Monday, February 15, 2016

A different plan

Hi and happy Valentine's Day! For those who are new to my blog just know I won't be sending out weekly reports I promise! I will do better this year since this is such a unique experience for us, but promise I won't bombard your emails.  😁😜 I also have done this because once baseball is over I plan on doing a book for our children, and a way for us to remember everything!

Almost two weeks ago they really wanted Jake to throw a bullpen the media was anxious for him to throw as well as the team so he decided to do one earlier no harm in that getting out there to show them his stuff. EVERYONE and when I saw everyone was there to watch him media galore and the entire staff of the team {no pressure} at all... Jake said he wasn't feeling his best but didn't try too hard just needs to build up its a long season... On pitch like 30ish he felt something was off and pulled his oblique.. Not exactly what he had in mind with starting out on a new team and fighting for a spot on the major roster. I felt so bad for him when I woke up and he told me. When I called he said "don't freak out.." Which means a few things.. The only other times I have heard that is when he got sent down. Thankfully it is a minor injury, and already playing catch again.

They ended up sending him to minor league camp because the major league was headed to Okinawa and starting games. The minors haven't started games yet, and wanted him to stay there to rehab and get the rest he NEEDS. They did say he was go back up, and continue to fight for a starting spot with the team. It's still very early in spring training, and it was so nice because the coaches front office have been so kind to him and encouraging.

At first we were angry and didn't really understand why this would happen. Jake worked out and trained so hard this off season, ate very healthy, and worked his butt off harder than any other off season when most guys started working out when they got to camp. Multiple people told him you just have to trust in God with this and the process. We don't know why we hit this small bump, but do know His plans are better than ours, and I know once Jake is healthy he will do great!

He has really enjoyed getting to know the guys on his team. He loves his interpreter, Horrey and really everyone. The island he has been on has been hard. The food isn't great, and nothing to do. I will be glad for him to meet up with the team on Friday and start traveling.

The hardest part still is time change and being able to FaceTime to see Stella. Jake wakes up around 5 am most days to see Stella which is 3-4 pm our time. When we wake up he is about to go to sleep so that by far has been the hardest part only talking an hour to two at most a day! Stella and I are doing  well. We have been staying very busy. I enrolled her in dance class and have our routine going here. This is definitely harder on Jake (lonely) than us since I have my family and friends. I will be glad when our family can be reunited and Jake has family in the same time zone. He has a great attitude about it all, and everyone told him this would be the hardest part because so much free time with nothing to do. So don't forget to text him on Viber! Haha

 I have been trying to get everything secured on our end at home. We sold Jake's truck didn't make sense to keep it with how much he is gone and working on surveillance upping our security at our home, and all the things that come leaving a home for 6 months... So much to do never realized since I came home so much in the years past. I have been shopping like crazy lately trying to get everything we need before we leave. They say clothes are very hard to get since everyone is smaller and Stella is growing like a weed so buying 6 months worth of clothing and everything we need such as medicine for 3 people, toys, crafts, toiletries.. I have our guest bedroom wall lined up with all our stuff I'm sending. They don't have a Walmart or target (help me) over there so you can't just go get an American toy, book, craft, shirt.. That will be the biggest adjustment for me I think because I'm so used to getting out daily on the go and if I want to go somewhere  there we walk or ride a bike. Jake is very excited I won't have access to Target or Amazon 😁😜 haha

Jake had his birthday on Wednesday and the team was so sweet! They sang to him, made him a cake and was all over TV in Sendai. It was very sweet how hard they tried! He also shouted to the ocean the day of his birthday haha... Every morning the team has a ritual to where they scream their goals to the ocean and no foreigner has ever done it before. Jake being Jake wanted to do it and I'm so proud of him for being fun, and embracing their culture/traditions. They had hundred of media out there so you can only imagine his Twitter and media once he did it everything was blowing up. They kept replaying it over and over on the news and sports center. All the fans have been so nice to him, and me! They are all very respectful which is a change from the states...

cJake video <---- click here to watch jake yelling lol.

A few things we are trying to figure out if there is a way to watch the games or replay them because it will be in the middle of the night here for those of you who have asked I will keep you posted. Jake is competing for a starting position so will pitch every 5th day. They do have minors and major over
there just like here and baseball is a huge deal there. I didn't realize how big it was until we signed and his Twitter/IG. I believe only one foreigner is fighting for same spot and then rest are Japanese guys. We signed another foreigner, Johnny Gomes which he will be in the bigs and played with him with the Braves. He's a big deal.. You can only have 4 active Americans at a time I think we have 7 now.

It's so cool they made Jake a towel which says Brigham in red white and blue not sure if for USA but we like to think that and they will sell them in the stores there, as well as hand out on a certain night and everyone swings them over their head its kind of cool! This is his first merchandise sold ever so I told him I needed about 50. Just kidding.... Sort of.

We so appreciate all the prayers and support! I get asked a ton of questions all the time so I hope I answered some, and you enjoy these updates.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Contacting us

Hello! I just wanted to explain a few things.. I keep hearing people are emailing us by hitting reply to our blog posts! Unfortunately we aren't receiving those so please if you want to reach out to us we have a joined email account. or if you are on our blog the top right corner says "contact us" just don't respond to our feedburner email. I don't know why we don't receive them!

Also if you have Instagram you can follow along Jake is posting on there corner left you can see his account and mine as well jake_brigham and taybrigham

A small update.. Jake arrived to Kume island and is there for 10 days. Then will head to Okinawa next. He lost 11 lbs in the first few days body adjusting to little meat and small portions, but starting to gain it back and not being shy asking the chef for something more American. I felt so bad for him morning 1 he was starving. He saw a huge bowl of eggs so thought hard boiled eggs and grabbed 5 of them. He went to open it and wasn't boiled..I guess they put them in their rice. Then for breakfast had hot dogs, French fries, fish... Eek the chef saw him opening them and went and cooked him boiled eggs and said he could make him an omelette. So he is saved by that! Ha he is really enjoying the food and can eat anything unlike me.

He is really enjoying the guys a lot! He's starting to bond with a few through his enterpreter and said really great group of guys. Everyone is so kind, and accepting of him which is an answer to prayer. The hardest thing is the time change.. He has very long days during spring training so we are able to talk maybe 30 minutes when we wake up, and then 30 minutes if that later in the day so that has been the toughest part not seeing Stella.

He is throwing a bullpen tomorrow and front office has been anticipating him to throw so the media was be insane since he will be first foreigner to throw one. I'm excited for him, and know he will do great!
Appearance at the store in Sendai before he left 

Fans taking tons of pictures and all the foreign players 

Day 1 of spring training 

Kumagima island and field