Monday, June 5, 2017

Let's go!

Jake has been in korea for 5 weeks now! So hard to believe how fast it has gone (he might not agree on this.) I'm sorry I have never posted how to watch his games it has been so busy for me here with the kids! 

Jake has pitched the best he has ever pitched in his entire career! To God we give all the glory! Game after game has been so fun and exciting! It's also been great since he was the first foreigner to sign in Korea so the pressure was on! They either will love you or hate you quickly.... the first game he said it felt like he has never pitched before and playing a game of darts haha! He did good, but it definitely wasn't very pretty! 

He went 5 inning 0 runs 2 hit 2 strikeouts 4 walks (the ugly part lol) 

Game #2 game he went 6 inning 3 earned runs 5 strikeouts and got the loss. 

Game #3 7 innings 1 run 5 strikeouts and got the win! It was his first win in the majors and was so exciting to watch!!! He has been hero of the game twice as well which is really fun they pick two of the best players for the game and you get money too if you get it haha! Here is his one interview which broke my heart his almost lost it talking about us, but so exciting we got to watch live! 

This post will be short but I can't wait to tell you more about the differences between Japan and Korea and our experience! We loved Japan, but it was very challenging and challenges in Seoul but very westernized so really has been easy on Jake everyone speaks English, we live above a 8 story mall, outback, Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, burger joint all in our one building! 

I just wanted to share how to watch and can actually rewatch him the next night if interested vs 4:30 am haha! 

Click here to watch : jake's first win interview

Here is the English version to keep track of Jake's stats and all his information I just saved this to my iPhone homescreen

Then there is an app called : NAVER it is green with an N that can actually watch the games! 

I hope this helps for those who are asking I will do a blog soon!

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