Saturday, November 29, 2014

Atlanta Braves

Someone needs to pinch me.... I cannot believe Jake signed with the Braves!!! This was our number one choice for many reasons, and really the only team who pursued us this early! We are thrilled!!!!!! We had to completely put aside living at home for an additional 6 weeks, and decide is this was the best choice for Jake career wise. It seemed like it was, and we personally didn't want to wait a few more weeks to see what else was out there. We have prayed God would make it clear, and feel like He did! Jake is not a spring training big league invite, but the organization doesn't do that like most if doesn't have a chance to break camp so Jake will be in minor league camp. Our hope to break with AAA in Gwinnett Georgia! To have normalcy for Stella is so huge and for our families to be apart of her life a little longer before we leave is such a blessing!! Now we get to enjoy our house a little longer :)

Go Braves!!!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Fall Ya'll!

I am not very good at posting anymore! I guess that's what happens when you are having too much fun. :) Where do I even begin? We ended up finishing the season earlier than we expected due to some.. umm... how do I put this.. Unfortunate situations with the pirates. All I will say about that, is THANK YOU LORD for letting us be free agents and never wear a pirates jersey again! Speaking of free agency, we have officially become free agents today! Please pray God directs us to the perfect team for our family, and Jake's career! We have a great agent, so know we are in good hands with all the negotiating. Jake finished up really strong, and we are excited to see where we end up! I am pulling for a few favorites :D

So we came home in September, and have enjoyed every second being home! We have been pursuing a new home to flip originally since June/July. This would give us something to do in the off season, and keep us busy as well as some financial support. We lost 4 homes before we finally got one (ended up being a bidding war with 11 bidders, in 24 hours.) We are so excited for this home! We actually put our house on the market (are we crazy for moving in the off season?!?) and are completely gutting/renovating Casa B for our little family! We knew we wanted to keep this one for many reasons (location, size, and expanding our family-in the future.) Jake and I are over there everyday that I can find a babysitter, and loving every second of this new adventure hard work! If you have instagram you can follow us: flippingbrigham

Jake also pursued his real estate license, and passed! I am so so proud of him for his hard work and passing!! He will hopefully start using this next off season, if we continue to try to flip a home! :)

Stella just turned one and is so full of life!! We are really enjoying every day with her, and seeing all the new things she is learning! She started walking around 10 months, and since then she is a handful!! haha My parents keep saying I don't know why you expected a calm baby...look at you and Jake!! Yes...its a scary combo seeing my little spitfire!

Thank you all for the continued prayers, and I will post once we know where we are going!! We are so excited to see what is in store for us this coming up season!