Saturday, December 19, 2015

New beginnings.. Far.. Far away

Hi, and Merry Christmas! These last few weeks I can't really begin to tell you what a whirlwind it has been in our household... We went to Atlanta for PAO (baseball conference) Stella gets sick day 1... Of course I was worried about her the entire time although she was in great hands with Nina, and Papa at the Ritz.. We had an amazing refreshing week with our friends!

Then headed straight to Charlotte for my graddaddy's funeral.. It was a very hard week on my mom, and of course family. I am so glad all our family was able to attend, and see my mom's side of the family for a short time. My grandaddy was a strong believer, and we know he is no longer suffering now celebrating life in heaven! We had the funeral Saturday afternoon, and got in the car right after to drive 9 hours back home not getting in until 1:30 am.. Stella was such a trooper since she had been in the car for more than 19 hours in 4 days. Not easy with a two year old! Then came home went to see a ENT specialist for Stella's tonsils and adenoids and had surgery Thursday! It was a quick scary decision, but her passage way was covered 75% basically eating, breathing, talking out of a straw! :( She has done amazing with recovery, and her little voice is so high now!

 In the mix of PAO day 2 we received an offer from Japan :D eekk...We could hardly focus all week, and that Monday we signed with Detroit Tigers...Figures! lol We were feeling so many emotions, and still are! It has taken a few weeks to finalize everything.. Two weeks ago we had front office fly in to meet with Jake and I. Since its guaranteed contract they do things different, anddz in the states we are basically day to day with our job. We can still obviously get released over there if Jake doesn't do well like here, but they like to meet and see face with their players and make sure ready for everything that comes with playing overseas! A lot is the same. Regular major league season, travel, one of the biggest differences is they get every Monday off! I can't even imagine having normal day with my family!

About a week ago it was leaked on twitter, and it started blowing up about where Jake was going or if staying with Detroit. Obviously we had to ignore all the emails, tweets to us asking to clarify as we were still waiting for results from his MRI, and medical records. I didn't realize that people cared so much...kind of fun knowing when no one else does haha.. Detroit made a statement yesterday (if you have twitter you can type in Jake's name to see what I mean) We got a call from front office (Eagles) late last night that it would become official tonight!! We are excited to finally tell people, and share it with our friends and family!

Jake will leave January 25th for spring training which is over there, and 6 weeks long. Stella, my parents, and I will head over mid March. That time will be very hard alone and longest time Jake has been away from Stella and I. Luckily I will be at home, and be close with family for help. It will give us time to get all our passports/visas and things shipped. There is soooo much that is different, and figuring out what we need 7 months. We will walk everywhere or ride the bullet (train) or taxi. They say the clothes wont fit us to bring everything you need (cold then hot then cold rainy weather) Luckily there is a page on facebook for just the Japanese teams that girls can write and get information. That has been amazing for me to talk with other wives to help make this transition easier. We are soo excited, and scared! We know this is such a great opportunity for Jake with his career, and our future! We feel very grateful to have such a great agent who worked many many hours on this and a ton of people praying for God's will in this. We really wanted Japan and God answered our prayers!! I will keep you posted on certain things, as well as post a lot while we are over there of all our adventures we will have! :)

The team name is: Rakuten Golden Eagles > website

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We have loved being home. It has been busy as usual! I am hoping in these next few months we can slow down, and just enjoy our family/home enjoy Stella before the craziness begins again!

We have been so busy renovating the lake house! It has been a blast, and coming to an end this week yay!! My parents will rent it out for as long as needed in hopes Jake and I can buy it one day, but as of now its an investment property & fun project flip if we can't... It is right next door to them, and would be a dream come true to raise our kiddies right next door. If you have instagram you can follow along: Flippingbrigham

We became free agents a few weeks ago, and have been praying for God's will for us to go wherever we are supposed to this year. We have been talking to a few teams overseas, and teams in the states! We have some exciting news coming up! :) Next week we head to Atlanta for PAO (Professional Athlete Outreach) the baseball conference we enjoy going to every other year, because something always happens in between. We can't wait to see all our baseball friends all over the country!!

We so appreciate all the prayers, and support! Wishing each of you a wonderful thanksgiving! We all have so much to be grateful for..

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Finishing on a good note..

What an amazing season!! From starting out in AA to getting the call up to the majors in June.... looking back it's all such a blur. I know both of us tried to enjoy every second of it, and soak it up! We had an amazing season with lots of exciting times to some really hard times. Jake had the second best pro season of his career! He finished very healthy and strong! When you play a sport, thats all you really want is to finish strong, and on a good note. Unfortunately, Jake's last major league game was not so good, but he only had two bad games the entire time up and both dealing with very hard situations in our life. One of our very close friends passing away, and watching a man die at the stadium. My parents and I arrived in Gwinnett earlier that week to meet Jake. We really hoped for a September call up, and rumor was it was a good chance for him to be called back up. We planned on moving out of our Gwinnett apt saturday, and Jake went on the road Sunday. We knew he would either be home in a week, or get called up on the 1st (MONDAY) and get a place in Atlanta. I started looking to find something closer because the traffic was sooooo bad!!! We were only 25 minutes away, and it would take over an hour one way.. Friday night the braves had a horrible game, and Jake received a phone call at midnight he was meeting the team the next day... So like everything else we only had a few hours to pack up our entire apartment. We needed to figure out how to get everything from our trailer to furniture out and parked somewhere in Atlanta. We packed our place up in 3 hours like a champ! My poor parents have been amazing through this entire whirlwind of a ride we call life! When we got home I know they didn't want to travel for a while!

