Monday, July 8, 2013


Wow is this summer... month.... year... time... flying by??!? I can't believe its already July! Sorry been lacking on post lately! I just want to say thank you all for the emails and support over the last few weeks when we needed to make a decision! We felt the love from everyone and very happy with our decision. :)

This season has been a whirlwind!! We have learned so much, and are having a blast this season! Baseball will always have ups and downs sometimes more downs, but those can only make you stronger. The month of May was one of those. Jake really had a few bad outings, and was struggling mentally with the back and forth of bullpen to starting. The pitching coach pulled him in for a meeting, and ever since that Jake is a new pitcher. We are with a great group of people this year with Round Rock, and Jake has some amazing teammates who also have helped him through things. Most the team has been in big leagues some even for 10 years, another two world series champs, and now Manny Ramirez on our team (talk about cool!!?)

Jake is still back and forth from bullpen to starting because AAA is a revolving door with people getting called up (and down.) He has done so well with both roles especially in his last 7 outings 33 innings 2 R, 27 SO, 4 BB. So proud of him and how hard he is working!!! Phil 4:13 ! This is so awesome and getting the walks, and runs down! He has really stepped it up, and learning how to control the game as well as the team support plays amazing! They are a strong team and make unbelievable plays for Jake.  

The best game was against NM and 9-10 batters Jake faced were big leaguers or spent a good amount of time total of 2,247 games, 190 homers, 302 steals. Talk about intimidating??!? Jake dominated!!! He struck out Matt Kemp 3 times, and retired 10 batters in a row. All of us were going nuts! We don't take any of this credit and know God is letting this happen for Jake! It has been an amazing ride and just to be in AAA is a huge accomplishment and honor!

A pretty crazy stat my girlfriend posted the other day about baseball.

Little League- 2 million players
High School- 455,000 (23% little league)
College- 25,000 players (5% high school)
Drafted- 1,500 players (0.6% college)
Major Leagues- 750 players

Okay that really makes you think we are playing a poker game her haha! Such a blessing where God has taken Jake in his journey in baseball, and who would have thought from maybe age 3 or younger Jake in a picture with a bat and ball would turn into a lifelong dream and career! I'm sure thousands of baseball games the Brigham family have sat at not only for Jake, but all his brothers including Ryan coaching Jake to them going through drafted process to now. The support Jake has received way before I even came around has gotten him to where and who he is today. It makes me smile and I know his parents too from blowing his arm out pretty much having Tommy John surgery in 2008 to 2013 so strong and healthy! We know we will have more downs and not great outings, but so thankful for the good ones recently! :)
my everything
my little wild child..this is just a small glimpse of my future she kicked moved twirled poked for 30 minutes! 

Now onto why all of you guys follow my blog.. ha just kidding.....I am at my 6 month mark with pregnancy. I finally popped and am showing! I had my first person in the store ask how far along I was and I wanted to scream and hug her! I am so thankful this pregnancy (so far) has been a breeze. I may get pregnant quicker than I expected after this (take a deep breath Jake!)  She is very active all the time and 100% healthy on all my check ups and testing! I came home for about a month to enjoy some beach time, relax, finish her nursery, and her shower next week! I know its strange having a shower this early, but our life is strange. When I head back to Texas at the end of the month I won't come back until end of the season, and potentially could have her in Texas. I am having a BLAST planning and decorating her oh so cute nursery! Jake is thrilled about her closet we built, and all the clothes she already has! Hey she doesn't have any of the essentials, but will always be dressed cute what truly matters in life. It will be so hard being away from Jake this long again, but I really need to get a lot done at our place and feel like when we get back for the off season all I need to worry about is unpacking our baseball season and can bring a baby in--so weird to say that!!
Shes a tid freaky looking, but sooo cute 
whoa look at that belly!! 

baby shower
pregnant ladies
I have enjoyed the ladies so much on our team and has been an awesome season! 4 on the team are pregnant, and most have kids except for 3! The ladies put together a beautiful shower for all of us the day before I left, and spoiled us! What a blessing for these girls to barely know each other but the support we have is amazing! Here are a few pictures of the shower, and recent baby bump :) Again we appreciate all the prayers and support with Jake's career, and this sweet baby girl coming soon!! I want her here tomorrow, but probably best if I wait until October and think Jake feels the same way! haha Love you all!
after! closet for a princess :)

after not done with drapes

mirror is from my wedding I refinished