Wednesday, August 31, 2011

memories last a lifetime..

One of the greatest things about baseball is all the places you get to visit/live and the people you meet! Over the last 3 seasons, I have met some of the greatest girls, and people I know will stay in touch with forever!

There is one person in particular that we have met, and he has forever changed our lives! He was so sweet to me the first day of the season, and we just love him!! I had a lot of girls tell me about an usher named "Dennis." I was a bit nervous at first thinking who is this man, and why do I go see him? I was walking around very lost in this huge ballpark, and saw an older man walking toward me smiling, and I read his name tag, made myself introduce myself to him.. He said "I've been looking for you." He was so sweet to me, bringing me water during the game, and checking on me every so often! He gave me the biggest hug (now it is what I look forward to every night.) The only negative about the ballpark is they put the wives/girls ALL over the ballpark, obviously we would never find each other if it wasn't for all of us going to section 109, and finding Dennis! He is the reason, I have met 70% of my friends this season!

I have been the only girl out here the entire season, so Dennis and I have become very close! I talk his ear off most of the game during, and he fills me in on all the groupies walking around (haha, I wish I was kidding...) Dennis gets to the field everyday a couple hours early to clean all of his section seats off, and get it prepared (this is not required.) He is married, and has been doing this since the ballpark opened for 9 years now! His wife says "as long as you go to ANY event I ask you to, you can do this!" He has two off days, Tuesday he works at his church counting all the tithe money, and Saturday he plays bingo..He has such a heart for the Lord, and has been so good to Jake and I..more than we deserve! Dennis is the reason why I went on the road last week, helping us financially..He is that good to us.. Like I said I don't know why us, other than the Lord putting him in our lives, but we adore him! Jake and I are so sad to go and will miss him dearly!

I have been thinking now for weeks what on earth could I do for Dennis after EVERYTHING he has done for us? I thought okay maybe a picture, that wasn't good enough..I FINALLY figured out what I wanted to do, but knew I needed a lot of help! I made him a shutterfly photo book! I was so excited, and immediately started writing the girls from my season, I didn't get too many responses because not many of them were out here long enough to see the amazing person we knew... I contacted one of my friends from last season that was out in Frisco last year, and she was very close to Dennis. Man if you need something done just go see Jill! She contacted all of her friends who knew Dennis, and the responses were OVERWHELMING..I cried the first night like 3 times seeing all the messages for Dennis, along with their family photos.. That to me showed me how special this man was, not only to Jake and I, but to all of these families over the years..I had over 20 wives/girlfriends respond in 24 hours, and some even out of the country (Japan) playing!! It took a very very long time to put together, but so worth it to me!! I am so excited to give it to him this weekend! I am having all of the guys from our team sign their page! I think this is something that Dennis can keep forever looking back remember each one of us, and the seasons we got to spend with him! Okay, now that i'm crying again, and rambling on I had to share this special person with each of you plus keep for my journal later on in life! I cannot wait for my parents to meet him tomorrow (plus he brags about me, so it will show my parents that i'm very sweet, and they have done a good job raising me, and I take after my mom!!!)---SORRY DAD, I got your looks right??

Earl's new friend! :)
I wanted to share our book with you, especially my in laws since they got the pleasure of meeting him a few weeks ago! I think it will make each of your hearts smile and see how special this man is! Just click the link and look if you would like! :)

Dennis special book <<<----Click there! Enjoy

We made the playoffs

The Roughriders are going to the playoffs!! Last night we clinched in our game to be in the playoffs! We will play San Antonio ! This is the 6th time in franchise history that they have gone to the playoffs! 

The 'Riders and Missions will meet in the divisional round of the Texas League playoffs, which is a best-of-five series beginning Wednesday, September 7. Game 3 and, if necessary, Game 4 will be at Dr Pepper Ballpark Friday, September 9 and Saturday, September 10.

