Monday, May 28, 2012

All things happen for a reason

Have you ever had the most amazing week ever, but also the week from hell?!? That was my week last week! I mainly talk about Jake, but I need to complain and get some sympathy here and there! HAHA..Its a LONGGGG season!

Jake is 2nd guy 
 I will start with the negatives and then get to the stuff that REALLY matters in life! I have been very fortunate to travel A LOT with Jake this season! Most of you reading the blog last year knew I only traveled twice at the end, but we have been fortunate enough that I can travel, do my glasses on the road, and be together. Last week we were in Corpus Christi (7.5hr drive.) The weather was great for the first 2 games, and after the game a terrible storm hit.. I wait for Jake to come out of the clubhouse..He usually takes 25-45 minutes depending on what he needs to do and get his plate to go.. Okay in the 20 minutes I was sitting in the car a terrible storm hit..Winds up to 95 mph, hail hitting my car so bad I thought the glass was going to shatter, and tornados touching down a few miles away from us. I was petrified!!!!!!!! I was texting Jake about every second for him to hurry because I was having a panic attack, and he thought I was exaggerating until he stepped outside! Okay.. I didn't have a panic attack, but it was close to being one! None of the guys could believe it! The roads were completely flooded, and I couldn't see the street at all! Luckily our hotel was only about 2 miles and we made it back safely! It took me a good hour to calm down, and some good sleeping pills to help me sleep!

After that Friday the weather was perfect! I had met a girl from PAO, and she was sweet enough to let me sit with her, and all the wives/gf on Corpus Christi side (YES the team gave me crap about it the entire visit!) I had a great time, and at the end of the day we all are somewhat on the same team! :)

Then Sunday Jake headed to Midland, I decided I would head home and drive back with Sophie for the 4 days. I came down with a stomach bug late Saturday night, and woke up throwing up and everything else.. It was terrible! Jake had to go to the field, our checkout was at 11 am. I extended it until 2 if needed, and finally felt like I just needed to get on the road for the long car drive alone throwing up and all... I had a coffee cup and ice bag that I would throw up in when needed.. I got stuck in terrible traffic in all the major cities, but finally made it home after 8 hours and went MIA for a day! That is by far the worst day in baseball history in my books! Glad its over!!!!

 On a different note that doesn't involve vomit.. A boutique in Arlington purchased my wine glasses and are giving them a shot! I now have them in two boutiques, and very thankful and excited!!

On Thursday I was out looking for some glasses in Dallas, and ended up getting in a car accident. No one was hurt luckily, and as disappointed as I was to mess up my fairly new car, it is just material and still drivable since we only have one car out here! It was equally both of our faults, but the lady wasn't so nice to me at first..once she made me cry I did get an apology (she was screaming at me at first...I'm glad Jake wasn't there or my dad!!)

 That's all the negatives and now onto the EXCITING stuff <--It gets good I promise! :)

When I was in CC I was just browsing different blogs (I never do that) and came across this story about this little boy with Leukemia. He is 6 years old, Grayson Hughes. I HAD to find out where this family was! I had no idea they were in Texas, and come to find out they are in Frisco!!!!! I honestly couldn't believe it, and knew immediately I needed to email them-not sure what to say, but I knew I needed to and NEVER do things like this...ever......!
The Hughes

Grayson announcing Chris! 

I had emailed Kalee wanting to know more about their family, and Grayson. I was getting a little discouraged not hearing back for a few days, but they also have 3 other kids and a child sick...My mom told me to be patient, and to pray about it! Kalee wrote me on Wednesday so excited and filling me in on Grayson.. I had been talking with the PR team with Roughriders seeing if they came out yadada. Come to find out last Friday was Cure for cancer with kids!! I was trying my best on Thursday to get the Hughes to come out for that event! They were able to and beyond excited (huge baseball fans!!) Jake went and got the 4 kids shirts made with their names on the back (what a sweetie.) They got there at 6:15 and got to go tour the clubhouse, go on the field to play! The team was awesome and gave them a signed jersey, and another player gave them a bat signed! Grayson got to announce one of the players on the dugout during the game as well (CLICK LINK ABOVE THIS PARAGRAPH)

They all had a great evening, it was one of the best nights in our relationship for us as well! The Hughes are deserving of any blessing that comes their way, and are such a sweet family! We cannot wait to get to know them more getting to spend some time with them during our time in Frisco! I am asking for many prayers for Grayson, and his entire family these next few months as he undergoes a lot of Chemo/spinal taps weekly. He has gotten through the worst part, but still is not cleared and has a long road ahead of him...I was trying my best to understand, and learn.. but it was way over my head!  They are really needing help with meals since they are at the hospital most days. I am hoping I can get some of the wives involved out here, and more people will sign up..I hate cooking, but Jake promised me he would help and we have signed up for 4 nights next week!

