he loved his sisters was just so amazing. I also loved seeing how much Ryley is just like Laura, and same with Lynsay and Kyler. I can't wait to see Jake and I in stella! The best gift my parents could do for our entire family is all those precious home videos. To be able to see/hear Ryan really no words to express how I felt. It makes me really sad knowing Stella won't meet him, BUT we will see him one day in heaven and I know he will get to see her from above smiling. 

Laura and I