Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A night of terror

Last night my biggest fear happened. Jake was starting my parents and I started to watch it as well as the Brighams at their home. Robin and I usually text after each inning incase we missed something or just feedback.. During the second inning a pitchers biggest fear happened...He hit the hitter in the head. Alfredo Marte came up to bat, 2 strikes, no balls...then next thing you know Jake throws his 92 mph fastball and pretty much slips out of his fingertips. Jake immediately jumps back knowing this isn't good, and starts to pray. Alfredo goes down. He is grabbing his face and Jake is shaken up about what he is seeing. Alfredo is down for a few minutes he gets up and walks off. This doesn't mean he is out of the danger zone. Jake walks next guy, and I think anyone would trying to shake off what just happened. He finishes the inning strong. We move forward game continues.

Jake had a pretty decent outing last night 3.2 innings, 3 hits, 0 runs, 2 strike outs. His night was finished from my biggest fear! Batter comes up to plate hits a pretty nasty pitch and immediately the balls returns in Jake's direction. It all happened so fast! Usually Jake can dodge the ball, jump, fall, slide, roll, ANYTHING..but this wasn't the case. All our hearts stopped and couldn't believe our eyes. Jake fell down to the ground and is bent over in pain. We have no idea where he got hit or what happened. The ball came back at Jake 95-100 mph. My mom makes a loud reaction like anyone would but I immediately had to leave the room got sick, and my phone started blowing up. My girlfriends out there started texting me within 2 minutes..that made me even more nervous because they turned it to a commercial, and we saw him get in the cart, leave back to the clubhouse for medical attention. My heart was pounding, I am trying to stay calm for Stella and to trust in the Lord that He is in control, and Jake will be okay. At the point I knew it was below his knees. I text him to tell him to call me as soon as he can..It was about 45 minutes until I heard from him. I had posted about it on twitter and I had about 40 people praying and giving us amazing support as well as all my girlfriends all over the country texting me. This is the amazing part about baseball. We ARE a family! It doesn't matter if we love, hate, or don't even know each other no one wants to see someone's husband injured. I finally get a text from Jake it is his shin...both the doctor and trainer think its broken, but taking him to hospital for x-rays. As I wait and pray I had a strong peace over Jake, and me as well. I know that was God 100% knowing I need to stay calm not only for me, but my husband, and most importantly Stella. Jake was pretty scared waiting for x-rays wondering all the scenarios what is about to happen to him with surgery, disabled list, etc..The doctor comes in and says it's a miracle it is not broken..Its a deep bruise that will have to be taken day by day..Jake couldn't believe his ears, and felt a huge weight lifted off of his shoulders! We were so thankful it wasn't broken as two medical people thought at the game! Our prayers were answered, and so thankful counting our blessings it wasn't any worse, at his face, chest, etc!

Unfortunately for Alfredo his diagnosis is much different from Jake's news. Jake was in the room next to him at the hospital. I told Jake he needs to go say something. He knows it was an accident, and any idiot who says differently is stupid..Jake was pretty nervous just not knowing how he would react. He went in and he was on heavy morphine, he barely opened his eye and Jake said "Im so sorry." Alfredo gave him a thumbs up. Jake left the room, and gave the trainer a note for Alfredo when he wakes up with a deeper apology. We found out from the doctors Alfredo has fractures in his skull, and cheek bone. I assume the helmet protected his life, but must have clipped his face pretty good. He will fly out to Arizona to have surgery and rehab..We heard his eye may be split at first, but thank the Lord it wasnt that. Alfredo will be fine, and will return to play baseball in the future. The guilt that Jake has from last night was awful. We are still asking for prayers for Alfredo and his family. Jake will heal and be fine...

Thank you for all who prayed and got in contact with me last night! We are so thankful for all the support we had! We love you all!

Monday, May 20, 2013


The last few weeks has been a little crazy in the Brigham household! We arrived to Round Rock Thursday to move, and I left to go home with the Brighams on Sunday for a visit. Lynsay was in town visiting, she just moved to the east coast when Matt got deployed back in March (please be praying for Matt, and all our military families!) Matt will be deployed until October! My sister and Kyler moved to North Carolina with her in laws.  Our family hasn't been together in about 10 months so it was great to see Ryley and Kyler together! They are adorable together and so cute about Stella! They know exactly who she is and love talking to her daily!

I have really really enjoyed being home! It's amazing how much I miss it when we are gone! I have been dealing with some issues with doctors not wanting to deliver me with our crazy lifestyle being back and forth in between doctors in Texas and here, some wanted to see me from beginning! I ended up extending my stay at home to figure all of that out so I can go back to Texas with a peace about doctors and hospitals. I am going to one doctor now and I have to agree to move home sometime in September. There are so many unknowns with our lifestyle, and I don't think I'm comfortable with that, so Jake and I are playing it by ear. We are willing to take the chance of having the baby in Texas depending on what this season holds for us! My doctor is aware that I am not in agreement to move home in September so she is willing to see my when I come home and we will figure it out as we go through the summer. I am coming home for a long visit in July to get a break from baseball, spend time with family, my baby shower, and finish her nursery up! I always try to do at least one long trip home during the season.
First AAA deput

