Saturday, December 19, 2015

New beginnings.. Far.. Far away

Hi, and Merry Christmas! These last few weeks I can't really begin to tell you what a whirlwind it has been in our household... We went to Atlanta for PAO (baseball conference) Stella gets sick day 1... Of course I was worried about her the entire time although she was in great hands with Nina, and Papa at the Ritz.. We had an amazing refreshing week with our friends!

Then headed straight to Charlotte for my graddaddy's funeral.. It was a very hard week on my mom, and of course family. I am so glad all our family was able to attend, and see my mom's side of the family for a short time. My grandaddy was a strong believer, and we know he is no longer suffering now celebrating life in heaven! We had the funeral Saturday afternoon, and got in the car right after to drive 9 hours back home not getting in until 1:30 am.. Stella was such a trooper since she had been in the car for more than 19 hours in 4 days. Not easy with a two year old! Then came home went to see a ENT specialist for Stella's tonsils and adenoids and had surgery Thursday! It was a quick scary decision, but her passage way was covered 75% basically eating, breathing, talking out of a straw! :( She has done amazing with recovery, and her little voice is so high now!

 In the mix of PAO day 2 we received an offer from Japan :D eekk...We could hardly focus all week, and that Monday we signed with Detroit Tigers...Figures! lol We were feeling so many emotions, and still are! It has taken a few weeks to finalize everything.. Two weeks ago we had front office fly in to meet with Jake and I. Since its guaranteed contract they do things different, anddz in the states we are basically day to day with our job. We can still obviously get released over there if Jake doesn't do well like here, but they like to meet and see face with their players and make sure ready for everything that comes with playing overseas! A lot is the same. Regular major league season, travel, one of the biggest differences is they get every Monday off! I can't even imagine having normal day with my family!

About a week ago it was leaked on twitter, and it started blowing up about where Jake was going or if staying with Detroit. Obviously we had to ignore all the emails, tweets to us asking to clarify as we were still waiting for results from his MRI, and medical records. I didn't realize that people cared so much...kind of fun knowing when no one else does haha.. Detroit made a statement yesterday (if you have twitter you can type in Jake's name to see what I mean) We got a call from front office (Eagles) late last night that it would become official tonight!! We are excited to finally tell people, and share it with our friends and family!

Jake will leave January 25th for spring training which is over there, and 6 weeks long. Stella, my parents, and I will head over mid March. That time will be very hard alone and longest time Jake has been away from Stella and I. Luckily I will be at home, and be close with family for help. It will give us time to get all our passports/visas and things shipped. There is soooo much that is different, and figuring out what we need 7 months. We will walk everywhere or ride the bullet (train) or taxi. They say the clothes wont fit us to bring everything you need (cold then hot then cold rainy weather) Luckily there is a page on facebook for just the Japanese teams that girls can write and get information. That has been amazing for me to talk with other wives to help make this transition easier. We are soo excited, and scared! We know this is such a great opportunity for Jake with his career, and our future! We feel very grateful to have such a great agent who worked many many hours on this and a ton of people praying for God's will in this. We really wanted Japan and God answered our prayers!! I will keep you posted on certain things, as well as post a lot while we are over there of all our adventures we will have! :)

The team name is: Rakuten Golden Eagles > website