Friday, January 11, 2013

Spring training here we come

I hope everyone had a great christmas and new year! 2013..It's hard to believe! We had an amazing 2012..some downs but mainly ups! I cannot believe how fast our off season has flown! The time we have had with our families and in our new home is priceless! I get very emotional when I think we are leaving soon!

Jake got invited to a camp in Arlington next week! This will be a good opportunity to put a good taste back with the Rangers. I will not be going, I have way too much to do here! We are not bringing our trailer that means I have to pack up what I want for 7 months in our mid size suv.....this will be very interesting!! With the trade last year it was too hard on me to pack everything up and get back to the east coast. If Jake gets moved or traded he is gone within 12 hours so it makes it pretty hard on me. We are starting to pack, and prepare. Our car will have to be shipped out the week before in order to get there on time. We will be flying out February 1. We rented a house very close to the field with two other players. I cannot believe we are already about to leave! Jake was invited to big league camp which will start around the 12th of February. We will be in Arizona for two months, and will be assigned to where we are going the end of March. More than likely I would assume Round Rock, but don't know anything yet just have to see how Jake pitches!

We couldn't be happier to be back with the Rangers!