I will be going to a new doctor in Round Rock sometime in June to get established. Some questions I have had multiple times.. I have already seen 4 doctors in the last 4 months of pregnancy. Every place we move I have to switch. We plan on having her at Winnie Palmer unless baseball changes that. We are so thankful to have her in the off season so Jake gets that time off with her until he leaves for spring training in February (5 months off of baseball!)  During the season she will sleep in a pack n play since we move/travel so much. I will leave her nursery the way it is here and then during the season is all realistic items and as little amount we can bring as possible! We do not rent our home out, so it will be set up for Stella and I to come home when we want to. We will still only be able to pack our car and thats it for the 7 months! This will be VERY interesting with a baby, but if he gets moved like 2 weeks ago I will have to move alone and with a 6 month old! I registered last week and to most may look weird because we have our "normal life" then baseball life with portable travel items, games every night for 7 months. We have bounced around the idea of me staying in Orlando for spring training to keep her on a normal schedule before April. When she is born I will automatically put her on "baseball schedule" that means not going to bed until 11-12 am at night once she is out of newborn stage to make it easier for the games! It has been a crazy season so far being pregnant and switching doctors which seems like every month so far! I am so thankful that my pregnancy has been a breeze for the most part! She already is a little traveler and adjust very well between all the stresses we have faced!

Baseball updates: Jake has been going back and forth between starting and relief. This is NOT the same type of pitching! It is two completely different parts/style of pitching (starting, relief, long relief, middle, and closer.) Those are all who pitch during a game usually depending on situation! Jake has been long-middle most of this season. The last few years been back and forth with starting and relief...I have mixed feelings about this, but i'll leave it at that for now! The last outing was awful..It was a crazy game and I almost had a heart attack watching...2 ip, 9 runs in 1 inning. No one will understand how I feel as well as our families watching someone you love so much, and just want the best for him get rocked around. I was so worried about him, and eventually turned it off because I do NOT do well with stress, and baseball I swear is God's joke on me with the travel, planes, crowds, traffic...all the things I hate! haha I have learned to deal with certain situations, but it will NEVER be easy to watch the love of my life struggle. I was so worried about him being upset but he was fine! He just said it was "one of those bad days at work, and next time I will do better." This is why he can do this sport and I cannot! With media these days that makes it even harder. I have learned not to look and stay off twitter on nights like that! I am sharing this because this is reality. Jake will have bad games, terrible days, and amazing days! God has been soo good to us already! We have so much to be thankful for, and we are not upset about these few little bumps we are facing unlike some! We are thankful for the opportunity, Jake pursuing his dream, a job, and so much more! I could not be more proud of Jake than I already am and can say the same for our entire family! We are so thankful to have this support system who we know is ALWAYS there at the end of this, they aren't fake fans ;)

I know many have asked about Jake and updates sorry for delay in responses! I try my best to keep up with this, and everyone to know what is going on! So thats the latest in our life! :) Thanks for all the support and prayers!!

Also please take the time to read this amazing interview about Jake's dad, Earl! I cried through the entire thing. One of the sweetest articles Jake has wrote! So proud of him, and to call Earl my father in law!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Round Rock

Jake has been doing amazing the start of our season! His family flew out on Monday to spend the week with us! We have had so much fun seeing my in laws, jakes brother and sis and hubby and of course miss Kennedy! On Tuesday night when I parked I saw that John Daniels (our GM) was here.. We knew someone was getting called up because a starting pitcher retired Monday, and another starter is unfortunately injured..it NEVER crossed my mind it would be us! The game is going great. The Hughes came as well so we had a huge crowd in our section! I did not think Jake would pitch and all of a sudden I see him warming up for the 9th inning to close. He hasn't closed yet, usually is middle relief. I thought that was interesting, but still do not think into it! The first batter up strike out so one out, it's 3-4 us one ahead...next batter up jake walks him. Then next a hit so two on, then good batter comes in and they walk him on purpose! Talk about my nerves going through the roof! Bases loaded one out!!!! Next guy jake is 3-2 strikes him out (we are going nuts!!) then last batter up same thing I was thinking DO NOT WALK IN A RUN!!! Don't do it jake! I couldn't even watch... The ump was terrible and calling strikes balls... Err!! Then again 3-2 fans are going NUTS, I am bent over shaking and can't watch and next I hear screams he struck him out!!!! It was soooo awesome and such an exciting time even though I lost 5 years off my life! Poor Stella girl....she probably was bouncing up and down thinking why is my mommy so stressed out?! It was such an awesome game and Jake got his 3rd save! We took pictures and went on field, then headed up to the family room like usual and a few minutes later Jake comes in and says "guess y'all are changing your flights back to Austin!!!" We all were so excited, a few tears shed and just joy!!! I couldn't believe my ears! I immediately start to worry thinking our apartment, bills, packing, moving (again), finding a place and all of the above!!! I am so thankful my inlaws and family was out here because it made it much easier to pack my entire place up in a day!! Jake flew out first thing this morning at 7 am to Iowa for one day, then they fly back tomorrow to Austin. Jake will start on Saturday then they will work him in to rotation in the bull pen! We have waited for this day for years!! Such an amazing experience to have his family out here to enjoy it!! We had to all change our flights from Saturday to Sunday to Orlando! I will actually be coming home for a visit and to get a lot of Stella's nursery done! I will only come home once potentially until she comes so having to get stuff done early!

Thank you all so much for all the prayers! They have been answered and one step closer to his dream! We owe all of this to our amazing Father above! We are so thankful and excited!!!!

Go round rock express!!!!