Monday, July 6, 2015

dreams coming true

He did it!!! Jake finally made his dreams come true! Jake was called up last saturday!! It was a phone call I will never forget! I know most of you probably know this already,but just incase. We are all so proud of Jake and his hard work and dedication. He never gave up, and able to live out his dream..He always said he just wanted to pitch a day in the bigs (obviously wants a long career up) but now he is on day 11.. We are so grateful for the opportunity the Braves have given him!

He had an awesome debut, and has pitched two other times! Here are a few articles on him!  It is day by day him being up, and just praying he can have success to stay up. It has been a revolving door with the bullpen. Thank you for all the prayers and support!!!

Jake's interview after the game     <---- click

video on jake