Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jake did it!! He got protected!!!

I really cannot believe I am getting to write this to you all! I am so excited to share with you that Jake got protected by Texas!!!!

We are so excited, and know that all of the prayers (lots of them) have been answered!!! We have been in knots for months now not knowing whether we were going to be protected or not.. We were getting ready for anything that could have happened this year, which could have been protected, next step in rule 5 draft (Dec 5), or left right where we left off last year. Ultimately our desire was to be protected and stay with the Rangers. We got told over and over again by everyone that it could be a 50/50 chance, no one really knew what would happen.. We along with many others were just trying to prepare, and be ready for whatever was thrown our way November 18.

November 18 was the deadline for 40-man protection for all teams. We had to find out by midnight (thankfully we only had to wait until 5:47) and we got THE CALL.... Jake got home from work around 3:30, I didn't get home from work until 4:30 and since we didn't hear anything we thought for sure we had no chance.. I felt so bad for Jake, he was so down..We tried to go on with the evening,but every few seconds he would reload the mlb trade rumors to check to see what other teams have finalized their roster..Then at 5:47 (Jake says it has to be the EXACT time) a weird number called...Jake started to shake, and it was John Daniels (GM for Rangers) I am trying my best to listen, but can't really hear that much, but I knew the minute Jake got a little emotional and I heard them say "Congratulations Jake, we protected you. You did it, and this is only the beginning...." I had to walk away, and all I could think about is HE DID IT~!!! God answered our prayers, and Jake's hard work paid off!!! It was so cute seeing Jake fall to the ground, he was speechless so I'm sure the guys on the other end knew he couldn't talk! They carried on with a few more instructions for this year, and Jake thanked them over and over again. Those words Jake has been wanting to hear now for 6 years! This has been a dream of his since he started to play little league, and he is getting to pursue his dream, and finally stepped over a huge rock basically and made it across the other side! I was so anxious/excited/emotional I couldn't wait to call anyone and everyone! Jake called his mom first to tell her, and then my parents who were on their weekly date night and NEVER will answer the phone or text, and dad answered in the movies and about wet themselves from excitement!! The only bummer was I had agreed to go babysit at 6:15 and had to leave!!! Talk about wanting to shoot myself for agreeing to babysit that night!  AHHH!! All I wanted to do was be with him and celebrate, but I got to spend my night with 5 kids under the age of 7...haha It was so fun watching the media blow up, on twitter, reports, mlb and see Jake's name on it!!!

"The Rangers added pitchers Jacob Brigham, Roman Mendez, Justin Miller, Martin Perez, Neil Ramirez and Matt West to their 40-man roster, reports Anthony Andro of FOX Sports Southwest (via Twitter)."

There is his name on the big league roster!

I am sure most of you are wondering, so what exactly does this mean for us? It is kind of confusing, but will explain the best I can for those who don't know all the rules (we are still learning most of them.) Jake is officially on the major league roster (ah that is so weird saying!!!!) They can have 40 on their roster, and anyone can be called up at anytime, if someone is hurt, rehabbing, etc. Jake will go to big league spring training to start out, they project him to go to Triple A (Round Rock) but if he performs really really well in spring training he could break out in camp, but realistically he could go to AA, or AAA. If that happens then they will send him down (this is not a bad thing, just part of spring, and guys on the 40-man.) We will get big league insurance which is huge for us because we were having to pay $300 a month just for me last year, and it might as well been a million from our income.. We do make more money, and that will be so nice to be able to breathe a little. He will have to report to spring training beginning of February, because of Big league spring training starting Feb, instead of March. With Jake being put on the roster, this means no one can touch him during the huge trades that will be going on in the next few weeks, it is nice having a little bit of security!

We want to thank everyone who prayed for us during this time, we know this was all God, and yes Jake's talent, and all those hours, training, hard work has paid off, but more than anything it is so amazing and knowing that Texas wanted Jake is awesome! Jake started to train this morning before Church, and is starting to throw this week getting ready for February. Other than the main things to be excited about, all I am really excited about is being able to buy sprite, and getting some dip n dots/cotton candy at the ballpark (Jake sent me down some dip n dots one game and surprised me, but only had them once the entire season!!)

 When Jake and I got married it was a joke that I could not buy sprite we were that broke, and my dad would always say "Dont you worry honey, when I come to visit i'll buy you all the sprite you want!!" FYI: I did not buy a case of sprite the ENTIRE season! HAHA So... I can't wait to be able to buy my first case during the season! :)

On that note, we are so excited and can't wait to see what God has in store for us this year! It has been an amazing/busy off season! We have enjoyed being home with our families, only being 5 minutes apart from everyone and the time we have hear! Jake is loving interpreting, and he is doing pitching lessons for a few families. I am babysitting, selling my boards on etsy-and locally, and am helping my dad out with some office-communication. We are so content with everything in our life, and are thankful to have so many people supporting us through this crazy journey! We get to go to PAO, next week here in Orlando. It is a christian conference called Professional Athlete Outreach, and is for major/minor league baseball families and get to know other families, small groups, worship services, and has conferences about all the struggles, finances of baseball. We didn't know if we could go because couldn't really afford it, but our agent, Doug sent us a check for our anniversary/christmas and we got to sign up!! We got to go 2 years ago in Dallas and was life changing for us! It helped me out a lot because I knew nothing about this crazy lifestyle, and it is hard to fall quickly..It's so nice to see we are not the only ones struggling or believers. If you click on the link below you can watch some very famous ballplayers who are involved, and tell about it! We can't wait! :)

PAO video <-----Click that