Monday, March 25, 2013

New member

I am sure most of you may already know if your friends with us on social media! We have some very exciting news we have been keeping in that feels like FOREVER!!!! On our 5 year anniversary (OF DATING) we got the best news ever! We are expecting our first child in late October! Most of you know our mom's history, and I have always been nervous that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant. I didn't have endometriosis, but had signs at a very young age. We had only been trying for 3 months before we got pregnant! Let me stop and just say.. GOD IS SO GOOD!! I was completely shocked when I took the first test! That felt like the longest day ever waiting for Jake to get back from the field! When I told him it took him a good 15 minutes to realize what I just said.. I had 4 tests to prove it, but he still made me take another one in front of him! haha boys..We live with 2 boys, so not the easiest to talk about right away. It took Jake weeks to finally get excited and now he is so excited!!

Our families of course are thrilled! We ended up telling them over facetime since they wouldn't be coming out for a while. I have been feeling okay! Week 4-8 was really hard, I caught two viruses, one trip to ER and then got some meds that has helped a lot! Now I am feeling great! We are due October 25ish. This is PERFECT timing with baseball!! Any of my baseball girls reading this is thinking OHH YEAAA!! The season ends in September, unless we go to the world series and if that happened I will be having the baby alone.. joking...sort of.. haha 4 girls on our team are pregnant right now too we are all weeks apart so that has been so much fun! I know 12 girls that are pregnant (something is in the water!!)

I can't wait to get home and turn our guest bedroom into a nursery! Some questions Ive been asked multiple times...

1. We will find out what we are having
2. we do have names picked out
3. my child will be very fashionable boy or girl every day.
4. Jake wants a boy, I just want a healthy baby.
5. I am reading two books, and have 3 apps
6. We will be home for the birth in Orlando
7. I plan on traveling next season with Jake
8. we still dont know where we are going for the season and will be leaving Thursday-Friday

I think thats it! :) We are so excited and thank God daily

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I am glad to see March! That means one month closer to getting to Texas! It has been a very slowww time out here! I am getting antsy and ready to get to our next location. My family came out last week, so that really helped break the time up! Mom and dad were supposed to leave Monday, but extended their stay until Thursday (today.) Lynsay, Matt, and Kyler stopped by for a couple days before traveling to North Carolina. It was so nice having family in town, and made my week fly by!

 Jake is still in big league camp and has pitched a few times! He has done very well overall! We don't know where we will be going, or what will happen in the next few weeks. I try to plan on two cities and go from there. I have met lots of new girls, and really enjoy them! Other than that...nothing is really new with us! I will update when we know what team/city we will be with in April! :) My parents will fly back out at the beginning of April to help us get settled, opening series, and for my 25th birthday (wow that sounds weird!) The Brighams will be out 2 weeks later! Im so excited, and that will make April fly by having family in and out all month!