Monday, March 26, 2012

Time flies by!!

I am very grateful for the responses I have heard of people wanting to get involved and know more about Not For Sale! I am waiting to hear back from Dave about the best way to donate and make it easy for everyone during the season! I will post it on here, that way if you want to stay anonymous that is always fine too! I will keep you all updated! :) They are hoping to get it all situated by the beginning of April for the season!!
We had a great visit with the Horton family, and enjoyed having them out there and seeing our precious Kyler! We are so excited that Rachel and Michael (Jake's sister is expecting a little one in September, and enjoying some more nieces and nephews!!!)

 BASEBALL UPDATES!!!!! Jake was sent down to minor league camp on Monday, although we expected it lets be honest... It still is hard to go through, and this doesn't mean anything bad (he isn't a bad pitcher, getting released, on the chopping block!) When we got protected they have to put him in big league camp, and eventually will be assigned to a minor league spot along with the others on 40-man if they dont break camp, along with big league invites. Jake's first two outings were not his best, his nerves got the best of him and always the excitement of the new season. The next 3 he did pretty well! We are so glad for the opportunity and I am very proud of him for staying in big league camp for 3 weeks!

They told him they want him to go back to a starter again, and we are optioned for Frisco. He has pitched twice and done very well starting again! My biggest fear just happened and got hit with the ball on Saturday 90+ mph (Luckily only his Shin, but he has shin splints so that doesn't help, and is pretty bruised!) I have booked a place, and they are on the road the first series so my parents and I wont leave until the second week of April to make our journey out to Frisco! It will take us about 3 days to get to TX! My parents are driving me out there with our trailer and car (parent of the year award!) Spring training will end Saturday or Sunday, they will post roster up on Thurs or Friday (lots of time to plan! Thankfully I have my spreadsheets of all towns, and apartments for this last minute decision!) Jake will hopefully hitch a ride with a buddy, making the long drive to TX (it is around the same amount of time as us!)
Our drive in a few weeks

Texas Dinner
I came home for a few weeks, and SOO glad to be home!! There is no place like it! :) I miss my families, and bed! ha I have started a new business adventure (Jake calls this my 2012 business.) I feel so blessed how well it has gone! I had done it for a girls luncheon as a craft (boredom in AZ) and I posted it on my facebook, and got over 20 orders the first night! It was great to keep me busy the last few weeks out there, and I am hoping to continue it during the season since jobs or so hit or miss, and I feel that we will be moved more than last year! I am hoping to nanny/babysit again which seems to be the best fit for me, and with our schedule! It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get a job! Who wants to hire someone who can be moved within 12 hours, and I am not willing to lie to someone about Jake's career.

 I have been doing my craft stuff while I've been home and thought some of you may like seeing these! This is a map of the places Jake and I have lived so far in the 1st year of marriage!
Jake's first big league ball

I will keep you all updated on our move, and where we end up! We are very excited about Frisco if that is where we are going! We love the town, and people! I am so grateful to have an amazing support system with my friends and family all over! Thank you all for the encouragement, and just know that we are truly grateful for each one of you and I am so glad to do this blog, when I hear the responses I get back! I don't think our life is interesting (it's crazy for sure) but feel weird talking about us. It makes me feel like it's worth it taking the time when I hear how much it means to you! So thank you for supporting us, and I am so glad to do this blog to share what is going on in our life! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not For Sale: Free to Play.

A few weeks ago, we went to a bible study and of course all the things in life were really fighting with us not to go, but 30 minute before it started I told Jake we needed to go (hoping to meet some couples, and change of scenery.)

This man, Dave Batstone spoke about human trafficking and how he came about starting this organization. I never realized how big of a deal this was until a few lifetime movies, and Taken. It made me sick hearing that most of the kids are only 10,11,12 years old. He took a year off to travel, and went all over the world learning about the process, and how it works. He made a promise with a lady who started to rescue these children, he told her he would build them a house for her and the kids to live in from his book he was writing (they were living in a tent.) A few months later this lady had rescued over 80 kids, and Dave book became very popular, ended up building an entire village for these abused children. This is how Not For Sale came about, he wanted to expand from that village. People from China (All over really) are putting these children in shipping crates, dropping them off 50 miles off of Cali and making them swim in? Can't you imagine?!

David Batstone-About Not For Sale  <---please take a minute to watch this!

A new program called "Free To Play" was started to help these children heal through sports, music etc..When he started talking about this and needed at least 5 more players to hop on board for the 2012 program, I knew IMMEDIATELY this is something I wanted to do. I feel that things that have happened in my life which I never thought I would get over, I HAVE overcome that dark time, and can help kids who have been abused as well. I believe everything happens for a reason and it's what you do with it that matters. Jake and I have a very strong passion for abused children, and hopefully one day can start an organization for children who have been abused, this is awesome and we are so so excited to get involved using our platform.

Free to Play <--CNN special about Free To Play

 Jake and I committed to donating a certain amount for his strikeouts for the season! If Jake is starting he could have up to 130 or (less strike outs--that would be very very good and most tops..) If he was in bullpen approximately 60-70 strikeouts (tops) We had someone match our donation for the season (Thank you for believing in what we are involved in, and hopefully Jake can strike out lots this year to raise money for these kids!!)

It could be .50 a strikeout, or however much you feel if this is something that interest you! Every little makes a difference to try to stop what is going on all over the world. CNN did a special on this when they got ahold of it, and Ellen has even talked about it! Anyways, we are so excited about this, and to see how God helps us spread the word! We are still getting information about it, and if this is something you may be interested in email me, and would love for you to help, and something exciting to cheer Jake on for this season and if it's not with money prayers are great too! Also for all my baseball girls if this is something that sounds like you and your man want to get involved with contact them, majors-minors it doesn't matter! You could do for every home run, strikeout! You can help! :)

Please take a minute to watch those videos! :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First big league outing

Jake had his first big league outing yesterday against the Diamondbacks, although it was not his best you learn from it and move on! He walked the first 2, and a guy hit a home run. Final score 13-3 we still WON! :) I am so proud of Jake and he will do better in his next outing (tomorrow) and hopefully media will be a nicer :) that's all I got to say about that one----

He has really enjoyed camp, and has learned so much already! We are so thankful everyday for this opportunity and being protected! We will have no idea where we will play still, but I am going to reserve a place for both cities just in case..

We have some exciting news that we want to share with you all once we figure more things out (I AM NOT PREGNANT!) We heard about a really cool foundation we are going to be apart of, but still working out some details bios/etc so will fill you all in once we get the information and hopefully will get help from you guys too, and one of our friends who read about it (on my twitter) decided to take the challenge and get apart of it too which is pretty awesome :)

I'll post in a few days more about that! Thank you for all the support and kind words to us about Jake--we couldn't do it without all our family and friends!