Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Let's add one more

As I sit on a local train traveling 45 minutes to Tokyo my second city in less than 48 hours traveling alone. Stella is sprawled out sleeping on me. I have my luggage in my stroller, and backpack crammed in on my lap sweating to death surrounded by tons of people glaring at me because Stella's feet are on the seat! Haha Jake is back up to the majors, and I am sooo excited to be traveling somewhere new, and a much needed break from life in Sendai! We have all star break starting tomorrow with two full off days woohoo (God's gift to baseball families.) I am so excited to see and explore Tokyo! We just left Tachikawa, and is where my mom lived for a couple years! It was very cool to get to see where she lived..

I was really hesitant about coming because first I had to do a bullet train 1.5 hour which is cake easiest way to travel, then get off in Tokyo station which is a mad house to find a local train for another hour, then cab to hotel. It's A LOT!! Stella really is such a good little traveler. From 6 months old she started traveling the country, and now world. We always said she is coming into our life, not the other way around. We have been criticized by many for keeping our child up until 1 am at times during the season, but what I do know is she needs her daddy as often as he is around during baseball. Stella just sleeps in and has a different schedule than most her age! She is the happiest when we are all together, and I constantly remind myself this is all worth it keeping my family together. I have wanted to come home bad and been very homesick, but days like these make it all worth it seeing the love she has for Jake. I'm moving home September 8, and I can't imagine the emotions I will feel!

The last 7 weeks has been rough.....not on a baseball level, but because I'm pregnant!! I thought I had it hard being sick in spring training in my nice rental house with a backyard, car, normal food.. Ha no being pregnant in another country has been by far the hardest thing ever. I have been stuck in my apartment for a month due to rain, and lack of bathrooms near (thanks all day morning sickness.)  For 3 weeks I was having to go to the doctor to get iv with fluids and vitamins. If only I could have those at my apartment! They helped a ton! We had a scare around 7 weeks, and after that I was pretty thankful for the morning sickness knowing our baby is okay!! We are so so excited to be adding a new baby to our family, and Stella is so cute talking about him or her!

The timing is an interesting one, but I know we will deal with it as time comes and God knew I didn't need another "perfect off season baby." I will be surrounded by so many who will help me. February 3 is my due date, and Jake reports end of January. He will stay home a week for baby then report to spring training IF we sign back with Japan as we hope to! We will have to be apart for 2 months, and I will move over with the babies in April. I always said I would never have a baby in season, but God sure does love showing me what He is going to do, instead of my plans!

Jake was down longer than we expected as he got hit in the shin then was rehabbing, and his last start gets hit AGAIN 1" away from the first!!! As I sat there watching with Shu I thought you have to be kidding me.. We are cursed here..not really, but has felt like it with all these random injuries! Most pitchers may never get hit in their career, and Jake gets hit back to back? Thankfully it wasn't very serious, and he was able to finish his last out and get examined. We hope he can stay up the next 2 months, and make a name for himself here showing how hard he has worked making improvements! We both feel God knew I needed Jake home these last 7 weeks to help me. He was home daily by 2 pm, and not traveling except a few times to pitch for just one night trips! If he was up he would have been gone weekly and was a blessing in disguise for sure!

I still have yet to try ramen, yakiniku, raw fish.. I am such a chicken! Jake on the other hand just ate pig intestines (yuck!) and cow tongue.. I like to stick to my food I know, and I can't tell you how excited I am for American food! While in Tokyo we ate at hard rock both nights and had thanksgiving dinner! It tasted so good!

My mom is coming end of August, staying two weeks, and helping me move home September 8!!! I am so so excited. Jake will finish the season, and be home early to mid October!