We went to the Braves game that night (Saturday) my aunt and uncle who live in Georgia came over.. It was such an exciting night being back up..

I remember sitting there praying just thanking God for another chance for Jake to be up. I was just soaking it all in, and watching all the fans so excited to be at that game. We were playing the yankees highest amount of fans that season (50,000.) It suddenly turned in the worst night of my life at the ballpark, or pretty much ever.. Most know, and I wont get into details, but this man who died fell right next to our seats and my dad.. I knew I need to go home Sunday, and couldn't go back to that field even though we knew Jake would pitch on Sunday. My anxiety was already so bad from the stress of the season, Stella was having a very hard time with all the hotels, apartments, and could tell dealing with some security issues. We left to head back to Orlando. We listened to one of the hardest games, and I was in tears for Jake... nothing worse than your husband having a bad day at work, however when Jake has a bad day in the majors people are BRUTAL!!! I will never get used to people writing horrible things to him or about him.. I wish I could stand up for him, but its best to just ignore them. When the phone rang after the game I knew in my heart Jake was going back down... A day away from roster expansion... I was so frustrated as was he! I tried my best to be positive, and know he would be coming home a week from that day, but not going to lie it was still so devastating. Jake flew to meet the AAA team up north I cant even remember where, and his flight got delayed..then ran out of gas.. so spent the night in an airport only to get to the city for one day.. It was pretty stupid. Jake started two more times, and did very well! He pitched the last day of the season, and pitched amazing! He immediately left after the game to drive home to get back to us. That was another day that was hard seeing friends get called up, yet the minute he walked in the door we were at such peace! God gave us both a sense of relief. We were so excited to enjoy our new home we worked so hard on last year, that Jake has yet to enjoy from being gone, and Stella!

Friday night we got together with our closest friends to just enjoy being home and welcome home dinner, and after dinner we got a phone call that no one wants to get. Jake's agent called and said he is getting out righted (taken off 40 man roster, and basically no longer with braves.) Our hearts sunk we didn't tell anyone, and tried to enjoy the rest of our night which immediately I could tell the hurt on Jake's face. We loved the Braves, not only because they gave him a shot at his dream, but always so honest with us. Thats ALL we want.. We appreciated them going ahead to do it instead of waiting, and us being completely shocked. We had 3 days to get claimed by another team, but didn't so we will become free agents again, and sign with another team. We looked into going to play winter ball in Dominican Republic or Venezuela, but Agent advised for Jake to rest, and enjoy being home. He finished on a great note, and no point to go to potentially get hurt or etc.. As hard as it was to turn down that money, we both feel made the correct decision going into free agency... We are trying to go overseas. Jake had an offer back in July with Korea, and we turned it down in hopes to be called up with Braves, and continue to stay with them.

Small little information on it, they have professional baseball just like here, very popular and is the majors. You can only have two american players per team so its very hard to even sign. Financially makes sense for our family so why we are even pursuing it, as well as an adventure. Of course I have so many fears about going to a foreign country, being secluded not speaking the language, but if the opportunity presents itself we have to take it! Please pray for us, and the decision be very clear as well as go to the right team in America or overseas. 5 days after the world series teams can start contacting us. here is a video of baseball over there...

We will forever be grateful, and remember 2015 season with the Braves.. It was the biggest blessing to watch Jake pursue his dreams in the majors, and the support from our family and friends was amazing.. We felt so loved, and can't thank everyone enough for their support! We know exciting things are ahead for our family wherever that may be! <3

Friday, August 7, 2015

Tampa Rays

If Jake is still up he will be playing the Tampa bay rays Tuesday and Wednesday night at 7:05!! We would love to see you so let me know if you come!! We would love to see you all!

Monday, July 6, 2015

dreams coming true

He did it!!! Jake finally made his dreams come true! Jake was called up last saturday!! It was a phone call I will never forget! I know most of you probably know this already,but just incase. We are all so proud of Jake and his hard work and dedication. He never gave up, and able to live out his dream..He always said he just wanted to pitch a day in the bigs (obviously wants a long career up) but now he is on day 11.. We are so grateful for the opportunity the Braves have given him!

He had an awesome debut, and has pitched two other times! Here are a few articles on him!  It is day by day him being up, and just praying he can have success to stay up. It has been a revolving door with the bullpen. Thank you for all the prayers and support!!!

