Monday, November 25, 2013

New team, new chapter!

Many of you know we became free agents and no longer with the Rangers. That was bittersweet finishing up the season, heading home from Texas knowing that was probably it for us being a Ranger. Jake was drafted by them, and really wanted to get called up with them. We were really hurt by a few things that happened with them this year. Jake and maybe one other are the only ones left with the Rangers organization from his draft year. The others either released (most) or traded. We know that God had another plan for us and everything that happened was for a reason.

Having Stella has really changed our priorities for the good. It is so hard for any of us not to get caught up in our jobs, and remember what is important in life. Of course baseball is our livelihood, but it never should be number 1 and we easily make it that. 5 days after the world series we became jobless, no insurance needed to take Stella to a specialist and our routine post op appointments. I worried even though I know we would get reimbursed still a mess always filing! The first day of free agency the Pirates reached out to our agent. A couple days later the White Sox, Braves, Orioles, etc.. We were getting excited had 8 teams or so, but confused because what if we made the wrong decision. So many things come into play with this decision. We needed a big league spring training invite, good contract, location, and connections somehow with the team either in front office or staff. We didn't know any with the Pirates. The Braves called and of course I was over the moon thrilled! We could live at home for spring training (additional 2 months.. WHAAAATTTT!!!!?) AAA team is in Georgia then of course Atlanta. Check, Check, Check.. All of that sounded great to me where do I sign?? However....that wasn't what God had in store for us. A week goes by we don't hear much about a contract or anything from any teams. We had discussed last Sunday to wait until after the Rule 5 draft December 12 to sign. Our agent felt like we would have a ton of offers, because most teams don't want to sign right now due to the Rule 5 draft someone picking a player up which means a team can get Jake and they would have to put him in the big leagues all next year, if they sent him down to AAA he would go back to the original team. This happens very little. Anyways again my normal self starting to worry thinking more teams will fill up, what if we get our best offer taken away by waiting?Monday we hear from Pirates they made us an offer we couldn't turn down. The minor league cordinator called Jake and let Jake ask anything he needed to ask and spent about 30 minutes on the phone with him (not necessary or done very often.) Originally no spring training invite, but in the end offered Jake big league invite and in BRADENTON FLORIDA!!

F.L.O.R.I.D.A. S.P.R.I.N.G T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G 

when Jake agreed! We couldn't get ahold of anyone lol!! 

I don't even know how to accept this and soak it in that I will not be packing my life away in January with a new baby and what I have for 7 months is all I get to bring with me! WOW. Also the Brigham family has never been out to see Jake play in spring training since he has been drafted the last 7 years! I may never make any friends since our families and friends will be down weekly (haha) but to have an additional 2 months with them is just mind blowing to me! We agreed to terms Tuesday night and since then we have had 5 phone calls from front office/major league coaches welcoming us! That has just shown us a lot about the organization (Texas never did that for us..ahem) They really wanted Jake, and this is going to be an amazing year for Jake and I. The Pirates as an organization is everything we want in a team. They believe in a lot of the same stuff we do not only a player, but a man off the field, they have values and standards. We will more than likely go to Indianapolis for AAA. Our goal like every year is to break camp and go to Pittsburgh of course! All I know is both places are cold, I knew when I bought Stella summer clothes back in the summer for 4-8 months we would get traded and go to where it snows, and of course that happens! HAHA...

We are so thankful for another opportunity to play baseball, and Jake to follow his dream. We know God has big plans for us not only on the field, but off of it too! Each place we go I know there is a reason! We are excited to keep using our platform to glorify Him in all that we do. We are so excited to be a Pirate, and thankful for all the prayers and support we had to make the decision! 

Santa, I've been good this year!!
Our little peanut is 5 weeks today (Where did my baby go?!?) She is 9.2 lbs loves to eat a little too much! She has started to smile at us, and is the sweetest little thing! She is very nosy like her mommy so doesn't like to sleep when people are around! She wants to know whats going on!  She does have colic, and reflux we are dealing with. I do believe it is on the minor side, I have cut out all dairy and only eat air. I was very negative thinking poor pitiful me having to deal with a screaming baby couple times a day. We find out one of our closest friends on our team this year had their sweet baby girl 3 weeks ago and just got the test results back that she has downs. Here I am complaining I can't eat diary, hating the pain Stella is in, and only a couple month issue when they have a lifetime of this. It put things into perspective and I was ashamed of myself! This precious little angel, Shaelyn is the most beautiful little girl! God knew all along when He created her she would be special, and belonged to this sweet family. I want ya'll to pray for them, and for her! We look up to this couple so much, and have been a huge impact to Jake and I! They are the kind of couple we want to be, and hope we can play as long as they have impacting couples as them!! 

I'm done rambling on! I hope ya'll have an amazing Thanksgiving!! We all have so much to be thankful for! Enjoy your loved ones! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello our love

Wow October has been an AMAZING month for Jake and I! We welcomed our sweet baby girl into the world on October 21 at 1:11 pm 6 lb 7 oz 19" long! Who is this little peanut?!? We are so in love and our lives have forever changed in the best way possible! Stella is doing so good and Jakes little twin!!

Today starts a new chapter in our life. After 7 years with the Rangers we are now free agents, and no longer a Ranger basically jobless!  We can get picked up by any team, but we have to agree to terms. This is the first time in Jake's career we actually have some say! We are so excited/anxious to see where we end up this year! Please keep us in your prayers and that God will open the best door for us, and for Jake to get to the big leagues with this new team. I will leave you with some pictures of our little peanut <3 

if you want to see all of our pictures from the shoot click here