Thursday, October 20, 2011

Off Season 2011

We have been home a little over a month, and boy does it feel good to be home!! We have had an interesting off season so far! We waited a LONG 9 weeks to hear the status of us going to the Dominican Republic which fell through a few weeks ago.. It is a long story and don't want to get into detail, but lets just say the team down there didn't treat Jake very well, and told him not to sign with any teams because they had a spot for him on the roster.. 

We have had a few other "interest" that I throw out very carefully because baseball is so unpredictable..everything is a waiting game, and most of the time things don't happen the way we expect them to. I believe Jake has decided to shut down for the rest of the off season..We are happy and in reality whatever is supposed to happen with the protection I believe Texas has already made their mind up about us.. 

Speaking of Texas...We are so happy and excited about them being in the WORLD SERIES! Second year in a row!! We are proud to be with them, and think the team deserves it! They all have worked so hard! GO Rangers!!! 

This has been a L.O.N.G few weeks for us.. Everything is so unpredictable especially this year. We have been waiting waiting and some more waiting to hear if we get protected which we will find out sometime in November, and if Texas doesn't protect us we could get picked up in the Rule 5 draft, and that doesn't happen until December.... AHH, OR we could just go back to our life in the minors and start up where we left off in AA or wherever Texas decides to put us.. I have mixed feelings about what I want to happen..I am leaning one way and hope it happens, I love Texas, but wouldn't mind a change. I hate the unknown which is almost a joke in our profession because all of it is unknown until the day it happens, working on being patient has been a BIG challenge for me! I just want to KNOW!!! haha

We are praying a lot, and just trying to go on with our life preparing for whatever is supposed to happen with Jake's career. We have heard some mixed things through some friends in the Organization on their predictions, but obviously it all depends on who gets traded, contracts, and what Texas ultimately decides to do with Jake. We trust in the Lord that we will be exactly where we are supposed to be in Spring whether that's with a a new team, or back with Texas. 

Jake's huge fish!!
We are so thankful for many positive things that have happened OUTSIDE of baseball. Jake got on with an interpreting company that is more reliable than the one he was working for the last few off seasons. He has guaranteed hours, and is at one school (he likes that, instead of driving all over.) He likes getting to know the girls/boys he is working with, and being in one place. I got to design an office for Dora Mae Jewelry, and it was SOOO much fun!! I absolutely love what we came up with, and very pleased with how it turned out! I am still looking for a nanny job, but haven't found anything yet. I am selling my boards, and some stuff for my dad on the side, and babysitting for families on the weekends. Jake has been fishing almost everyday and loves being on the lake again catching fish! We have enjoyed both of our families and love being back in our church. 

Dora Mae Wall

Jake and I just celebrated our ONE year anniversary!! We had a lot of fun, and Jake did very well with making me feel special!! I cannot believe it has already been a year since our wedding!! It has been a crazy first year, and so much fun!  We have signed up to go to PAO (Professional Athlete Outreach) again in November and so excited!!! We got to go in Texas two years ago, and loved meeting christian players, and realizing we aren't the only ones in this crazy lifestyle..It was so good for me, and Jake and looking forward to it again this year in Orlando. 
Our One Year Anniversary

I will try to update on our life and when we find out details on baseball.. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays coming up, and again we appreciate all the people who are supporting Jake and I in our crazy journey in the minors! We know we couldn't do it without the prayers, and support from each one of you who are faithful readers, and care!