Friday, January 28, 2011

Official College GRADUATE!!

I am finally done with my degree!! It feels so amazing to be done! I have dreamed of this day for a LONGGGG TIME!!  I am the first one in my family to have a degree, and I also struggled the most with school..saying that it feels amazing to accomplish this goal of mine!! 

The 5 years of college was worth it! Although there were many times during my degree that I wanted to give up, I pushed on and finished it! I am so glad that I followed my dreams of fashion! Even though I wasn't sure where I belonged I knew I was gifted in something to do with fashion and design! I really had so many awesome opportunities that I got to be apart of while I was at my school! I was apart of three fashion shows Imagine 2010, House of Hope, and Millenia Fashion week 2010! I also got chosen to do a window display downtown at The Vue. My cupcake dress was displayed for 2 months! I am so thankful for the opportunities that I was apart of and everything I learned! Here are some pictures of my graduation along with my work! 

My degree is a bachelors in fashion merchandising & design. I am hoping to pursue my dream of wardrobe consulting and personal shopping! I have always loved putting together outfits and I also love helping people! Anything to do with fashion I love! 

 My amazing parents! Thank you so much for putting me through school and all the help throughout my degree!! My biggest supporters through it all!<3
 My brother in law, Jason, sister Laura and our sweet little niece, Ryley! Thanks so much for coming down, it meant the world to me! 
 My big support group! The Brighams/Hembrees/Andersons/Millers~Thank you for always being there for me~ 
 A dress I created that was made out of cupcake liners. Probably about 500+ liners on this dress! So much fun to make!

 some of my designs from Millenia Fashion Week at Mall at Millenia!
 I also have a passion for interior design. My dad used to upholster furniture, and my uncle russ still does..SOO for my internship (since I had to complete 120 hours, and trying to plan a wedding and finish school) I "worked" for my dad! It was so much fun learning his skills and being with him making funky things for my house (poor Jake with my taste.)

The picture above I painted and reupholstered this antique chair, I found in our warehouse (TOTAL COST: $60.) I found the fabric in my uncle's fabric room and bought the chair off of him :)
 This is my love seat chair. I saw this in Z gallerie and was obsessed! I asked me dad is we could make it and he said sure!! Awesome dad huh? We built it from scratch and wow what a task from bending the wood, building, stapling, sewing and much more, but love the finished product! The grey one is from Z gallerie (retail $900) I made mine for a lot cheaper!

 We reupholstered this ottoman and Jake even helped us on this one too! :) When he comes over to the shop (Where my dad and I built things) he felt very uncomfortable since he wasn't sure what was going on! haha ANYWAYS.. We bought the store display from pottery barn (got a killer deal since had some staining, and wear and tear!)  I'm obsessed with this fabric I got!! <3
 My window display at The Vue. I was very happy with how it came out! 
Thank you all so much for the prayers and support during my college degree!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Wedding Sign


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Jake and Taylor were married last fall.  Their story is an incredibly sweet “meant-to-be” and you just can’t deny they belong together after hearing it.  Jake is a baseball player and Taylor is an adorable aspiring fashion designer – I have no doubt they will do great things together!  Taylor wanted a printed canvas sign for her wedding, and framed it in a gorgeous thick black frame.  I love how it turned out!  Best wishes and congratulations to y’all, Jake and Taylor.-Joni"
custom wedding reception sign

Taken from

Thanks Joni for an amazing sign !

Our Valentines card!

Happy Valentines Day from Jake and Tay Brigham <3
Band of Hugs Valentine's Day Card
Modern greeting cards and party invitations by Shutterfly.
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baseball season is just around the corner!

2011 has finally come which means a lot of new changes for the Brigham family!

 I am officially a COLLEGE GRADUATE with my degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design! It feels amazing to complete a long dream of mine, and not having to do long distance with Jake anymore!!

I can’t believe it is right around the corner, that Jake and I will be packing our stuff up, and leaving for Spring Training in Surprise, AZ! There are so many things we are looking forward to this season. Jake is ready to get back out on the mound, having his “daily routines,” and being apart of his baseball family. I am starting to organize and get ready for our baseball home, wherever that may be this year.

We leave on February 15 and fly out to Arizona for 6 weeks of spring training..