Jake's interview after the game     <---- click

video on jake

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Jake has been on fire the last two outings!! Last week he threw 8 innings 0 runs 5 SO and tonight he went 9 innings 1 run in the 9th inning and 10 strike outs. Tonight was history for Jake! He pitched so well and his team played amazing for him tonight! 

In the 6th inning I looked at the scoreboard and realized he had a perfect game going on. Then my phone started blowing up!! The 7th, then 8th, and 3 more outs he needed and the first guy got a double in the 9th! The entire stadium did a standing ovation and that brought tears to my eyes! Nothing like watching the one you love the most have success like that!! I was in awe and so proud of him as well as the rest of our family at home!! Everyone was going nuts! Jake's complete game 1 hitter is still so amazing and I'm so proud of him and all his hard work! He has been working very hard and adjusting a few things!!

Monday, April 13, 2015


Mississippi it is! The last week of spring was one of the hardest! They weren't releasing anyone and the odds seemed high! We always thought we were going to Gwinnett. Jake had an amazing spring and has felt really good.. They were telling us if in AAA could leave sun-mon and if AA leave sat. It was late Friday around 5 pm and I got one word from Jake: Mississippi. I was of course not packing but enjoying our backyard and splash table with Stella! My heart sunk and then realized it's going to be ok... It's just a starting point. I was bummed because the one friend I did make was going to AAA. She had kids our husbands clicked and very similar personalities we already had stuff planned. That was our plans, not Gods.

Jake got home he was a little sad, but we both said it's just a starting point and so thankful for a job as so many guys got released that day! My heart hurt all week seeing my friends all over the country and their husbands no longer having a job. That could easily be us depending on teams you just never know! We immediately starting to focus on all the positives and great health! We started throwing everything together and thankfully my mom came over on Thursday and got a good amount packed and cleaned up!--how are we leaving our beautiful home we just finished!!

We couldn't leave on Saturday with the rest of the team because they wanted Jake to pitch with AAA team on Sunday. He pitched really well, and we left around 1 for our 10 hour move. My parents dropped everything to come help us! I was so relieved and we had no idea where we were going to live or anything (I set everything up for Georgia-haha) we arrived to MS on Monday and started to look for a place. I ended up in an apartment complex one other wife is living in because most the team--actually everyone except for us lives with host families... We have never done a host family, I think it's so kind of people to open up their home rent free and take in these players and sometimes family. I would have a heart attack.. I'm too paranoid.

I celebrated my 27th birthday Easter Sunday/traveling all day so it was a unique one, but looking forward to another year and some fun adventures! We are about 20 minutes north of the field. We were told by many even cops at the field to not go to Jackson,ever. I'm thankful we are staying the opposite way and don't mind driving into the field. The field is nice, very very very small fan base like 2500 on a good day. A few wives out here but most will work so Stella and I will be keeping each other very busy! 😊 Jake pitched yesterday and unfortunately had a rough first two innings (6 runs) he never gives up and finished strong, hopefully all the jitters are out and can only go up!

My parents just left and spent the entire week with us helping with whatever we need and getting settled! I'm so thankful for our support from both sides and always willing to help with whatever! We miss home a lot already, but looking forward to Jake getting back at it and being here for him! Stella and i will travel a lot this season since most are just a couple hours away!


Monday, March 30, 2015


Jake is pitching tomorrow against Astros minor league side at 10 am.

631 Heritage Park Way, Kissimmee fl 

You don't have to buy tickets just ask for AA game! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

go go go

We have been busy busy with spring training finishing up, and finishing as much as we can with our house! It has been such a blessing being home an additional 2 months! Jake was not invited to big league camp this year, but had a ton of time backing up with the majors. He has pitched really well in spring training and excited to see where we end up next week. Some of you have been able to come watch him pitch, and I'll try to do a post next time he pitches next week for the last time. We have no idea where we are going, but hoping for AAA in Gwinnett, Ga. There are 29 pitchers fighting for 12 spots... So the stress is there! I did book a place there just incase, and if we happen to go to AA in Mississippi we will deal with it next week. I have been getting ask a lot lately what we do when we move. We will keep our home in FL, and rent an apartment for the season. We usually rent furniture (this year since we may be so close will buy stuff) but we live very very simple for the season. Our coffee table, nightstands etc will be the crates we use to move, and just "rough it" for the 5 months. We will have to move next weekend, and they probably wont tell us until the end of the week---crazy right?!?! No stress here :D haha.. I am so proud of Jake and how hard he has worked!

In Jake's first major league outing for the Braves he got the save! He has pitched 9 or 10 innings only 1 run, a ton of strikeouts and I believe 2 walks. He has done well and excited to see where we end up this year. He is really liking the Braves organization and getting to know the guys. I have not met a ton of girls since he has been back and forth for the majors/minors.

We have been so busy with our house (ill post pictures soon) and Stella of course! She is 17 months old, and into everything! She is so much fun, and keeps up laughing all the time! I will make sure to let everyone know where we are headed next week, and appreciate all the prayers and support!!