Monday, May 15, 2017

Lets go to Korea?

ready for Korea
Hi!!! I just want to say I have a ton of people I added from my Facebook post, so welcome.. I have been doing this blog ever since I started traveling back in 2010. I have never made it public on any of my social media because this was more for our moms/family to know a little bit of detail in our life since we all know sometimes the details get left out from some people (Ahem Jake.) After baseball I plan on printing them all, and doing a book for our kids and the crazy adventure we call our life! Most of the time it's such a blur during the season I have a hard time remembering. I'm shocked at how many wanted to follow, and wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for caring, and praying for us and being our support system! It means so much to Jake and I! This blog is very casual so sorry to any teachers who may be reading this and my grammar! I do this for my family, and keep it as private as I can, but of course anyone can find it if they truly want to on google.  If you want to know more about us and how we met read here

if you ever want to comment or email us you cannot respond to the email being sent out... I am trying to get that fixed, but above the "contact us" on our blog is our email or if you ever want to shoot us a message <3

WOW this last month has been CRAZZZAYYYYY!!! Jake continued to be in extended in Lakeland waiting for a spot to open up. He pitched every Friday and did amazing. A couple weeks ago we heard a Korean team was interested in Jake. We didn't want to think much into it because we heard they were looking at 3 other pitchers, and I'm sure none in extended. We heard they were coming to watch him on Friday and of course I was a nervous wreck! Most of our family came to the game and I tried so hard not to say anything to Jake because he knew they were there and the pressure was on. We saw them walk in and I wanted to pass out. I watched them more than Jake. haha  Jake had a great game and it was so hard not to walk up to them and ask what did they think of him.. I held back... I did see them take pictures of us lol.. I would say a good week passed by before we heard anything! At this time we started to pack up our home because we rented it out to some of our best friends because we never imagined we would still be here. We wanted to keep our promise and my parents offered for us to move in with them until we figured out where we were going. This was not easy I'm not even going to lie.. It's not easy for anyone, but we felt like we wouldn't be here long. I then have to pack up our house I had already packed our crates for the season, and now I'm trying to put stuff aside incase we go to Korea, Ohio, OR PA, but felt like chances were so slim because of extended. I technically was packing for 3 different places. Asian teams really only want guys in AAA or big leagues. I am so grateful Jake was with me to help get moved to my parents, and we move in Saturday. SATURDAY night we get an offer from the team and hear they want us!! I think we both were shocked, scared, excited... I don't think you understand how hard it is to get overseas.. in Korea they don't do minor leagues unless you're hurt, but they release a lot there if you don't play well unlike Japan lots of times the first year guys will be in the minors most the year. Jake will be in the majors over there. They are only allowed 3 foreigners per team. THREE!!! I CAN'T believe they wanted Jake.. It was such a God thing! We had an out with Detroit for July, and never expected we would get an offer before then especially with current situation.

Detroit was very kind and gave us no issues to signing overseas. It was funny because we heard the same day Korea told us Jake was flying out that Saturday that a spot had opened up in Toledo. The timing of Jake days before he had to leave to move us out, and in to my parents was incredible and I could not have done it without him.. We didn't realize he would leave as quick as he did, but it is what it is. I have some obligations, and don't have anyone to fly out with me until the end of June so it will be about 8 weeks that we are apart. This part is tough... Friday night before Jake left Ryley our niece was saying goodbye to Jake, and we have been prepping Stella all week about him leaving. She didn't seem to care much until she saw Ryley saying goodbye it finally clicked to her that her daddy was leaving her. Her daddy has been home with her every single day for 6 months. She cried for 45 minutes straight begging him to stay with her or for her to go with him.. talk about questioning everything! We all were crying, and my heart was breaking for her and Jake! If only she knew he was doing this for her.. It has been a hard week adjusting to the single mom life (of course I have lots of help here.) I have tried to keep our usual routine, but for a 3 year old this little one has been through A LOT! 14 MOVES and now on her 3rd country... She is amazing, and such a go with the flow little girl for all she has been through! The older she will get I know the harder it will be, but that is why we try to be a family unit as much as we can and travel with him. I have seen a huge difference in her this week, and hoping as time goes on it will get easier...
day before he left

Jake arrived safely after a 24 hour travel day one 15 hour flight YUCKKK... Dreading this.. Seoul is compared a lot to NYC or Tokyo. It's ver americanized and something I am looking forward to. I think it will be a lot easier for me than it was in Sendai. The only American restaurant we had was McDonalds.. That made it so hard how sick I was, and not used to Japanese food. Seoul they have a ton, and so many speak English as well! They went to apply for his work visa and got denied! That made it very interesting so he had to leave the country fly to Japan for 48 hours apply for it there, sit, and wait.. He is flying back to Korea tomorrow and will pitch Friday morning (our time.) He is very anxious to get out there and never imagined it would take over a week for all of this! He hasn't even been able to practice or anything. He flies in from Japan tonight and will get to finally go to our apartment. He has been in a hotel the last 12 days. They do give us a fully furnished 3 bedroom apartment I think its on the 26th floor... I will post pictures once I get them!
our new normal

I will do in a post later this week how you can watch his game for any of you interested in keeping up with him!

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