Saturday, August 25, 2012

God's Decision

When does he plan on making it to the majors?
Is he trying to go pro?
What is your back up plan?
Does he actually have a chance to make it?
How long is he planning on pursuing this?

These are questions that every time we get asked and I got a dollar I would be very wealthy, and I can say all my baseball girlfriends can say the same..I get asked them OFTEN!

Jake has played professional baseball for 7 years now, We DO NOT talk about a back up plan because there is not one. If something happened to his health and could no longer play he has a full ride to any college, however this is not an option at the moment. I have a bachelors degree in Fine Arts, and very determined when it comes to making money when needed. We know that this is God's plan for our life, He has given Jake an amazing talent that most cannot do. He has topped at 99 mph a handful of times, and this is nothing but a little bump in the road. I do not write this blog for pity, attention or anything else but to let our loved ones we cannot communicate with as much as we would like to know what is going on in the adventures of Jake and Tay.

We are so appreciative of the love and support our family/friends have shown the last few weeks in this very difficult time, but please let me make something clear..Jake has an amazing ability, he has been doing this for 7 years now, one surgery, and now an injury from a strain that happens very often to pitchers especially starters. We are fortunate enough it didn't happen sooner. Some people are meant to minister, and others in different ways. What we have experienced this year alone meeting our amazing friends, the Hughes (Grayson) and having a small role in their life helping with medical bills is why we are playing baseball.. Baseball is a job, don't get me wrong it is an amazing opportunity to get to be apart of every single day, and most days I have taken it for granted.. We are so grateful and enjoy each day (usually) I know Jake does every single moment and cannot see himself doing anything else.

The people we have met along the way, and the things we get to do are memories most don't get to experience. It is an amazing platform that I was able to pull a fundraiser off in 9 days and make $8,000, expand it to our friends that had an even greater platform and the Hughes were chosen for the Rangers wives fundraiser raising thousands and thousands of dollars for Kenna's Kids. The baseball family is incredible and I have learned so much this year, it only had to start with a dream and determination.

I'm pretty sure when your loved one started their career, there was not a backup plan, or doubt. Yes it is scary at times, but I am 100% confident in my husband, and what he is doing with his life and couldn't be prouder of him. I know our families can say the same. Close to 2,000 people a day see a bible verse Jake post on his twitter, numerous strangers thank him for that, and others mock our faith which is normal and thats media for ya! We are getting people to learn about Christ, and want to continue this through Jake's talents and I believe it's through baseball. Yes the money will be great, and a dream of his since he was a little boy, but more than that what we are able to do is what matters at the end of the day. We don't know where God will take us, but what I do know is I support my husband and these last few weeks I cannot express to you the stress I have been under, but it's all worth it for Jake and I wouldn't trade my life with anyone. I would love Jake if he was a garbage man, but love him even more for just being him. Baseball does not define us as people, and lots tend to forget that. We are so grateful if this townhouse goes through we will have a home base and obviously is Orlando because that is where our family is. Family is everything to us, and no matter where we are in life or what happens no one can take them from us.

My point in this is just love us for who we are, not what we do. Support us and remember God is in control of our path and where He wants to take us. I have been very doubtful the last few weeks and angry, BUT I know I have an amazing husband-family who would do anything for us and we are extremely wealthy from that alone. I don't need people telling me what they think about MY life, thats the beauty of it, let us live it and support us if you want :)

We are keeping Jake as busy as we possibly can, his highlight of the day is going to dinner and laying out (ha) We will find out something by September 8. He is feeling better, and stronger already. Thank you all for following our journey! I know most do not understand and that is why I try my best to explain it when I can, and we do appreciate all of you so so much!!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Jake was told last week that he will be rehabbing out in Arizona for 8 weeks.. Yup, you read it correctly, with only 2 weeks left in the minor league season Jake will be doing treatment out in Arizona. 

He only goes into the field for 2-3 hours a day, so we are trying very hard to keep him entertained as much as possible 3,000 miles away from each other.. We have decided it is best I stay home for some other issues we are dealing with and I will start to travel again with him in February. 

They are working him up to be able to throw a bullpen, then will go from there if he is able to come home for the rest of off season or......

If all goes well he will be home second week of October, our place will be ready at the end of October. 

Thanks for all your prayers!! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

It changes so quickly...

July 30 10 pm: Traded to the Cubs
July 31: Jake flew out to Tennessee

we waited a few days to see what needed to be done

August 3: parents and I flew out to Texas
August 4: Packed up and headed out 

August 6:19 hours later at home
August 7: Started drive to TN
August 8: Arrived to TN moved into Hotel.

The day we found out Jake had been hurt, and he finally told us (pitched one inning 6 runs not like him at all.) He went in, told the Cubs, and was placed on the DL. 

August 12: Chicago to meet with Dr.
August 13: Parents made 10 hour drive back to FL with my car (again) and cancelled flights 
August 14: I flew home and Jake flew to AZ. 



I'm not really going to get into detail about what has happened in the last two weeks for a few reasons..I will keep it short and simple because I know many people have asked how is Jake doing, town, and so fourth.. To sum it up..It has been complete chaos. I don't know what I would do without my family especially my parents who have dropped their entire life in the last 2 weeks to try to fix mine. An idea of the last few days, we arrive in Chicago after a long day of travel very expensive flight (for me) and get to hotel where reservations were made, and they did not have reservations for us..Jake and I both parted from each other yesterday after a very emotional day in Chicago not knowing how long until we would see each other again (remember I hate hate flying and flew 4 times last week) anyways.. the guy forgot Jake at the airport to pick him up, my mom and I waited over 2 hours for my bag due to weather. Jake credit card has fraud charges he had to deal with. Lets just say I finally had a meltdown last night. Like I said above not going to get into anymore detail because it's not worth it, but this is just a small dose. We need prayers, and lots of them! Everything we had thought would happen and so excited for the potential even this season is kind of out the window with Jake's injury.. He was very unhappy with his last two outings because he knows he could do better, and was disappointed putting that taste in the Cubs mouth. It is okay though, injuries happen, and he will be just fine for next year!

