Saturday, February 19, 2011

It can only get better

The journey has begun and BOY...did it begin alright!! 

Tuesday was a very hard day for us, and a day I was dreading! I am so grateful to be done with school, and to be able to travel with my husband now! I didn't realize how hard it would be to say good bye to our families and friends! Throughout the week we saw our close friends, said our good byes and then to our our families. Jake has done this for 5 years. I'm not saying it's any easier for him, but he knows the routine he has to do, just like pitching! Every year you say your good byes, and then you get to come back to be home for 5 months! It seems like a win/win situation. For me...I have never had to do that, and when I went to college, I was only an hour away, and could come home whenever I wanted to! It was extremely hard saying good bye to everyone, but the hardest was to my parents. We always joke that the umbilical cord won't stretch that far with my mom and I! I know I am where I belong, but it will take some getting used to for sure! 

Jake and I decided to ship our car to Arizona due to it being the same price of us driving out. Our car was supposed to be shipped on Thursday, and arrive in Surprise on Tuesday (the day we flew in.) Well...The guy no showed and we finally reached him on Monday which means we didn't have a car until Thursday late night! One of Jake's friend picked us up from the airport and brought up to the hotel (the airport was over an hour away, so glad we didn't have to do a Taxi!)

 Jake was really excited about all my shoes in that bag~Can't you tell?!

That is only the beginning of our crazy journey! We packed our car to the roof of anything and everything we might need for the 6 weeks of spring training..We flew across the country Tuesday afternoon with Sophie (our yorkie) and it was a LONG day for us! Sophie did amazing, and did not make a sound the entire way! She's a little traveler!

Most ball players get to show up to a nice apartment, house already have their cars waiting for them, and all set up before they even get here! Well.. we weren't that lucky! Our place three days before fell through with the owner, and I didn't feel comfortable living with a stranger, therefore when we arrived we had no idea of where we were going to stay! ALL OF SURPRISE IS RENTED OUT for spring training! We called, and called for days...notta!

Jake and I both were very overwhelmed, and I hated how stressed out he was! This was the last thing he needed to worry about! The first night we ended up staying in a hotel (sneaking Sophie in.) We woke up the next morning to try to find a place to live. Long story short..we ended up at the original place... We were able to work things out, and moved in Wednesday afternoon. It was a LONG two days without having any of our things and our car! I never realized how grateful I am for my car! Having the freedom to go somewhere is so nice! 

Since we have been here, Jake has gone to the field every day only for a few hours to get looked at, and to work out. He has a bullpen on Wednesday and it went AMAZING! He had a lot of front office people (decided where players will go for the season) watch him, and compliment him on his mechanics! Jake is feeling really good, his arm is where it needs to be for the season and is really looking forward to starting spring training! We are very hopeful and staying positive that Jake is going to have a great season, and potentially get moved up quickly if he keeps pitching good! 

I am really looking forward to getting settled in more, and for spring training to start! I had met so many amazing girls throughout the years, but with this business every SINGLE one of their boyfriends have been released, traded, or quit. It is hard going not knowing anyone, but I know once spring training starts i'll get to meet a ton of great wives/girlfriends and am really looking forward to making some good friends! 

All of our wedding presents we had to leave behind! Can't wait to have a house one day to put all of our nice amazing gifts in! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taylor Brigham Designs is open for business!

I have been thinking for months what I could do during spring training that would keep me busy during the day! I will not be able to get a job, since we are there for only 6 weeks! It is too short of a time for me to get hired somewhere, trained, and so on! I designed a cork board to hang my necklaces on, a while back, because I was so sick of getting them tangled in my jewelry box..There is no way I could be the only girl, having the same issue!! I decided to start making them along with earring frames too! I was on a search last week for a cute earring holder, and couldn't find one anywhere!! I finally decided, it can't be too hard to come up with something, and the idea came to me to sell these as well! Being a builder's daughter, I had the staple guns and supplies, to make these frames sturdy and professional looking! I tried the first one, and sure enough, it was exactly what I was looking for. It kept my earrings all together, and easy to see! I am very excited about selling these!! I am hoping I can sell enough to help out with some bills, during spring training! I wanted to make them fun and funky, to add some color to any wall of your home! 

What is so amazing about the my new designs, is you can use them for just about anything!! Use it at your desk for notes, shopping, or "to do list.." It can even be used as in a baby's nursery with their first pictures! It is a great item for a dorm room, or apartment! All you need is a nail to hang on your wall and some push pins for the cork board! Use some push pins to hang your necklaces and items! The sky is the limit where you can use these! I can do custom orders as well! Just email me or contact me! 

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 These can hold up to 15 earrings depending on style/size of earrings! 
 Earring Frame 

 You can see above you can make this a cute way to hang your favorite pictures and business cards or a "to do" list! 

Of course we have to add our favorite teams and show our school spirit!