You can only imagine all that we have on our minds, getting prepared for this season. Starting to prepare is very hard, since I don’t know what to expect yet. Although, I understand the lifestyle, games every single night, long days at the field, and then eating dinner at 11 p.m every night. I’ll be waking up doing the same exact thing the next day. It is very different when you are living it on a daily basis for 7 months.

 I have to have an organized system, so that I am prepared for anything! We are only packing up my car with our needs (my clothes and shoes of course!) We will be having it shipped to Arizona! I then have to have a second set of boxes all ready to go that will be brought out in a trailer with our things for our place during the season. It is pretty hard knowing what to expect during the next 7 months, but I am so excited to be going with Jake this year, and being a “Baseball wife!” We have rented a home in Arizona from a friend, Jake knows out there and looking forward to settling for 6 weeks starting in February for Spring Training which begins in March.

It will be so hard to say goodbye to our loved ones back in Orlando while starting a new chapter in our life of being a baseball family! At the end of the day we will always have each other and know that God is in control of every situation He puts us in! He will only give us what we can handle!
Here is a map where all of the Texas Ranger affiliate teams are located...

Big Leagues
Texas Rangers

Triple A Affiliate

Double A Affiliate

Class A Advanced Affiliate

Class A Affiliate

We are hoping to be in Texas this season, but will keep you posted once we find out which will be in April once spring training is done!!....

Dreams really do come true!

We finally tied the knot on October 17,2010!!!

Wow...what an amazing fast weekend we had with all of our family, and friends in Savannah, Georgia! I can’t believe how fast our special day came and went! The almost two years of hard planning to make our day perfect was very stressful, and busy… BUT we had so much fun with all the details of what we wanted! My mom and I didn’t know what to do with ourselves after the wedding since that was all we breathed for the last year and a half! We had an AMAZING team working with us to make my vision come true! I am so grateful to have amazing parents and in-laws that made my dream come to life!  Our day was absolutely beautiful with perfect weather, and amazing memories! Here are a few pictures of our amazing weekend that was filled of some great Paula Deen cookin’ and southern hospitality!  
 My dad was so happy that all the weddings are done! He had 3 weddings in 2 years! Geez..
 I am so proud to be apart of the Brigham Family (always will be an Anderson at heart!) I can’t wait to start our season together as a married couple! 

 My amazing bridesmaids who I love dearly for everything you have done for me in my life!!

 Our Reception at The Mansion! We had so much fun putting together all the details!!

                               Our favors along with a photo booth, and candy bar!
                                    I love this photo of my dad looking at me!

 The First time Jake and I seeing each other!

Jake's groomsmen! 

The Ceremony in Forsyth Park..

Saturday, January 8, 2011

How We Met...

Our story, of how we met, goes way back to before we were even born! Our parents used to be best friends. Jake's mom's first husband, was my dad's first business partner. Jake's mom, along with mine, could not have children. They both adopted babies a few years apart. Ryan was my brother and Bart was Jake's.
The doctor said it would be impossible for both of them to get pregnant. After trying for 15 years, my mom stood up at the mother's day service and was prayed for. Within a few weeks following the prayer service, she discovered she was pregnant with me. After many years of loosing touch with Robin Brigham my mother ran into her in the parking lot of Albertsons.
Both moms got out of their cars, to see that they were both carrying answer's to prayer. Robin was 8 months pregnant with Jake and my mom was 6 1/2 months pregnant with me. They both hugged, belly to belly. Strangely, that was the first time, Jake and I met!
Nineteen years later, Jake wrote me on facebook. He asked, "Is your dad's name,Wyatt?" I said "Yeah why?" He began to explain to me that he had been searching for me for months on facebook. My name kept coming to his mind and he wanted to meet me. We talked following that first email daily, for a month and half. There was something so special about him. He made me laugh, and we couldn't get enough conversation each time we talked. He arranged to fly down to meet me on my birthday. I wondered would we have chemistry? Would we feel the same excitement in our hearts after meeting in person? Well... as the story goes.. Yes, there was chemistry, and yes that first meeting changed both of our lives forever! It was love at first sight! We realized that God had made us for each other.
We continued a long distance relationship. This has been complicated, due to Jake baseball career and my college schedule. Regardless of these challenges, our relationship has grown stronger, and we both are committed, knowing that we are perfect for each other!
I can't wait to plan our wedding and start the rest of our lives together. We will have a crazy lifestyle due to the amount of traveling involved with Jake's career and mine! I am looking forward to sharing our special wedding day with our family and friends!