Monday, March 28, 2011


I am SOOOO excited to let you know that we FINALLY have found out where we are headed!!! 

Double A, Frisco TEXAS!!! Jake has made the roster for Roughriders!! :) 

I am so excited because we skipped high A, and not having to drive all the way to South Carolina! Jake feels a lot of pressure, and relief off of him as well knowing this is a big step in his career, and moving up! I've got so much faith in him that he is going to have an amazing season, and hopefully get called up if this is his year! Since I am out here, I do NOT wait until the last minute to do anything..I got our apartment reserved (only ONE available) and it's ready to be moved in. The trailer was packed up today (in the pouring rain) by Ryan, and Bart (Jake's brothers) and my parents will head out Friday early morning!!!! 

Jake will throw his last bullpen on Wednesday morning, and we will start heading towards Texas in the afternoon!! It will take about 18 hours for us, and my parents as well! It's so funny the mileage from Arizona to Texas, and from Florida to Texas is only 25 miles difference!! So all of our butts will be hurting by the time we arrive (It's okay, Jake is such a sweet boy he will be giving each of us a massage for all we are doing for him!) heheheh 

Our really fun drive we get to do this week!!
God is so good to allow Jake this opportunity to skip high A, and put us where we have prayed to be!!!!!! 


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Training with some family

The last few weeks has been crazy for us! My sister, Lynsay and nephew came to visit us for a few days and the next day my dad came in for a week! We had so much fun, and was nice to see some familiar faces in Arizona!

This was the first time my dad had seen a spring training facility and games, that was a lot of fun getting to show him around the stadium, and get to go watch some games! We went to the Dodgers vs Rangers big league game in Glendale one night and let me just say....It was weird sitting at a game with Jake! I am used to him always being on the field, or in the stands across the stadium from me! We had a lot of fun, and so glad my dad got to experience what my life is like out here!

Jake pitched in two more games (minor league) and did very well! He has been pitching on the AA and AAA sides, and is a good thing! We still have not heard where we are going yet (so frustrating since we are leaving next week!)

We have a good idea of where we are going from a few hints from some people, but still not sure if it is Frisco (AA) or Myrtle Beach (High A) I went ahead and reserved a apartment today because there was only one available in this town and was scared of going through what we went through when we first arrived in Surprise, and the first season Jake was in Hickory a few years ago (HOMELESS!)

This week Jake's brothers, Ryan & Bart will go pack up the trailer at my parents house for us (we greatly appreciate it) and my parents are on stand by to leave at the end of the week!! We are so thankful for an amazing support system we have, and having family willing to drive potentially 18 hours for us with our personal things! I am sooo excited to see them, and celebrate my birthday next week in a new city!!

As for here, well.... I NEED TO START PACKING ASAP!! I brought way too much stuff, and need to start getting it organized and packed up by Tuesday. We could be leaving anywhere from Wednesday-Saturday depending on if Jake plays in the exhibition games!

Once we find out where we are going, I will post it and let everyone know, but for now we have no idea and are living the dream of the unknowns!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jake's First BIG league experience!

The day has finally come that we all have been waiting for, especially Jake!! Jake has been working so hard, and even harder this year wanting to show the coaches as well as the front office (the ones who decide where he is going during the season) that he is READY!!

Last week Jake got that call that he was pitching an inning in one of the spring training big league games! We were (well...Robin, my mom, and I) started FREAKING OUT!! We couldn't get the questions out fast enough!

How I found out.. I drop Jake off at the field and when I came to pick him up that afternoon we were driving out of the complex having our usual conversation.. "How was workouts, you throw today, anything new, etc?" At least 5 minutes had gone by, and he goes "Oh yeah....I'm throwing in a big league game Tuesday." 

OH YEAH???!!! He acted like he just got a piece of bubble gum from the field or something!! I started to freak out, so excited, mumbling my questions, and almost crashed! After he told me all the details, I told him you better start calling your family, and my family asap! I understand the possibility of something happening, and him not pitching. That is why he wasn't too excited, but come on...we have been waiting for this day for a long time!!

Tuesday finally gets here, and it was the longest weekend of my life! We played against the Mariners in Peoria. We find out he is pitching the 9th inning. I don't show up to the game until about the top of the 3rd. I knew i'de be a nervous wreck!!! Let me just say, it was the LONGEST game of my life! I didn't know anyone, and i'm sitting alone..The time is going by so slow, and I can see Jake in the bull pen. They all look the same that far away, so every time I thought it was him running out I would get my video ready on my phone, and film "him" running out... I had to delete about 4 videos when I realized it wasn't Jake. lol We are loosing in the 8th inning, and since we are the away team they don't play the 9th inning. The game is over, and Jake did not pitch! :( We had no idea when Jake would be pitching again! That night we finish eating dinner, and his phone rings.The pitching coach said he was pitching the next day in the 8th inning, and it's a home game!

During the game I was sitting with one of the big leaguers wife, Lori and talked her ear off (poor girl!) I am so glad I had someone to talk to because it makes the game go by quicker, and I wasn't so nervous! Her husband gets done with what he needed to do that day, and they end up leaving in the 7th inning. Again.. I am stuck sitting alone, and I start to feel really sick, and shaking seeing Jake warming up! All these thoughts are going through my head, and I just want him to do awesome!! I have my camera ready, my phone out with the video on to record him. Right before the 7th inning is over, I have this crazy woman who is literally screaming (the security guards were watching her very closely) came up to me stands right in front of my seat and starts complimenting me on each piece of my outfit (very sweet of her) but, MOVE! Within seconds of him running out, she finally goes to annoy someone else and Jake comes running out! The feeling I had at the moment was one of the best/scariest moments I think I have ever felt other than walking down the aisle! He starts to warm up, and I can tell he is anxious by his pitches. The announcer says "AND NOW PITCHING FOR TEXAS IS JAKE BRINGHAM..." ERRR! I wanted to go up to the announcer in his box, and tell him the correct way to pronounce our last name, BRIGHAM! The first two pitches are in the dirt.. Ball 2, no strikes, or outs.. We see the catcher waving his arms telling Jake to calm down! He takes a deep breath, and throws again the guy hits it, and it's a pop up! Next guy.. same thing, and the final guy a ground ball!

The inning is over and Jake did amazing!! I was such a proud wife!!! He starts to walk off the field, and I wish I could've ran over to him to give him the biggest hug, but I probably would've been arrested! I get up to leave, and I see him walking out to the locker room, and fans are all leaning over wanting him to sign balls! I just had to smile thinking he finally got his chance, and this is only the beginning to this amazing chapter in our life!

Oh yeahh 98 swing that ball for a strike!! :)

Jake running out of the bullpen

God has given Jake an ability only a few people are able to do! Jake knows he is so blessed to be able to even have an opportunity like this! We are so thankful for all God has done providing for us in the last two weeks, finding a place, and everything else that went wrong! We believe this is Jakes year to shine, and know he can only do it with God first in his (our) life! Thank you everyone so much for your prayers for Jake yesterday! It was one of the best days for Jake, and our families!!