Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Brigham

It has been a very busy few weeks, getting settled and coming back from the road trip! Living in a hotel for a few weeks was NOT easy! I was so glad to get our apartment and get moved in!

Jake has pitched in 3 games, 7.2 innings 0.00 ERA, and 6 strikeouts! I am so proud of Jake, and how this season has started! He is off to a very good start! He is in the bullpen, and that is where he wants to be.
growing growing! 

On to some exciting news (MORE.....) Some of you may know being friends with me on social media, but we found out on Monday that we are having a sweet baby girl! Jake and I were so shocked! From week 4-8 I thought it was a girl, but then I started to feel really good and no symptoms. My mom and everyone else was convinced it was a boy! So for the last 5 weeks or so I have just assumed a boy! My belly is very low, craving sour stuff, no morning sickness, etc!! I'm sure some of you are thinking how on earth did we find out so early?! The doctor in Arizona had a special machine that could tell at 12 weeks instead of 18-20 weeks. I am my mother's daughter and HAD TO FIND A DOCTOR IN TEXAS WITH THIS!! I was on a mission, and it paid off! We went in Monday, and I pretty much begged the doctor and told them our situation of Jake traveling a lot, and I'm making a trip home in May. We got to watch our sweet baby on a huge screen! I was shocked at how much she was moving, and kicking! She is one sassy little thing! In the video on here she grabs the umbilical cord and starts swinging it! My doctor has never seen a baby do that! We were laughing so hard!

The big reveal!!!!!!! I had to do some convincing to get Jake to agree, but we had our doctor write the sex of the baby and put it in an envelope. I then gave it to my girlfriend, Tiffany who went and got the balloons to put in the box and bring to the field. It has been so hard not being back at home celebrating everything with our families. My parents had the Brigham's over for a gender reveal party, and it was pulled together at last minute because we didn't know if it was a go even at 3 pm! They all were going over at 5:30!! So thank you so much mom for all your hard work! Jake obviously was at the field working, so I met him up there and we had our family on skype! We expected to see blue come out, but NOPE it was pink!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Jake was so petrified and in complete shock for the last two days! He knows she is going to be my mini me and that scares him there will be two of us!! eekkk!!!!! 95% sure a girl from my doctor.
Here comes the box!!!! <3
ahhh PINK!!!!! 

proud grandparents
I can't wait to start planning her nursery, shop, register, and meet this baby girl! We feel so incredibly blessed already with a smooth pregnancy (at the beginning I told Jake we may only have one child, what I went through....but now bring on more kiddies) It has been so much fun I have about 6 girlfriends pregnant right now and all weeks apart! That has been very helpful to have people to talk to, and going through same thing!!

 We are so excited!!!! I just can't believe it! We can't wait for all of you to meet little Stella Lee Brigham ! <3 A small glimpse of my child. haha

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Most of you may know by now, but we are back with the Roughriders in Frisco! It was down to two days before we were leaving Arizona to head to Texas. My nerves were an absolute wreck! I had reserved a place in Round Rock where we thought we may have been going, but didn't reserve a place in Frisco. Finally when Jake was told I immediately started calling places in Frisco. We really needed month to month, so went back to the first year place we lived. The apartment wouldn't be ready until April 10th. We arrived in Frisco after a 17 hour long drive last Saturday. They put us up in a hotel for 3 days. We then moved all our stuff in our friend's apartment because the first home series has been in Arkansas. Living out of a suitcase with mixed clothes, items has been very interesting the last week! We don't have a laundry room so the pile is pretty big since we have left Arizona! I am able to get into our place tomorrow, so am heading back from the road trip earlier to have the furniture delivered, cable/internet, turn everything on, and washer/dryer delivered so when the boys get back into town late Tuesday night everyone will have a bed. My girlfriend is back in Frisco already and she will help me with our stuff (don't worry mom & Robin-I will be very careful) :) haha

I have felt so great! I am so thankful to feel so good! The travel has been a lot so I am ready to get back to Frisco, and get settled! The only complaint I have is my skin, and back has been hurting really bad sitting at the games. Other than that, baby B is doing great, growing every week! :)

Funny story..While in Arkansas before we left for next city, I needed to fill a perscription. They didn't have CVS in Little Rock so I went to Target. When I got up to the counter the guy asked where my Doctor was, and I needed to fill out paperwork. So I said "Dr. in Arizona, then told him my address in Florida." He looked at me really funny and said, "Okay I have to ask..Your doctor is in Arizona, your in Arkansas, and your address is in Florida..what on earth do you do?!?" I laughed and told him Jake plays baseball, and welcome to the life of baseball! :)

It will be very interesting by the end of this season I will have a minimum of 3 doctors for this baby! I go to my new doctor next Monday, and potentially will find out the sex of the baby!!! Yes what your thinking is right, it is very early, but I called all around to go to this specific Dr with special machinery. I am very anxious for this appointment, and just to hear B's heartbeat again!

Thank you all for keeping up with us, and all the support! We are content with being back in Frisco. Jake pitched last night and did great!