Monday, September 9, 2013

Pitching Lessons

Jake is offering pitching lessons in the southwest area during the off season! 

Specializing in mechanics, pitches, and the mental preparation behind each pitch.

For more updates check out his facebook page HERE

Monday, September 2, 2013

Goodbye baseball..

September 2 is finally here, and feels like yesterday I was packing up our life in Orlando sitting on the floor with my clothes surrounding me thinking we are back with the Rangers from a crazy whirlwind of 2 months with the Cubs, going back to what we know, our friends, teammates, and familiarity. I was so exhausted thinking how I could make it moving to Arizona again a few weeks later realizing I was carrying the best gift we could have asked for. I thank God for getting me through what seemed like then absolute chaos of another move across the country to Arizona for 6 weeks. We get through spring training get assigned back to Frisco. Jake starts out on the road so I unpack us get our place ready alone nothing went smooth in that move, then 3 weeks later we get called up to AAA Round Rock, luckily my in laws were in town and helped, but another interesting move.

Most of you have followed our blog since I've started it, and have read what I like to call our adventures. Nothing about this lifestyle is glamorous. Nothing at all! PERIOD. I wouldn't trade it for anything because its our life! This year was extra special to us for many reasons. We have grown so much as a couple, and most importantly in our faith. We have learned to rely on God, not on our own wants and how we think our life should be. We were able to purchase our first home, and now get to go home and enjoy it for a little bit before we bring Stella home. The timing on everything is just amazing. We were trying, but never imagined I would get pregnant as fast as I did. To have her in October means she gets close to 4 months with Jake home. The bond he will get with her and time is such a blessing! I don't know any other career that gives you 5 month vacation. Jake will work some doing pitching lessons and interpreting, but our goal is to just spend quality time together, and with our little girl before we start back up in February. I am looking forward to the small things, I have been on two dates in 7 months. I haven't had dinner with Jake unless I wait until 12-1 am after the game. Im looking forward to having him home every night with me, and not being alone half the month. No more facetime, dropping him off at 5 am to the field to fly out, picking him up so late when he gets back in, not talking to him from 2 pm-11 pm or later, sitting alone at the games. The list goes on! 

We are about to encounter a lot of unknown. I have stood by Jake from the day we met, and have really worked hard at understanding his career, and supporting him. There has been more downs than ups, and have learned to be very strong for him. I never realized how much of an impact I had on him, just like he does for me. I am a planner. That doesn't work in this lifestyle especially from here on out. Jake doesn't worry about anything (why we go so well together!) This week was a very emotional week. I came back out to Texas first of month, and Jake has been home only 5 days and traveling the rest. My parents did a spontaneous trip back out last Wednesday to be with me for my last week because Jake was gone 8 days. During that time I needed to pack up our apartment, cancel/schedule furniture pick up, get apartment stuff situated, get uhaul, have movers load it, return cancel all cable internet boxes, cancel water, electric, cable, internet, then turn on our cable and internet back home and get place cleaned situated for us coming in. Luckily Jake was able to help while on road with calling providers, but being 8 months pregnant nothing is easy and with me having bad Braxton hicks contractions it doesn't take much to start hurting. This will be our 5th move in 7 months. Today was the last day of games, and Jake will be flying in I pick him up at 12 am and we leave for our journey home at 4 am.

 We prayed so hard for a September call up to the majors, but that isn't what God had in store for us. I am so proud of Jake and what he has done this season! He is healthy, and had one of the best seasons of his career, and in AAA! That is huge! Today may be our last day as a Ranger too..We are free agents this off season. Since it is our 7th professional season and not on 40 man roster we become free agents and eligible to sign with any other team that is interested in us. We will go through this here on out in our career and technically jobless after each season until we get picked up or signed back (Scary huh?) The unknown and not being familiar is what scares me.  I'm not going to get into too much detail about this and we will cross this path when we get there after the world series. We are praying that God will guide our path, and decision to go with the best team for Jake whether that is Rangers or another organization. We don't know. As of right now our family is so excited to be traveling home tomorrow 18 hours (Jake wants to go straight through eek~!) and starting our normal life that we get! We are looking forward to putting baseball aside and being just Jake and Taylor. Thank you all sooo much for the support and prayers this year!!! They mean so much to us, and personal emails we have received! It has been a fun season and we are so excited to add a new addition to the Brigham family! <3