The boys matching on Saturday Guns and all! 

Anyways as hard as baseball is sometimes what we got to do last week made it worth every minute of the hard 7 months of the long season! When we get to use our platform for the good, and people listen because of what Jake does is amazing along with the families involved! We are one big family, and stick together! It's amazing having girlfriends who want to hop on board to help others in need who aren't even in Frisco! I am so excited to see what is in store for us for the future!

This season as many of you know has been in Jake's favor.. Overall he has done very well! He feels great, and is hitting his spot often. We absolutely love Frisco, and being back in Texas! We do miss our families back home, but couldn't ask to be in a better town if we have to be apart! Sorry so long, but I had a lot to say this time! :)

He is in the lead for most innings pitched in all of the Texas League (Roughly around 100) and second in lead for most Strikeouts!! Thats very awesome, and I had to brag!

Friday, May 18, 2012


GREAT NEWS!! We got a page customized for Jake and his strikeouts for you to donate! It is very easy to do, and takes half a second! Login and on the right bar it says "DONATE NOW" Let me know if you have any issues at all! We want to thank all of you who have pledged with us to make a difference!

Jake is in lead again for most strikeouts of 47 in 50.2 innings pitched!! I will try to post each time and can help keep track if you need me to! :) Thanks again!! <-----DONATE HERE

If you forget the page I also have it on my blog on the top right under Free To Play

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am so sorry, I have not gotten back to you on how you can donate. As of right now, they are working on an app for you to be able to do in the player's name, and only have it up and running for major league players. They are working hard on getting one for the minor league.

You can go to Donate here and do a one time donation. So far Jake has struck out 34 hitters! He had the most strikeouts as of last week, but is in the lead with another player! You can also mail in a check to 

Not For Sale
270 Capistrano Road, Suite #2 
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Here is his team's website that you can keep track her game, or all together his stats.
Frisco Stats

Tomorrow Jake will be pitching against Corpus Christi and will be shown on MILB.TV for any of you who may have this

Also! My girlfriend is the photographer/graphic designer at the field, and I was telling her a little bit about some things we were involved in a few weeks ago! She told me the other day they want to interview me to do a feature on their blog/website about Not For Sale, and why we got involved! They said they may put a spread in the programs too which is about 15,000 programs printed! I am so excited to spread the word, and hopefully get people involved with this great organization and cheering Jake on for strikeouts!! 

I have some other exciting news I will be sharing about my wine glasses, once I get an okay! Last week was A CRAZY week since mother's day! I am so grateful, and have sold over 140 glasses in the last month and half!!! :) This has been so great to have especially since jobs are so tough, even more so than last year! Even though I did have one girl steal my idea from head to toe, and start selling them we know who had the original idea and hopefully I will keep selling as many as I have! 

 Happy Mother's day to all the sweet mom's reading this! We miss being home with our mom's, but glad we got to spend time with them in Frisco, and give them their gifts! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It doesn't get better than this..

Jake has had a great first month of the season! He is glad to be back, and starting again! He had overall really good outings, a few okay ones in there too!

I got to go on the road with him to Corpus Christi! Last year I only got to go on the last two road trips! I am going to try to go as often as I can, and enjoy this time with him. I have been very busy with my wine glasses for mother's day, and very thankful! I haven't had luck with finding a nanny job yet.

Jake has had a few articles written with a lot of positive stuff ! Here are some updates on his stats. As of right now he has the most Strikeouts, and innings pitched!

Individual Stats (Pitching) (click column headers to sort)
Jacob Brigham213.116600037.23016136010341.0600

AA: at Frisco 9, Corpus Christi 4
Record: 15-9, +2.0

Jake Brigham (3.41 ERA) struck out 10 batters in seven innings with a very reasonable 93 pitches.  Brigham allowed four runs (one earned) on three hits and a walk.  He's reached double-digit strikeouts before; in August 2010, he fanned 10 and 12 in back-to-back starts. (

"Right-handers Barret Loux and Justin Grimm have been outstanding at Double-A Frisco, Jacob Brigham is starting to come on with some of the best pure stuff in the system and Carlos Pimentel, back in the Roughriders' rotation, is showing signs of re-establishing himself as a legitimate prospect.-TR Sullivan

Here are a few pictures of our new place! We are staying at a different complex than last year! We really like it, and feel very safe where we are located now! 

They travel a lot during the month of May, and I'm excited a few girls are moving out here for the summer! We have a few wives here now, and makes the games enjoyable especially our 5 hour game last week!!