Monday, April 13, 2015


Mississippi it is! The last week of spring was one of the hardest! They weren't releasing anyone and the odds seemed high! We always thought we were going to Gwinnett. Jake had an amazing spring and has felt really good.. They were telling us if in AAA could leave sun-mon and if AA leave sat. It was late Friday around 5 pm and I got one word from Jake: Mississippi. I was of course not packing but enjoying our backyard and splash table with Stella! My heart sunk and then realized it's going to be ok... It's just a starting point. I was bummed because the one friend I did make was going to AAA. She had kids our husbands clicked and very similar personalities we already had stuff planned. That was our plans, not Gods.

Jake got home he was a little sad, but we both said it's just a starting point and so thankful for a job as so many guys got released that day! My heart hurt all week seeing my friends all over the country and their husbands no longer having a job. That could easily be us depending on teams you just never know! We immediately starting to focus on all the positives and great health! We started throwing everything together and thankfully my mom came over on Thursday and got a good amount packed and cleaned up!--how are we leaving our beautiful home we just finished!!

We couldn't leave on Saturday with the rest of the team because they wanted Jake to pitch with AAA team on Sunday. He pitched really well, and we left around 1 for our 10 hour move. My parents dropped everything to come help us! I was so relieved and we had no idea where we were going to live or anything (I set everything up for Georgia-haha) we arrived to MS on Monday and started to look for a place. I ended up in an apartment complex one other wife is living in because most the team--actually everyone except for us lives with host families... We have never done a host family, I think it's so kind of people to open up their home rent free and take in these players and sometimes family. I would have a heart attack.. I'm too paranoid.

I celebrated my 27th birthday Easter Sunday/traveling all day so it was a unique one, but looking forward to another year and some fun adventures! We are about 20 minutes north of the field. We were told by many even cops at the field to not go to Jackson,ever. I'm thankful we are staying the opposite way and don't mind driving into the field. The field is nice, very very very small fan base like 2500 on a good day. A few wives out here but most will work so Stella and I will be keeping each other very busy! 😊 Jake pitched yesterday and unfortunately had a rough first two innings (6 runs) he never gives up and finished strong, hopefully all the jitters are out and can only go up!

My parents just left and spent the entire week with us helping with whatever we need and getting settled! I'm so thankful for our support from both sides and always willing to help with whatever! We miss home a lot already, but looking forward to Jake getting back at it and being here for him! Stella and i will travel a lot this season since most are just a couple hours away!