Thursday, December 6, 2012


I just want to thank you all so much for the emails, texts, and phone calls over this past week. A little story that I believe is one of those God things...My Uncle and Aunt were out to dinner the night we got traded, and all of a sudden a guy walks in with a Cubs shirt on..Joe turns to Claire and says I just want to pray for Jake right now. He prayed that God will put Jake wherever he needs to be to get to the big leagues this year, and if it isn't with the Cubs that he would put Jake where he needs to be. That was 10 minutes before we got traded back to the Rangers. When my mom told me that story, we got the goosebumps!

I know God was watching out for us over this past week and a half. It was a very hard week for Jake and I. We go to a conference every year called PAO. It is a christian baseball conference that helps with marriage, finances, relationship, etc. We have set aside money all season long to be able to go. It is a time that Jake and I always grow in our marriage, and help out for the seasons to come. It was last week, and unfortunately we had to cancel the day before because the Rangers wanted Jake to fly out to have an MRI on Wednesday. Obviously going to Texas was more important, and something that needed to be done for the future and decisions. Jake MRI came back 100% strong, and very healthy!

We weren't sure what was going to happen last week. I was very emotional all weekend long, and couldn't have gotten through the weekend without my parents (both sets) really talked with me, and told me to give it to God, and for the first time I did that. Jake flew into Texas Wednesday late night, and our agent got a call we got taken off the 40-man. We felt at peace with this decision. On the major league roster are 25 guys but they extend that to 15 additional players that are either on disabled list (hurt), or in minors but chances are better of being called up, plus you make more money than minor league pay. Texas turned around and offered us a very good minor league contract. We could have declined and gone into rule 5 and get traded or hope to be put on a 40-man roster elsewhere, but we love Texas, we know the organization, friends, love the state etc!! We agreed to sign back with them with a few requests and got granted all of them.

Jake will still go to big league camp, and we will leave at the end of January for Arizona. We have a place booked with two other guys, and are working on renting out place out for spring training only to help with our bills. Thank you all for the support, and prayers! We are very happy with what happened, and looking forward to a new season!