Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tickets and games

I just wanted to tell everyone unfortunately we do have to pay for tickets ourselves. Teams like the pirates they can't afford to hand out tickets like the Rangers. Jake only gets 2 tickets a game (we pay for) so if you are wanting to come it may be best to order tickets online or buy at the gate. He will have to go to each player to try to gather tickets, so I think that will be best route and we can always meet up after the game or something! We wish it was different!

Jake will be pitching in the first game on Tuesday and then in Clearwater on Friday! He will throw only an inning, but wanted to let everyone know! :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Play ball!

I know it has been months since I have done an update. We have been so busy (I wonder why!) We had an ahhmazzzingg off season! I can't believe it is already over!! :( We got to do some incredible things. Being a mom is THE best gifts God has given me. Stella has brought us so much joy.. not only to us, but our entire family. She is such a sweet little babe. We have hit a few bumps in the road with her, however she's a little trooper and doing amazing! Stella has terrible reflux issues. All her outfits are ruined by ugly bibs therefore I decided to make some cute ones haha ;) We have started her on first stage solids recommended by two doctors to help with weight gain since she can't really keep milk down. She LOVES to eat!! She immediately got the hang of the spoon and tries to do it herself. She is plumping up (some)...She also had a mild condition of torticollis. I know some wrote concerned about her favoring one side of her head, so we went to physical therapy twice and she is doing great! She is made to be a baseball kid..We have traveled so much during the off season, and she does amazing in the car, hotel, carseat you name it! One week in December poor thing was in the car for 16 hours and did amazing! That's all with Stella, she is so perfect and we love all the changes she is doing daily! Jake is so in love with her,and is an amazing dad! I couldn't have asked for a better partner to help me through everything in life! 
2 months old 

In December we got the chance to go to PAO (Professional Athlete Outreach) if you have been following my blog for a while you have heard about this, but for others it is a christian conference just for baseball players, and families to come learn about God, and things we face in the baseball world. It is one of our favorite weeks out of the off season. We went down to Miami and my mom came to watch Stella for us. We had the privilege of sponsoring two couples from our team, and one of our close friends we met a few years ago. The amazing part of this is that 2 got saved, and 4 baptized that we helped sponsored. We had the largest amount of couples at the conference from our AAA team! The week was incredible! We also got to be apart of some great charity events and adopting some families with our family over the holidays. I highly recommend everyone to get involved with something next christmas. You don't have to have a lot of money or skills just get your family to do it with you, and do something for someone else. That brought joy to Jake and I. We were thankful for the opportunity that our church gives us, and community! 

Baptism singing Amazing Grace at the Ritz

AAA Team for Rangers

Stella also was dedicated at our amazing church back from before we left for the season! 

We move along to January and it was filled with lots of stress trying to find a place that seemed next to impossible in Bradenton for spring training! We tried to stay on Anna Marie island, and we have never seen prices like this (16,000 is normal for 2 months.) Thankfully our agent found us a place. We are staying in Sarasota. I  am so thankful to not be living in a hotel for 2 months with Stella. I would probably shoot myself. We have been in Sarasota since February 1. Jake always likes getting down here early to start training. He feels really good, his arms is feeling very strong. We are so excited for the new team and season to start! I love being only 2 hours away from home, both our parents have already been down!

Here is the schedule! Let us know if anyone ends up coming to the games! :) Spring Training Schedule  <------I can't offer tickets since we don't know how it works with this organization and if we have to buy them ourselves, but they are very reasonable and we would love to see you if you end up coming! 

The first official day is tomorrow! We came down for a big league camp a few weeks back, and I am so proud of Jake and all his hard work during the off season! He turned a lot of heads, received a lot of positive feedback with the big league staff. Jake is taking each day at a time, and learning everything he can from the staff. We have no idea where we will be in April. I will keep everyone updated on that. We feel this is going to be an incredible year, as well as opportunity! 

Almost 4 months old!! 

Also- if you receive this by email and never get a email back from me if you hit reply I do not receive your message. I heard this from some and I think you have to hit my email if you ever need to write me or Jake a personal message.