Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We made it.

Last week was an exhausting week for us! We were very busy packing up, cleaning, getting our car shipped filled with what we need for 7 months, and spending the last few days with our families.

Luckily we got a non stop and arrived in Phoenix around 9 pm, then had to take a shuttle to Surprise about 45 minutes away. We rented an all inclusive place and we are so glad we did! Arriving to a nice clean place was so nice! We are living with two other roommates because they can charge 5x the normal monthly amount with everyone coming in for spring training. Tufts arrived Saturday night, and Bleier will arrive sometime next week.

Jake and I both were exhausted over the weekend, I have been sleeping a ton from the transition and move across the country. Jake is going into the field for a few hours each day warming up, and throwing. Report date for the majors is February 12, the first games will start February 22. He is in big league camp again this year, which is exciting. We really enjoy spring training because the schedule is completely opposite than the regular season. Jake gets done really early everyday so we get to spend the rest of the day together. He is really excited for the season and coming into spring. His arm is feeling great! He is 100% healthy, and ready to pitch. He has thrown a handful of bullpens and all have gone really well. He has a new appreciation being back with the Rangers, and we are excited to see what God has in store for us this year.

Leaving our families back home was very hard! Jake is used to it every year, but that doesn't mean it's easy! Leaving our new home was really hard too! Jake wont be back until October, I'll come home off and on when I feel like it. My parents are flying out February 28. This is the first time my mom has been out for spring training! It will be fun for her to see what its like out here, and the games. Lynsay, Matt, & Kyler are meeting us over here when my parents get here too before they make their way to NC.

Thank you for all your prayers, and please continue to keep praying for us, Jake's arm, and career! We will keep you updated on how spring goes! We won't know where we are going until the end of March.