Thursday, January 28, 2016


Hi! The last few weeks have been crazy busy preparing for Jake to leave for spring training. We had SO much to do to prepare it was mind blowing. We had to rush all our passports, Stella had to get one, I had to get a new one because never renewed after wedding. We needed a work visa for Jake, then both Stella and I need one and still working on that with the team. The medicine they say is way different and had to buy a ton of medicine for Jake, Stella, and I for all the what if and if get sick. We have learned so much through this process of things that are different over there that you have to bring like toothpaste they don't use flouride, hair products, feminine, said bring all make up only have mac really and a few lipsticks, toiletries. Since Jake flew first class he was able to bring two 70 lbs bags then we ended up sending two more so I won't have as many.. My goal is to only bring two for Stella and I..

Jake left Tuesday at 7:30 am. It was a very emotional evening on Monday for both of us. The thought of him leaving us, and especially Stella for 7 weeks was a lot. The unknown of Japan, a foreign country across the world, different language, baseball, food, and alone was overwhelming it still is, but this will be the hardest time for Jake and I. My reality hit me fast of becoming a single mom again having to explain to Stella over and over where daddy is and her not understanding has been the hardest part-thank God for FaceTime!! That has been a huge blessing already we have been able to talk for hours and has helped Stella some see that he is somewhere else. I am in the best place I could possibly be with our families here, and stability for Stella for a little longer. I am thankful I'm not sitting in AZ for the next 7 weeks! Jake can focus on getting to know his team, and work hard to break with the team. They do have minors over there and can only have 4 foreign players and they have 6... I know Jake will work very hard, and God is in control.

Jake's flight was 14 hours, then they met the interpreters and some front office in Tokyo then got on another plane to Sendai. He was exhausted! When he got off the plane walking with the interpreter there was a ton of media and fans waving throwing peace signs and Jake asked if they were there for the interpreters...ha Jake said he has never seen so many flashes from cameras and TV reporters in his face. It was a lot to take in.

Jake looks so short and we all know he isn't! Kam to his left is 6'7 I believe! Today Jake has a press conference and a day at the field probably routine things. The time change has been the hardest when he is up I'm sleeping. Once spring training starts (they leave for okinawa on the 31st) it will be even harder to talk, but hopefully we can find time in the morning and late night. 

He arrived and they took him to his apartment which they provide fully furnished 3/1 for us. This is a big change from minors over here where we get no help from anyone and get told two days before he arrives in his new city.. They had a huge stuffed animal for Stella, and our coffee table covered in items we would need for the apartment so so nice of them! Today it is snowing so Jake is a bit shocked with the weather being a Florida boy! 

I will do better with blogging this year since I too want to have this to look back on! I have a ton of new followers, and do this mainly for our families who don't have Facebook.