Thursday, January 19, 2012

God is always by our side

You know those times where you feel that God is in the room with you, or have a situation happen and you say "that was a God thing.." Jake had that happen a few days ago, and it was too cool of a story that I had to post! 

Many of you know Jake is in Arlington right now for a mini camp, just for them to see his progress, and meetings. He comes home tomorrow, and I am very excited to see him, not going to lie this week flew by I have been so busy with work, and about to move across the country!! 

He had spoken with someone about if he could request a number for spring training, or the season and how that works..More than likely he would just get a random number (1-99), and that was fine too, but he thought he would try (never hurts to try right?!) He asked the Clubbie on Tuesday if there was any chance he could get #49 (my brothers football number) and they said "Oh i'm sorry, but all the numbers are already assigned for spring training; and I dont think we can change them, but let me see if I can talk to my manager, just to see..." Jake was thinking thats fine, no big deal and thought for sure it was done with.. Later that day, the clubbie and manager came up to Jake and said "We had to show you this, we thought this was so bizarre" and showed him the list.. they assigned Jake number 49 randomly!! They had no idea about my brother or anything, and Jake had the chills all over his body he was in such shock.. it took him a few moments to wrap his head around it, and told them he had to share the story about the meaning behind the number, why he wanted it so bad! They were in shock too, and had no idea when they gave him 49!! I mean talk about God just assuring Jake, He is always looking out for him! Jake was sick the first few days of the camp, of course and he NEVER gets sick so he was pretty down the fact of him being sick so this was so neat to happen! 13 DAYS UNTIL SPRING TRAINING.. We cannot believe it is already here, and we still have so much to do in so little time, but we will get it all done!! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Great Video

I saw these and really wanted to share them with you! I hope you take a minute to watch them! You won't regret it! The bottom one we saw at PAO, and was really neat!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Updates in the new year!! 2012 !

Hi Everyone! I hope all of you had a great christmas, and new year! Jake and I had a great time with our families, and had so much fun this off season being home with everyone! My sister, and family got to come home for 3 weeks with our precious nephew, and we had a blast!!
Anderson Christmas card
Anderson and Brigham group together on Thanksgiving!

I wanted to update all of you with what is going on with Jake's schedule and so forth. I usually slow my blog down in the off season because most are wanting to know about Jake's exciting baseball news, and we don't have much of that going on during the off season! I will be active with my blog once the season starts letting you each know what is going on with his career, the city we are in, etc.. I really appreciate all of your support, and we are so thankful for everyone who cares about our crazy life! We do this blog for a few different reasons, and I am not sure how this will work the higher up we go, because I have found that some do not respect our privacy, but have not had any problems that I feel worried about our safety. I want each of you to know what is going on and this seems like the easiest way being able to share pictures, stories especially with our families back home! :) ANYWHO!!
Kyler & Ryley christmas present! 
Brigham christmas afternoon
my sisters
our famous gingerbread house competition (ours was #4)

I wanted to share a few photos with you from the holidays! Back to baseball...Jake got invited to a mini camp in Arlington, in January!! He is beyond excited for this opportunity to work with the coaches, and is the first one he will be attending. He will be out there for almost a week, and is excited to get to fly first class haha! We leave February 1st for spring training in Surprise, Arizona (right outside of Phoenix.) I will be going the entire two months, which this was up for discussion most of the off season, but I hate flying and don't want to fly alone so am going with Jake! We will be in Arizona for 2 months, Jake is invited to big league spring training, starts a few weeks into February. He could be moved back to Minor league spring training at any time, which we are fine with and are excited for the opportunity to start in big league spring training! In April we will go to Texas. We don't know what city/team we will be on this year, and will find out at the end of Spring training! They will give us an idea, but what i'll end up doing is booking a place in the city we think we could go to, because last year we got the last place in Frisco, and I am NOT going through the stress of that again..I rather loose our deposit and know we have a place to sleep than be homeless! We have had a lot of decisions we needed to make the last few weeks on if we are shipping our car to AZ, or leaving it in FL, renting furnished or unfurnished, prices, how many suitcases, the list goes on! We are renting a car out in Spring training (felt it was the easiest for 2 months, and same with apartment.) We decided to take our trailer out again, but bring HALF of what I brought last year! Last year was a learning year for me. I had to bring out all that I did to know what I used and didn't use. We know we have to cut it in half, the chances of being moved which could happen more than last year. When he gets moved they tell him when he arrives at the field and usually is gone before or after the game. Yes, exactly what you are thinking.. The packing is left up to me, and trying to figure out where we will live, canceling all bills/electric, tv's, lease agreement etc have to be done and then I will drive to the next location with our stuff. Every girl's goal is to be right behind him and drive all night or whatever to be in the same city the following day, so most pack very very light, and rent furniture. With Texas, I am so thankful all the farm teams are only 4 hours apart instead of being in Cali, then moved to South Carolina like some teams!! We could get lucky and stay in the same city for the entire season like we did last year, but in the back of our mind we have to be prepared to be moved at any moment!

I can't tell you how excited we are for this season, not just because we got protected, but Jake has been working so hard and it is finally paying off! We love Texas not only as a team, but the state! I was so happy being in Frisco last year, the amazing city, people, and field! I love how friendly everyone was to us, and the safety of the towns, shopping, and ballparks. Some things I am not looking forward to is how hot it gets during the summer!! haha I will miss our families BAD... You get used to being home for so long, and our routine here which is somewhat normal lifestyle. We both have jobs, wake up together, and get to eat dinner together, go to church, and have date nights. During the season we don't do any of that together. We have baseball 7 days a week, never eat dinner together unless at 11 pm, and lots of days apart. It will be an adjustment, Jake is itching to get back out on that mound! I will keep everyone updated when we hear new stuff! 
Christmas eve