Thursday, June 23, 2016


Can't believe another month is almost over and almost July! As all my friends are sweating from the weather at home, the weather here is still in the 70s during the day and 60's at night! I have only been able to wear shorts twice! We are in rainy season now, and it rains all the time! It does make it  hard when it rains Stella and I can't get out since we walk or ride bike. It makes the days very long in our apartment. I am going on day 2 with next 6 days supposed to rain! Yikes! We are trying to figure out places to go when it rains. No luck yet.

Jake is still in the minors, he was probably on his last outing, and gets hit with a line drive in the leg. As Jake laid on the field he thought for sure this time it was broken! I knew when my phone rang it wasn't was an experience going to a Japanese hospital, and thankfully it wasn't broken! It was badly bruised and has not been healing properly.. We find out today it is infected. They gave him antibiotics, and hopefully will clear it up in no time! He has had some good games, and some bad ones. He is really enjoying the baseball over here, and has adapted great! He has made some great friends on the team, and working hard daily doing what he loves!

I have loved the church I found here, and been trying to go weekly by myself. Jake has formed a friendship with the pastor, Nobuki and has been meeting him once a week for coffee. He is our age, his wife is in her 30's. His wife doesn't speak very good English, but he does! I'm so happy for Jake to have found a friend outside of baseball and to connect on a spiritual level. They plan on winning the team over! Ha They are going to start doing chapel like we have back home, and Jake hopes that will open the door to talk about God with some teammates.

I would love to share a little of Nobuki's story. He is 28. When he was younger 20's he decided he wanted to go work for the huge disaster that happened in Haiti. He spent all his Money and bought one way flight. Nobuki, felt led to go volunteer, and be a missionary in Haiti. He gets to Haiti there for 3 days, and Japanese aid assigned guards to follow him around and after 3 days they said you can't be here and shipped him to Miami. Not knowing a soul, no visa, dirt broke he goes to a Japanese restaurant and gets hired. He learns how to cook, finds a church, and the first night he goes to church people offer him a place to live for free! Stays in Miami for two years. Fast forward a few years ago I'm not sure if most know, but this is where that horrible tsunami and earthquake happened in 2011. Nobuki immediately felt the need to come back here and help the community, and his hometown. He got involved with Samaritans purse, and his now wife, Satomi was working for them as a nurse. They ended up falling in love, and she was going to help start another Lifehouse (our church) in Tokyo until Nobuki swept her off her feet. Haha he then became the pastor I believe two years ago. He not only is a pastor, but has two other jobs.. 3 jobs..He is an awesome guy, and Jake has really enjoyed getting to spend time with him weekly! This Sunday they are doing baptisms, but since no pools here and church in a mall they do them in a bathtub in people's home! Nobuki is having one at his house, and we are going. It will be very interesting to see this!

We have met some really incredible people here! I haven't been able to hang out with anyone, so the only time I am really around other people is Sunday's. I will be excited when Jake is back up to go to some baseball games again! I miss it! Jake hasn't been traveling so we haven't been able to explore anymore of Japan this month. He has a few days off in July, and may go to Tokyo!

We have been trying to learn about Japan, and something that has been on our hearts is the orphanages here trying to understand it. We have learned that adoption is very unusual here. If you aren't able to get pregnant then unfortunately you probably don't have children. If a girl gets pregnant out of wedlock this is a big no no, and usually ends up giving her baby up. They have orphanages filled with children who have no hope in ever being adopted. The law is if the mother knows who the father is whether they are in the picture or not the baby can never be adopted. They will be raised in an orphanage until 18. It's so sad to me. Also if a family decided I believe up to 3 years old they changed their mind and don't want to raise their child anymore they can drop them off and raised by an orphanage.. Mind blowing to me.. No punishment or anything! This could be from career, divorce, affair etc.. We have also learned a little bit about adoption, but it's very hard to get a Japanese baby.
"According to the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, only 21 children, all below the age of 6, were adopted into the country from Japan in 2012. By comparison, there were 2,697 adoptions from China and 627 adoptions from South Korea in the same year. In the period from 1999 to 2012, there were a total of only 483 adoptions to the U.S. from" We are trying our best to go to some orphanages during our time here to just serve, and spend time with the kids, and to help out with some needs! It's just been hard to get connected with one yet and language barrier.

Some cool facts we have learned is now that it is summer, everyone has summer uniforms even baseball teams! So now where all these men wore ties and jackets to work daily they don't have to in the summer! Our city has over 1 million people in 300 miles radius, and we are known as "the city of trees!" Swimming isn't very common here (Sendai) the closest pool is 45 mins away and they don't swim like us. Some pools require one piece, and swim caps! I assumed we would have a pool on top of our apartment haha.. Oops! They have all these cat cafe places where you can go and just sit to pet cats and drink coffee.. Hmm.. On Monday we went to an owl cafe! Pretty cool! We got to hold a ton of owls, monkey (it bit me) and pigs running all around us! Poor Stella..the employees were so obsessed with her and fascinated by her anytime they would bring one near her she would say "no, no thank you!" They would just die laughing. We couldn't help but to laugh too and probably scarred her for life!

Happy summer to everyone, and like always thank you for all the love and support!

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