The season is over on Monday (I can't believe it is finally over!) and we will leave Tuesday afternoon for San Antonio. We (I) am packing, and my parents come into town tomorrow to help me finish up, and for a visit! We will have our place packed up by Sunday, and prepared to leave in the next few weeks depending on the playoff games! It will be a lot of driving. We will go to San Antonio for 2 days (6 hours) and then come back on Friday to play in Frisco, then back on Sunday depending on who wins! I know the boys are excited to be in the playoffs.. I on the other hand, have mixed feelings about it.. The season is done, and it's hard when you are ready to go home! 

This will be our fourth move this season, and won't be our last! I have learned so much through this process and know next year, I will be packing less! :) I have had so much fun living in 3 states in the last 6 months, and getting to see places I would never get to see! It has been a great 2011 season, and look forward to the off season with my family! I will keep everyone posted about the playoffs, and our off season plans! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Last week was my first week I got to go on the road with Jake, and it was a lot of fun! We went to Northwest Arkansas for 4 days, and then Tulsa, Oklahoma! The weather was perfect and was sooo nice not having to say goodbye to Jake!

A funny little story.. There is this website called "" and you can subscribe to watch minor league games, most of the teams are on there and the higher up you go the more they are on this. All last week the games for Arkansas happened to be on MILB.. My parents along with Jake's have a subscription to watch him over the season, and you can see people in the first 5 rows or so..My parents wanted to see me.. For those of you who know me, I can be very shy.. I do NOT LIKE BEING in front of people! Jake on the other hand...please stare at him all day, he loves the attention ;) My parents wanted me to go down so they could see me..they begged me to go down I kept saying no.. finally caved with a bit of bribing, of course they couldn't see me... I was so embarrassed to keep moving in this section because people were looking at me! Finally after the inning I walked up the stairs (so stupid) and back down to the next row...They could see me!! It was soooo weird!! My mom was messing with me the entire time texting me "stop moving your leg, or touching your hair" I was shaking, knowing they could see me on this tv haha!! It was so cool that they could see me the entire game, then of course when the Brigham's got on they couldn't believe that was me, and Earl was trying to get me to stand..wave.. sign to him! haha That was kind of fun and different! :)
I am the one in the center off to left

I didn't travel at all since my job (I was thankful to have one!!) I decided a few weeks ago, I couldn't take being separated any longer! All of the wives/girlfriends have gone home, so not having anyone to hang out with has been hard! It makes the games go by slower, and when the boys are out of town and with work slowing down it is BORING!!

Luckily we are wrapping up on the season (we both can't believe it) and then the playoffs! My parents fly in Thursday to help me pack and stay for 6 days, and I can't wait for them to get here!!!

As of right now we have made the playoffs and will go to San Antonio the first few days, then Frisco (if they win.) We are packing up our trailer next weekend because if we don't win then we will get on the road to Florida!!!!!!!!!! I am a bit nervous about the 18+ hour drive with a trailer, but can't believe it is the off season!

Thank you for all your support and prayers during our 2011 season!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


It has been a busy crazy month for us in July! Being busy is a good thing! Jake has had a good month some okay outings, and better than others, but overall he is still doing very well in the bull pen as a reliever.

Jake's family came into town on Thursday, and I am so glad they got to come! We got to tour the field, clubhouse and everything which was the first time I saw it too! The weather was perfect the entire time! We had a lot of fun, and they were so excited to see him pitch on Friday! Unfortunately, it was only one inning, but it was a good one inning! PLUS that night he reached his 100th strike out of the season!! It was nice to have some family come and visit while we have been out here!

"Brigham's 100th strikeout of the season, which is the most by a Frisco Roughrider pitcher this season. Last season Martin Perez led Frisco with 101 Strikeouts for the entire season. Only seven pitchers had reached 100 for a season before Brigham this season."

Since Friday Jake is at 101 strikeouts, and we still have almost a month left of the season! I am so proud of him!

Defensive Tackle: Jake Brigham
Fear the beard.  Brigham has the strength and aggressiveness to compliment Ruiz next to him. He also has the long arms to knock down passes when rushing.  He brings the intensity and heart his position demands.

We have found out some news, but once we find out more what is going on we will share with everyone! Until then! Hope everyone is having a great summer, and doing well!! We are looking forward to the off season to be home with our family and friends in a month or so! :)