Jake has what you call a stress strain, thankfully his ligament and everything is very strong-healthy! He just needs rest, and treatment! Since it is so late in the season they shut him down, and will have to wait until next year to hopefully make his dream come true of the majors. They sent him to Arizona, we don't know for how long but could be up to 8 weeks or longer, hopefully shorter..He has no car, living in a hotel, and one suitcase with minimal items. We are working on renting him a car as cheap as possible to make it work so he doesn't go insane. We will get more answers hopefully this week, but he is in good hands getting treatment and what needs to be done to improve his arm.

 I was apart from Jake for 52 days until last Wednesday, and got 6 days with him just trying to figure out what we need to do next that is best financially, as well as realistic since his paychecks stop September 6.

All I can say is through all of this is we have grown a lot closer, I will NEVER bring a trailer for the season again, and will pack very light, and appreciate my family more than ever! We are thankful for the new opportunity with the Cubs, and will do our best next year to make an impact.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


** if this was already sent to your email I apologize..I realized they had not "activated" Jake yet, and we already got something said to us about thanking fans on twitter before it was definitely didn't want to get in trouble (again) for posting before he was officially activate..

I have now sent out 3 post in the last 2 days sorry.. annoying, but I know many of you are praying for us, and wondering where we are going, whats next, what does this mean, and how this all works!

We had a very very late night waiting on the call from the GM, and then minor league coordinator. We both only slept about 3 hours. Jake called me around 10:15 pm. He immediately asked me if I was sitting down, I thought he was going to tell me it was so hot out he almost died, not that we got traded to the Cubs! I didn't even know what to say. He had to go quickly to pack up his locker. I ran downstairs to wake my parents up and was shaking like a leaf, and just fell on my mom in fear/confusion/excitement/anxiety attack! After that the phone calls and texts, tweets have not stopped at all in the last 24 hours!

I waited for 2 hours which felt like forever, and finally got a call from Jake. The GM called and couldn't have said nicer things welcoming us (kind of funny Jake missed his first call, strike one...) He told us that he has been wanting us for years now, and tried to get Jake to go to the Padres last year when he was there (sooooo glad to not be on the west coast!!) Rangers wouldn't budge letting Jake go just yet, so he continued to tell us how excited he was, and the potential he sees with Jake and his career with the Cubs. This immediately made Jake feel so good, and calmed him a little! We didn't get word where we were going until this morning since all of this was happening around midnight last night.

Jake was assigned to AA-Sevierville TN (20 minutes from Knox.) Jake will more than likely pitch on his rotation day- Thursday. We had to pay for August rent in Frisco so will not head out as soon as we expected to go pack. My parents and I will probably go sometime next week, to pack up the place. We will either drive it back, or the Cubs pay for shipping and will ship it to FL. When Jake gets back from a road trip we will head to TN. We will just live in a hotel the rest of the season since so short (5 weeks.) I don't think we will bring our car so will maybe just rent a car or I'm not really sure about that at this point...We will bring the basics!

I have been so calm, which is not normal for me, but I feel so at peace with this! I am excited to see what is in store for us this year, and next! This is a very good thing for our career as the Cubs rankings aren't the best right now, but thats okay. They are bringing in lots of new players hoping to turn it around! Jake has had a pretty hard day, which is understandable! He has been with the Rangers for 7 years, only team, and drafted with them. It is scary being the new person, and he wants to impress them. Please pray for a smooth transition for him, as he just arrived to TN less than an hour ago!

The fans of the Cubs have been AMAZING!!! I cannot express to you the hundreds of fans that have reached out to us welcoming us, and about a thousand fans in the last 12 hours have followed Jake on his twitter. I have had about 40 girls in the baseball community send me an email, text, or tweet congratulating us and how lucky Cubs are to have us which made me feel amazing.. I don't even know how to describe the support we have felt across the country today!

@jbrigham49 welcome to the team! Super excited for you! We wish you all the best!

Welcome to the Cubbies!!! We ARE the greatest fans in sports and we are excited to have you as one of our own!!

Good luck, its been a pleasure watching you play

good luck and make it to the big club soon please
welcome to the chicago cubs!!
welcome to chicago , cant wait to see you at Wrigley

welcome!! Work hard and we will see you at Wrigley!

Welcome to Chicago @jbrigham49 it is here that you will get your first WS ring. #cubs

@jbrigham49 and we are excited to have you in chicago! Ahhh cubs are going places FINALLY!

@jbrigham49 Welcome to Wrigleyville..can't wait to root for ya! #Cubs

@jbrigham49 Good luck and I can't wait to see you play for the Cubs. Win a World Series for us!

@jbrigham49 God has such amazing plans for you! Hold on to Him and enjoy the path He is guiding you on.

@jbrigham49 The best is yet to come!! GO CUBS GO!!!

you have cast your net brother - Cubs' nation will help lift...

jbrigham49 glad to see the Cubs are getting another young arm and a follower of Christ. glad you're part of the family.

HUNDREDS OF THOSE!!! Talk about feeling welcomed!!!!! We are already very impressed Cubs, and the Brighams are ready to get to Chicago when God wants us to!!